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Apply for Expedited Service through a Registered Passport Courier

Steps to get an expedited passport through a registered courier service.

There are several options for expediting a passport application. By far the fastest and most efficient involves enlisting the support of a registered passport expeditor.

Any U.S. citizen can secure a professional passport expeditor to assist with the passport application and delivery process. These companies are legally authorized to act on their clients’ behalf to both submit applications for expedited passport service and serve as couriers for application documents and issued passports.

While many passport courier services are registered with the U.S. Department of State, this is not a requirement. Choosing a company that is registered is typically preferable to one that is not. In either case, passport expeditors are always third-party services - they are not employees of the United States government. However, these companies make their reputation on trustworthy and quick service. Some of our favorites have been around for over a decade!

If you choose to go this route to acquire your passport, the process is surprisingly simple:

  • You research, select, and hire a passport expediting service (more on this later…).
  • You complete the required forms and gather the requisite documents.
  • You mail or deliver your application, supporting materials, a letter of authorization, payments, and fees to the passport courier service.
  • The passport courier service hand-delivers your materials to a regional passport agency.
  • The regional agency issues the passport back to the courier on your behalf.
  • The passport courier returns your new passport and any supporting documents back to you.

For a more detailed description of the steps above, click here for our complete guide on how passport expediting services work.


Weighing the Pros and Cons of Passport Expediting Services

There are several unique advantages and disadvantages to going through the process of hiring a rush passport expediting service. Considering each of them carefully it is the only way to ensure you are making the best decision for your particular needs and circumstances.


  • Proximity – When you need a passport quickly, your application needs to get to a regional passport agency. Depending upon where you live, this may be a challenge.

    The best passport expediting companies have multiple offices nearby to multiple regional agencies. This ensures the fastest possible turnaround time for your application and saves you a trip!

  • Time – Even if you live near one of the 25 regional passport agencies spread across the United states, going through the passport expediting process on your own can take anywhere from hours to days of your time. Conversely, high quality passport expeditors are able to lean on their experience and relationships to get you a passport even faster than most people can on their own.

    That said, some Americans do not even have a regional agency in their own states. This adds additional time into the equation of getting an expedited passport.

    One of the greatest benefits of passport courier services is that they take away the costly burden of wasted time. You can get a passport quickly without having to take time off from work or out of an otherwise busy schedule to travel, wait in line, and wait some more for processing.

  • Expertise – Passport applications are very detailed and particular documents. Applicants must take every precaution to ensure instructions are followed and supporting materials are in order. Failure to do so can result in lengthy processing delays and even outright denials.

    Reputable passport expeditors are experienced in all aspects of the passport application process. Having their guidance and support can help avoid the mistakes and errors that could prevent you from getting a passport as quickly as possible. Furthermore, their familiarity and relationships with regional passport agencies can be the difference in getting your passport as soon as the same day or having to wait a full, eight business days.


  • Cost Of course, there is an inevitable cost associated with hiring a passport expediting company to help with your application. Expeditors' fees range from around $149 for service that is completed in 8-14 business days to approximately $399 for same day service. This fee is in addition to the typical government fees for both a passport application and expedited processing.

    While that is a lot to pay, a courier service may be your only chance of getting your passport in time for your trip. Believe it or not, the additional cost of an expediting service could actually be less expensive than submitting the application yourself. Weigh an expeditor’s fee against some of the expenses you might incur by applying in person: gas, meals, lodging, parking, and your time. In many cases, the totals are comparable if not tilted in favor of hiring help.

  • Trust – When you choose to hire an passport expediting service, you have to entrust your identifying documents and passport to people that you do not know. If they do not (or cannot) deliver on their promises, it could result in serious complications of your travel plans.

    If you need a passport as soon as possible, the only way to avoid these types of issues (and the stress they inevitably cause) is to choose your expediting service wisely.

Make the best choice

There are several key factors that make certain rush passport companies better than others. Two notable features to consider are:

  • An express passport expediting service that has been in operation for more than five years. New passport courier services pop up each year, but they are not all created equal. Companies with a long tenure also tend to have more satisfied customers and better results than startups.
  • A Better Business Bureau rating of "B" rating or better. Surprisingly, there are several expediting services that have ratings of "C", or below. Even more surprising is that some of these are the most visible expediters on the internet. Just because a service tops your search results doesn’t make it the best. Do your due diligence to ensure you are trusting your passport application to a company that actually delivers more than just promises.

Still not sure which service to choose? Click here for our in-depth guide to choosing a reputable and reliable passport expeditor.

Our Expert Pick

While there are many reliable passport expediting services out there, one that we highly recommended is Fastport Passport.

Fastport’s passport expediting service has been expediting passport applications for more than a decade. In that time, they have expedited thousands of passport applications each year. Most importantly, they have done so while maintaining a high level of customer service.

It is for these reasons and others that we recommend Fastport Passport to anyone and everyone who need rush passport expediting service.


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