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U.S. Passport Service Guide - About Us

Our Mission

US Passport Service Guide

U.S. Passport Service Guide is committed to helping American citizens with up-to-date, practical advice about getting passports and other travel documents for international travel. We want to remove the stressful barriers that make it challenging to travel abroad and help you see the world.

Whether you need a passport quickly or need advice about how to plan for a smooth trip, we pride ourselves on being a resource you can trust and turn to both before and during your journeys.

Meet the Team

William Manor - Founder and CEO

US Passport Service Guide

William transformed his in-depth 2002 manual on passport procedures into a trusted online guide for American citizens who need to get passports quickly. With over 30 years of living abroad, William's extensive travel experiences laid the groundwork for the site's launch.

His dedication to quality has established the platform as a dependable resource, guiding over 700,000 monthly visitors during peak travel times. The site has proven to be an essential tool to help millions of Americans in expediting passport applications efficiently, ensuring they meet their international journey deadlines with confidence.

Laura Soper - Lead Editor and Content Writer

US Passport Service Guide

Laura Soper brings a rich blend of insight and organizational acumen to her role. With degrees in Humanities and English, Laura has a unique understanding of culture, language, and communication. Her own travel and passport expediting experiences have given her a practical grasp of the challenges and solutions in travel planning.

Laura played a pivotal role in launching the U.S. Passport Service Guide blog, becoming a cornerstone of its content team. Her passion for planning and organization shines through in her work, offering readers streamlined, practical guidance on obtaining passports and planning for travel. As a dedicated wife and mother, Laura's writing is infused with an appreciation for time's value, aiming to simplify travel preparation for both individuals and families alike.

Sheldon Soper - Lead Content Writer

US Passport Service Guide

Sheldon blends his passion for travel with his educational expertise to empower readers. With degrees in both History and Education, he is uniquely positioned to offer insightful, well-researched travel advice. Sheldon combines his own journeys abroad, academic background, and passport expediting experiences to simplify the passport process for fellow international travelers. His commitment as a husband and father infuses his work with a personal touch, ensuring every piece of advice is practical, accurate, and family-friendly. Sheldon prides himself on providing readers current, easy-to-follow guidance for stress-free travel planning.

Adelle Gatmaitan - Social Media Director

US Passport Service Guide

Adelle's passion for helping people resolve their issues shines through in her role as social media liaison and manager. She handles the site's social media content and stays on top of inquiries sent via email and messaging applications. With 10 years of experience working for US Passport Service Guide, you can trust that she will go above and beyond to get answers to your passport and travel-related concerns.

Bettina Cavalcanti - Visual Media Director

US Passport Service Guide

With over a decade of experience in filmmaking and photography, Bettina produces the image and video content for both our website and social media channels. She is responsible for all pre-production, photoshoots, and video creation. She also directs the production and coordinates the post-production throughout the editing process.

Josh Pruitt - Web Developer and Technical Advisor

US Passport Service Guide

Josh is a web developer and technical guru at US Passport Service Guide. With a Digital Media and Communications degree and 15 years of experience, he enhances the site's functionality, security, and design. Josh enjoys spending time with his family and taking them new places and experiencing new things. He applies his passion for discovery to make the website user-friendly and efficient. His work ensures a seamless online experience for travelers seeking passport information.

Our Story

Originally, the information on the website was created to help a small group of friends and relatives decipher the Department of State's passport requirements and understand how couriers and expediters can help get passports in a hurry.

The website grew as it was shared over and over with people with their own international travel questions and needs. We made it our mission to provide advice and support for all of our readers, expanding our content to include support for an ever-growing list of niche travel concerns, trusted reviews of the top passport expediting services, helpful guides for completing travel document applications, and our best advice for travel planning. Each reader we have helped has added to the growing library of practical advice we now share with others.

Most of our visitors come to the site for the same reason we created the site in the first place over two decades ago: they need a passport in 2 weeks or less. Since launching the site, passport application processing times have fluctuated from between 6 weeks to months for routine processing. Our continually updated step-by-step instructions, curated directory of top expediters, guides about where to get passports, and timely responses to questions help them do just that.

Why Trust Us

We are not a government agency. We are not a passport expediting service. At our core, we are travel enthusiasts who want to help others travel internationally-whether it is for fun, family, work, school, or emergencies.

We aim to provide objective, actionable advice to make going abroad as simple and stress-free as possible for you, our reader.

To make that happen, we provide current and complete step-by-step guides for essential tasks like:

We also maintain up-to-date, accurate information and resources related to:

Our team works each day to bring you the best guidance available so that you can make the correct, informed decisions for your travel needs and the needs of those who count on you.

To do so, we routinely study, understand, and follow the content of the Code of Federal Regulations for Passports, the most current Passport Agents Training Manual, and the U.S. Department of State website.

Our Impact

For over 20 years, we have helped millions of readers with their passport and travel document questions. Each month, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to our site for the most current, reliable, and easy-to-follow guidance on obtaining travel documents and simplifying international travel.

Both passport officials and website visitors frequently write to express gratitude for the assistance we provide. This feedback is a large part of what has kept us going over the past two decades and continues to propel us forward on our mission.

We would love to hear from you, too. Please contact us if you have any travel-related questions, especially about passports, visas, and expediting services. We usually respond to e-mails within 24 hours, oftentimes the same day. We will continue to work with you until you get the answer you need. What's more, helping you makes it possible for us to help others with similar needs and concerns.

Looking Ahead

We are committed to growing and updating the site to reflect the ever-changing nature of international travel regulations and policies. Our team is at the ready to help you have the smoothest and most positive experiences as you see the world.

USPSG Contact Information

IMPORTANT: Do not mail passport applications to the address below. They should be sent to the address on the application form.

U.S. Passport Service Guide
1321 Upland Dr. PMB #3467
Houston, TX 77043
Passports: 877-487-2778
Expediting: 800-756-5022
Advertising: 281-436-7044

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About the Author: For over 20 years, the U.S. Passport Service Guide team has helped hundreds of thousands of travelers with their travel document questions and shared advice about how to make traveling abroad simpler, safer, and more enjoyable.

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