Important: Processing times recently changed for both routine and expedited passport applications.

Benefits of U.S. Passport Service Expediters

A registered U.S. Passport service expediter is your best option if you need your passport in a hurry but neither can or want to personally visit a regional agency. The additional processing fee can be a small price to pay to guarantee that you get your passport in time for your flight.
"Employing the latter group [expedited service] is a bit like flying first class: You can skip to the front of the line--for a price.... Bottom line: You'll pay at least double the government's fee for expedited service, but you won't languish in line."

Andrea Sachs, The Washington Post

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ruth is you can expedite a passport through a registered service for less than double the government's fee. Since fees vary according to how quickly the application is processed, you would only pay double if you require same-day service.

You can do like many. You can waste your time waiting in hot, cramped lines at a passport agency. Or you can employ the services of a U.S. passport expediter and save time and avoid stress.

Here are several good reasons for you to employ the services of an authorized U.S. passport expediter.

Get your passport fast.

No need to wait up to six weeks or more for routine service or, even, up to three weeks for expedited service. Through a registered expediting service, you can have your passport processed in as as quickly as the same day.

Avoid long delays.

If the State Department determines more supporting documents are required or there is any problem, they will send you a letter. This could delay your process by days or weeks. An expediter can relay the message to you by email or phone allowing you to significantly reduce the time it takes to resolve the problem.

Free up your time.

Visiting a regional agency can be time-consuming. During peak travel periods, you can wait for hours in long lines. With an international trip just around the corner, there are better ways to spend your time. Authorizing an expediter to obtain your travel document for you frees you up to invest your time in more important matters.

They give you personalized service.

The U.S. Department of State continues to exist whether you get your passport processed in time or not. Not so with a passport expediting service. Their success depends on getting their clients' passports quickly and efficiently. Their concern is making sure you recieve quality service within your time constraints. If they fail to provide fast and efficient service, they are doomed to failure. You can bet they're going to do their best for you.

Skip long lines.

There is no need to wait in hot, cramped lines at a regional agency. You can contract a rush passport service and fill out the application forms with a few clicks of the mouse. Let their representative do the waiting.

Save money.

Yes, you read that correctly. How can spending an extra $79 to $299 or more to expedite your passport save you money? There are a lot of potential expenses when applying at a regional agency that most applicants do not take into consideration.

First of all, there's the gas and parking fee. If you drive very far or wait very long in line, you're probably going to eat out and may even need to stay in a hotel. Then, there is the time spent in long lines. How much is that worth? What price do you put on avoiding aggravation and headaches?

Peace of Mind.

Lost your passport? Picked up your passport and noticed it is expired? Received a call and you need to make an emergency trip? All these can be reasons for concern. Contracting a qualified expediter service that can get your passport processed quickly can give you peace of mind knowing you will receive your travel document in time for your trip.

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