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Expediting a passport application is the fastest way to get your travel document. There are, however, different ways to do this. The method you use could be the difference between getting your passport the same day or having to wait up serveral weeks for it to arrive.

This page is the starting point for all the information you need about expedited passport service, including practical tips and step-by-step instructions.

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About Passport Expediting

Expedited Passport Renewal
How to get a passport renewed as quickly as the same day.

How to Get a New Passport Fast
Description of the fastest ways to get a new passport expedited.

Getting a Passport Expedited at a Post Office
Requesting express service at post offices and other facilities that accept application forms from U.S. citizens.

Applying at a Regional Passport Agency
Where processing centers are located. How to schedule an appointment. What documents to take with you.

Using a Registered Courier Service
How to pick a legitimate courier service company to assist in getting your passport quickly.

Directory of Expediting Services
List of expediters registered with the U.S. Department of State. Location, services, fees and more.

Routine vs. Expedited Passport Service: How to Choose
Guide to help you decide if standard or fast track processing is the best option for your situation.

24 Hour Passport Service
The how, when and where of getting a passport application processed in 24 hours or less.

Passport Expediting Secrets
Tips for faster processing of American passport applications.

10 Benefits of Expediters
What are the advantages of employing the services a qualified expediter?

Avoid Expediting Problems
Tips to help applicants avoid mistakes that could lead to delays in the application process.

Third Party Passport Service for Hand Carry Applications
Instructions and authorization letter to apply through any passport expeditors or third party.

Passport Expediting FAQ
Answers questions about getting a passport fast submitting from international travelers like yourself.

Expedited Passport Renewal FAQ
Answers questions about getting a passport fast submitting from international travelers like yourself.

Top 5 Questions About Expedited Passport Couriers

Top Passport Expediters

Rush My PassportRush My Passport has many years of experience expediting same day passports and rush travel visas for American citizens. They offer quick, quality service for all of your passport processing needs. They can even pick up emergency passport applications and return processed passports by commercial airlines if required.

Expedited Services

Select the type of service you need from the list below in order to get your passport as fast as the same day with the assistance of an experienced courier.

  •  Expedite New Passport

  •  Expedite Passport Renewal

  •  Expedite Child's Passport

  •  Expedite Name Change

  •  Expedite Passport Replacement

  •  Recommended Expediting Services

Top 5 Questions About Expedited Passport Couriers

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