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How does my name appear on my passport?

by Melissa
(Medina, Ohio, USA)

Question: How does my entire name appear on my passport? Is my middle name or initial on the passport? I am asking because I would like to know what my flight ticket should read to match my passport. Do the names have to match up exactly?

Answer: The passport application asks for your first, middle and last name. If you completed the form with your full name, then that is what will appear on the passport.

The Secure Flight Program recommends that the name provided when booking your travel matches the government ID that you will use when traveling.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, small differences between the passenger's ID, the passenger's reservation information, and the boarding pass (such as the use of a middle initial instead of a full middle name or no middle name/initial at all, hyphens or apostrophes) should not cause a problem for the passenger.

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by: Rose carolina

like it

Middle initial instead of middle name request
by: Anonymous

Question: I need my passport ID card to match my state ID. I have lost my ID card and want to request a new one to have my middle initial instead of my middle name. Is this possible? Can i just write my middle initial on the application?

Answer: Yes, you can.

My last name is first on my passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi this is my first Australian passport. I was born in Australia; my last name is first on my passport. Is that a issue?

Answer: If you are in the United States, please contact the Australian Embassy for concerns regarding Australian passports.

Name printed wrong
by: Anonymous

Question: My son's name has a initial and first name and last name . But the passport has printed it wrongly initial and first name together without space ex. S. Peter Haynes is printed as SPETER HAYNES is this changeable?

Answer: Yes, this can be corrected. Please fill out and submit Form DS-5504 with the following:

1. Passport
2. Statement explaining the error
3. Proof of the correct data (birth certificate)
4. New passport photo (if the passport was issued more than 90 days ago)

There is no fee to get the passport corrected.

Name sequence
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently applied for a change of status from F1 to Permanent resident and my only identification document is my foreign passport. The problem is my middle name is written where my first name should be and vice-versa. It cant be corrected except i'm in my home country. Is this a problem?

Answer: Please contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for assistance.

Passport and how it is listed
by: Anonymous

Question: Will my passport come to me as to how I signed it as it matches my drivers license which is just with my middle initial? Or will it be with my middle name spelled out per the app? I had to purchase my airline ticket before I received my passport.

Answer: Your passport will be issued in the name you placed on the application form. A difference between middle name and middle initial may be negligible. Please contact the airline you are traveling with to confirm.

Double Last Name
by: Marissa

Question: I am recently married and I want to add my spouse's name to my last name which is very long. Can I do this and not have a problem on my passport?

Xinaropoulos Stopper

Answer: As long as you can provide proof of legal name change (original or certified copy of birth certificate), you should not have problems adding your spouse's name to your passport.

Middle name vs middle initial
by: Kathy

Question: I just got my passport. It has my first and middle name spelled out. On my reservation to Ontario, I have my first name and middle initial. The airline will not allow me to change it to spell out my middle name to match my passport. Is this going to be a problem?

Answer: Generally, a slight difference in the name especially with middle names vs. middle initial is negligible. Please contact the airline you are traveling with to see if they will allow you to board the aircraft with this slight difference in names.

How to add middle names on existing passport?
by: Anonymous

Question: My U.S. birth certificate lists two middle names (e.g. John Robert Kelly Smith) but my US passport only lists one middle name (John Kelly Smith). I need both document names to match. How do I change my passport to reflect my full legal name (with both middle names)?

Answer: You may apply for a renewal and include a signed statement explaining that you want both middle names on the passport. Also, you need to include the original or a certified copy of your birth certificate.

Misspelled Middle Name
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently discovered that my middle name was misspelled on my Birth Certificate and Social Security Card. My middle name is Jazmin, but on my BC and SSC it is Spelled Jasmin. On my state ID it is spelled correctly with a Z, and I personally have always spelled it with a Z. If I apply for a passport with the correct spelling, will I have any issues since it does not match my BC and SSC?

Answer: Minor differences in spelling usually do not cause any complications in passport applications. You passport should be issued in the name you place in Form DS-11. Please call customer service at 1-877-487-2778 to confirm.

Last name
by: Anonymous

Question: On my passport I only have one last name but on my ID I have both my last names. Is that going to be a problem?

Answer: It should not be a problem when you travel as you will most likely be required to present only your passport.

Surname on passport
by: KellyAnonymous

Question: Just received my passport. It has my maiden name as my last name. I have been divorced, but have used my married last name for years. Will this pose a problem? Asking because my driver license is my last married name which is not on my passport.

Answer: It should not be a problem. Just remember to book your airline tickets using the same name that appears on your passport to avoid issues at airports.

Fix us passport first name
by: Anonymous

Question: My first name is composed of two names. I want to use the 2nd name as my first name. How can I proceed with doing this? I don't have legal documents that only print my 2nd name as my first name.

Answer: In order to change the name on your U.S. passport, you need to present evidence of legal name change. In your case, it must be a court order detailing the name change.

At least 3 public records showing your date and place of birth that show exclusive use of your assumed name for at least 5 years are required if you cannot present a court order.

Resumed maiden name
by: Anonymous

Question: I resumed my maiden name after divorce. My passport has my full maiden name along with my former married name. Do I have to get a new passport or can I travel with the one I now have?

Answer: You may travel with your current passport as long as you book your tickets in the same name that appears in it.

by: Anonymous

Question: My passport has my first, middle and maiden name. My driver's license has my first, middle, husbands, then my maiden name. Will this be an issue when I travel?

Answer: It should not be an issue as you will most likely be asked to present only your passport at borders and ports of entry.

My last name
by: mbounga

Question: I have three last names and two given names. when applying for my passport, there was no space left to fill in the last letter of my last name so i wrote one letter outside the box. Is it going to cause any problem?

Answer: It should not. Passport Services will contact you if an issue arises. You may check the status of your application at the National Passport Information Center.

2 parents last name
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm going to apply for my passport for the first time. I want it to have what I consider my full name (First, Middle, mother's last name, father's last name). Neither my driver's license nor birth certificate have my mother's last name, but I have other documents that do (credit cards, bank accounts, college diplomas, tax forms, photocopies of government employee ID cards)

Will my passport application be approved with this documentation? If so, will my passport having dual/hyphenated last name, but my state ID only having my paternal last name, be an issue at the airport in getting through security or customs? Do both need to have the same exact full name?

Answer: You may use the name that you want on your passport as long as you can provide identification documents that prove use of that name. Since you cannot provide primary proof of identification bearing the name that you want, you must present and provide copies of as many secondary proofs of identity. These can be (but not limited to) the following:

-State-issued non-driver ID
-Out-of-state driver's license
-Social Security card
-Learner's or temporary driver's permit
-Voter registration card
-Employee ID
-Student ID
-Selective Service (draft) card
-Medicare or other health card
-Expired driver's license
-Membership card in a local social organization or club
-Rental contracts
-Mortgage documents
-Auto registrations
-Traffic tickets & violations
-An Identifying Witness

A mismatch on the names on your passport and IDs should not be a problem when you travel. You will most likely be asked to present only your passport at ports of entry.

Signature on the passport
by: Pammi

Question: Hi. The slip I received with my new passport said I have to sign with my full name on the passport.

I have my full name and in the bracket I have my regular signature. Is this acceptable? I have my travel date within a month. please let me know if this is okay. Thanks!

Answer: It should not be a problem.

Last name conflict
by: Anonymous

Question: My brother's passport has his first name middle name and his last name. This last name has both our mother's maiden last name and our father's last name. Is that going to cause a problem because his flight tickets has his first, middle, and one last name?

My other brother and I have only our first and middle names and one last name in our passports. Is one of our passports going to cause a problem because of our last names?

Answer: The TSA's Secure Flight Program requires that the names on your passport and airline tickets match. Please have your brother contact the airlines you are traveling with to see if he will have a problem boarding with a last name missing on his tickets.

Also, your own passport will not cause an issue with your brother's.

Middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport has my first, middle, and last name. When I signed it, I only used my middle initial. Will this be an issue?

Answer: It will not be an issue.

Middle name does not appear on passport but does appear on my birth certificate and drivers license
by: Anonymous

Question: My question is concerning my forms of government ID. On my original birth certificate and my drivers license my full middle name appear. Neither my middle name nor my middle initial appear on my passport. Is this an issue?

Answer: It should not be an issue.

Hyphenated name
by: Dean Acord

Question: My SS card was not changed when I got married. Husband is since deceased but on my driver's license my name is hyphenated with my maiden name and married name. What should I put on passport application?

Answer: You do not need your SS card; you just need the number to fill in the application. You may use any name on your application as long as you can document use of that name for the last 5 years.

First name left out
by: Anonymous

Question: We applied for a U.S. passport for our newborn. The officer checked the application form along with the birth certificate. We received the new passport with surname middle name and again surname. The infant's first name was omitted. Would it be a problem for traveling overseas? ER

Answer: You may travel using the passport as long as tickets are booked in the same name as that on the passport.

Having said that, U.S. citizens are advised to travel in their legal names. Please submit the passport for a correction. To do this you must submit the following:

1. Form DS-5504
2. The passport containing the error
3. A signed statement explaining the error
4. Evidence of the correct data
5. New passport photo if it has been more than 90 days since issuance.

Middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: I just realized I have a middle name on my passport (my mother's maiden name), and NYS driver's license, but this middle name is not on my birth certificate or social security card. Is this a problem? If so, how do I remove the middle name from my passport. Thanks.

Answer: It should not be a problem. But if you want to have the middle name removed from your passport, the most uncomplicated way is to apply for a new passport. Please fill out Form DS-11 with the name you have on your birth certificate and submit it with the other requirements at a nearby acceptance facility.

Middle Name Mix Up
by: Anonymous

Question: My certified birth certificate lists my middle name as Mildred. My father applied for and received my SS card in 1982 with middle name Marie as he "thought" he changed it legally. I have used Marie as middle name since then. Married now and NC driver's license shows my first name, maiden last name as middle, and married name as last. Marriage certificate shows Marie as middle name. Is this a deal breaker?! What shall I do! I don't want Mildred to show up anywhere!

Answer: If you are applying for a new passport, you will only need to present your birth certificate as evidence of U.S. citizenship and your driver's license as proof of identity. As long as you fill in your current name on your application form, 'Mildred' should not show up on your passport.

Middle name + Lastname on SURNAME box of ticket reservation
by: Anonymous

Question: In my ticket reservation , I typed my first name under GIVEN NAME and then middle name and last name together on the SURNAME box(as there is no box for middle name). If full name is read, it is the same as in my passport, all correctly spelled, will it cause an issue in boarding and TSA check? Thank you.

Answer: TSA requires that the name on your passport and airline tickets match. It should not matter if you filled in the Surname field on your ticket reservation with both your middle and last names.

by: Anonymous

Question: I am going to get my passport this week but I need to book my ticket. I was wondering how my name is going to appear on my passport since all of my IDs are with my married name but my birth certificate is with my maiden name.

Answer: The name that is printed in your passport is based on the name you enter on your passport application form. The name must be supported by your evidence of U.S. citizenship and/or identification document. You can request to have the passport printed with either your maiden name or married name.

Middle Initial on Passport, Full Middle Name on Ticket
by: Anonymous

Question: My Passport has my middle initial only, but I purchased an airline ticket with my full middle name on it For example: John J Doe (on passport) and John Joseph Doe on plane ticket. Will this cause me a problem to board my flight? If so, how do I go about changing the name on my Passport?

Answer: It should not be an issue. Please contact the airlines to confirm.

Flight Question
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello,
I recently submitted a renewal application for my passport, but I don't remember if I put a middle name on the application. I got a flight ticket that doesn't have my middle name. If I receive my passport with a middle name, will I have trouble because my flight ticket doesn't have a middle name?

Answer: It should not be an issue.

signature of new passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi I just recieved my new passport in February this year 2017 I just now noticed that my middle name is not on the passport just my first and last name. Where it says to sign I didnt see that my middle name was not on it so I signed it as I normally would with first middles and last is that OK?

Answer: Yes, it is OK.

Middle name issue
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi, I applied for a passport two years ago and received it. On the application, I put my full first, middle, and last name. However, when the passport arrived, no middle name was listed. We didn't have time to get it corrected before our flight to Europe, and it didn't seem to be a problem. We will be traveling abroad during the summer of 2017. Should we get the passport corrected to include my middle name or will it be ok?

Answer: It is not necessary to have your middle name in your passport.

Full middle name vs middle initial
by: Anonymous

Question: My driver's license has my middle initial A on it, however my passport has come back with my full middle name, Ann. Is this going to be a problem in traveling?

Answer: It is not a problem.

Middle name & maiden name
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport has my middle name on it and my plane ticket has my middle name matching my passport. However, my driver's license has my maiden name as my middle name, am I going to have a problem?

Answer: Please contact the airlines concerning this issue.

Name on Passport
by: Melinda

Question: My driver's license and airline ticket have my name - First Maiden Last but my Passport has First Middle and Ex Married Name. Is that a problem going to Mexico? I have had my passport almost ten years and got married since but first time to travel.

Answer: The name on your ticket should match the name in your passport. Please contact the airlines to verify travel document requirements and whether or not you need to update your passport before traveling.

Last name never officially changed after marriage
by: Anonymous

Question: I never officially change my last name after getting married 15 years ago. When doing my taxes, I have to enter my name as First, middle, maiden-married. My Drivers license is first middle married. I have already booked a flight to Mexico ( First Middle married). I are planning on applying for my passport tomorrow. What name should I use on the passport application and how will my name appear on my passport?

Answer: The name in your passport should match the name on your ticket. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, your birth certificate in maiden name and driver's license in married name should be sufficient. You will find a complete list of requirements here.

Passport Question
by: Anonymous

Question: I just received my birth certificate and it doesn't have my middle name on it. My driver's license has my middle name. Will I still be able to get a passport if my ID has a middle name but not my birth certificate.

Answer: You can still get a passport. You can apply for a passport in your full name or first and last names only. As long as your citizenship document or ID match the name you request on the passport application, it should be accepted.

Middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently booked flights before my wife got her passport. When we filled out the application, we put her middle name on it but the passport doesn't have it. I used her middle name when I booked the flights. Will there be any issues with her passport not having her middle name?

Answer: It should not be an issue. However, we recommend you contact the airlines to discuss the issue with them.

middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: I just found out my middle name on my birth certificate is spelled differently from what I wrote on my passport application. I wrote the same middle name i seen on my previous passport, which my mother applied for when I was younger. Is this going to affect me when traveling? My middle name on birth certificate is antonio and passport is anthoney.

Answer: As long as you book flights in the same name that is in your passport, you should have no problems.

First Initial
by: Anonymous

Question: The name on my driver's license has my first initial, middle and last name. this is how I normally sign my name. Should the name on my passport be my first initial, middle and last name or do I need to spell out my first name?

Answer: Generally, the name requested by the applicant on the application is the name that will be written in the passport as long as it is supported by citizenship and/or identification documents.

by: Takapaw

Question: I want to know when I went to take my citizenship test they tell me I don't have middle name but I use to write my name like Ta as the first name, Ka as the middle name and Paw as the last name. They tell me Taka is my first name and last name is Paw but at my oath ceremony they write down my name as Ta Ka Paw.

Answer: Please contact USCIS for questions concerning your citizenship document.

middle name is hypenated
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport reads first name, middle initial. middle initial., last name (John K.L. Smith). Info on airline website (so tix and boarding pass) has my name first name, middle initial (only one), last name (John K. Smith). My driver's license lists only one middle initial (John K. Smith). Is this a problem for international travel?

Answer: The fact that the names in your passport and driver's license should not be a problem. The difference between your passport and airlines may cause a delay but should not result in denial to board. However, we recommend you contact the airlines for confirmation. While TSA recommend the names on your ticket government-issued ID match exactly, they will work with you, if necessary, to verify your identity.

My signature
by: Anonymous

Question: Can you just put your first initial of your first name as that's the way I always sign?

Answer: Please sign your passport with your normal signature.

no middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: I have 2 kids applying for passports which don't have middle namee since me and their father are not yet married. We decided to give my kids my surname but no middle name. Is there a problem getting a passport without a middle name?

Answer: It is not necessary to have a middle name to get a passport. For a list of requirements, click here.

Second Last Name Printed as Middle Name in Passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I have my two parents last names. I turned in my passport book application and when I received it back, my second last name was placed next to my given name and not next to my first last name. I don't have a middle name. Will Gavin (my second last name) in the place where a middle name goes be a problem?

Answer: You should apply for a passport correction. Mail completed Form DS-5504, passport, passport photo, documents showing the two names as last names and a letter of explanation to the address on the form.

given and middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: If my name is Su Mon Htet. Is my given and middle name Mon?

Answer: Your surname is also referred to as your family name. Given names are those names that are given to you that are not your surname (family name). In American culture, the surname is usually the last name and both first and last names are given names. In many Asian cultures, the surname (family name) comes first and the given names follow. The name you request on your U.S. passport must be supported by your citizenship and identification documents.

by: Anonymous

Question: On my passport I only signed my first and last names. Is that okay?

Answer: Yes, it is okay to sign only your first and last names in your passport.

Maiden name vs middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: My sister bought an international airline ticket for my mother using my mother's maiden name. However, my mother's social security card and driver's license have her maiden name as her middle name. Since the ticket has been issued in her middle name, should she apply for a passport using her middle name? Is this going to be an issue when she applies for her passport?

Answer: The passport generally is issued in the name shown on the evidence of
citizenship and identity. A woman can usually get a passport in either her maiden name or married name. Even if your mother chooses to get her passport in her married name, it should not be a problem since she uses her maiden name as her middle name. We recommend you contact the airlines to verify.

I do not recall what last name I used on my passport?
by: Toinette

Question: Need to find out the name I used on my passport. If I can not locate my present passport but would like to book a flight, what is the best way of doing this?

Answer: We recommend you only book your flight when you locate your passport. If you have to report it as lost and replace it, the new passport will have a new number.

What do middle names appear as on passports?
by: Anonymous

Question: This has never come to my attention until recently, since I'm having to renew my passport on my own for the first time. As you know, the passport application form asks for First, Middle, and Last names. I'm sure that my parents had filled out my previous forms correctly. However, when I look at my passport, I see my full name (first middle last) but they're labeled given names and surname. Obviously, the surname is my last name, but my middle names fall under given names along with my first name. Is that how it's supposed to be? If I fill in my middle name in the form, will it appear under given names on my passport?

Answer: Yes, the passport lists surname and given names only. Your first and middle names will be listed under "Given names".

Signature on Passport
by: roxann

Question: I have no middle name so my legal name is first, maiden name, and last name. It's that way on my driver's license and my new passport. I just signed my passport in my usual way using my first name, middle initial, and last name. It appears I may be "in trouble" having not signed my full name. Do I have a problem? Or can I just sign above the signature I've already put on the line in my passport? ... And what name will I need to have on an airline ticket to Mexico?

Answer: You do not have to sign your full name in your passport. You should use your regular signature. When booking a flight, you should use the full name as it is in your passport.

2 middle names
by: Anonymous

Question: I have 2 middle names. They won't fit on the application. What do I do?

Answer: The Travel Document Issuance System (TDIS) and American Citizens Services (ACS) system only allow for a certain set number of characters the line for given and middle names as well as the line for the surname

The Acceptance Agent where you apply will have to determine, with your input, what abbreviated version of the legal name is acceptable to you for inclusion in the passport data page.

Middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi . I'm applying for a passport, and I need to know do I have to write the middle name? I don't want it to be on my passport. What can I do?

Answer: You do no have to include your middle name on the passport application.

Middle Name Issue
by: Jenn

Question: I have a doubt. I didn't print out my full middle name on the passport but just abbreviated it. Is there any way of confirming this while the application is being processed?

Answer: Please contact the National Passport Information Center to speak with a customer service representative. The toll-free number is 1-877-487-2778.

Short Name vs. Full Name
by: Anonymous

Question: What if the difference is that the name on the passport is "Raymond" but the boarding pass has "Ray"? I've read online where some people say it is fine but I've also read that some airlines say that the name on the boarding pass must match EXACTLY to the passport. Would this be an issue for international flights? Is there a solution or do I need to buy a new ticket?

FYI - The airline and travel agent are currently refusing to change the name on the boarding pass.

Answer: The name you provide is used to perform watch list matching before a boarding pass is issued, so small differences should not impact your travel.

Signature question
by: Anonymous

Question: I just received my new passport which includes my middle name. I normally sign my name using my first name, middle initial, and last name. Out of habit, did the same when signing my new passport. Is this a problem?

Answer: Your passport should be signed using your normal legal signature. If using your middle initial rather than the full name is how you normally sign your name, it will not be a problem.

Middle Name Issue?
by: Anonymous

Question: How up to date is this policy? I was able to find 4 different sources both online and off confirming that middle name vs. middle initial isn't a big deal, but all were from 2009-ish. Is this still in practice today?

My driver's license, credit cards and now boarding passes from Chicago to London all say First Name M. Last Name. But my passport says First Name Middle Name Last Name. Had I known this would ever be an issue I'd have registered just an initial...hopefully I won't be punished for trying to be accurate.

Answer: Note, there are two issues addressed above. One, the name that is printed in the passport. Two, the difference between the name in the passport and the one on the ticket/boarding pass.

Concerning the first, the name to be written in the passport is the name which best identifies the applicant as reflected in the citizenship and
identity documentation submitted. Generally, the name requested by the applicant on the application is the name that should be written on the passport.

Concerning the second, small difference in the names such as a middle name in one and the middle initial in another are acceptable. You should have no problem boarding the plan to London.

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