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Passport Name FAQ

Questions applicants frequently ask include what name to include on the application (especially if the full name is long or the birth name is not used), what to do in case of printing errors, and how to sign the passport.

The answers to these and many other questions are provided below to help you understand possible options for how your name can be used in your passport.

The passport agent who examines your application must verify that the name to be written in your U.S. passport is the one that best identifies you. This is typically determined by the citizenship and identity documents that you submit. If you request a name that is significantly different from that which appears on the documents you submit, you must provide additional documentation to establish and support the link between the name you are requesting and the name on the evidence of citizenship or proof of identity.

List of Passport Name FAQ

Below, we've listed the most commonly asked questions about name issues in passports. If you find a question that you would like the answer to, just click the link.

Which name should I use on the passport application?

Question: I need to travel to Canada for a conference. On the passport application do I list the name on my driver's license (Vicki L.) or my birth certificate...

Can I change my passport name back to my legal name if I don't have a picture ID that has that given name?

Question: I had my passport issued in the short version of my given, legal name..also my driver's license, so they would match....however, my Soc. Security...

How does my name appear on my passport?

Question: How does my entire name appear on my passport? Is my middle name or initial on the passport? I am asking because I would like to know what...

Can I get a passport if the name on my birth certificate does not match the name on my driver's license and social security card?

Question: The last name on my birth certificate is different from the name I use on all of my legal documentation. I have used the last name of my...

The name in my passport does not match the name on my driver's license.

What to do if the name in your passport is different from the name in your driver's license when planning an international trip.

How do I get a passport if the name on my birth certificate is different from my current name?

Question: I am trying to plan a trip to the Ukraine for the first week in December. I need to get my passport to go. I do not have my birth certificate...

My first name on my birth certificate differs from the name on my driver's license.

Question: My first name on my birth certificate is Frankie. My first name on all of my other documents (driver's license, credit cards etc.) is Frank...

What problems will I face if I have dual citizenship and have different names in my passports?

Question: I am a Mexican Citizen living legally in the U.S. with Green Card (I have a valid Mexican Passport). I am engaged to a U.S. Citizen, considering...

How should we prepare our passports?

Question: Our last name starts with Van, has a space, and then the rest of our last name appears. Our licenses and my husband's social security card...

Can I have two non-hyphenated last names in my passport?

Question: I'm getting married in a few months, and we each plan on adding the other's last name to our current names. So my name will be MyFirst, MyMiddle...

Passport Name

Question: I am in the process of legally changing my first and middle name. When this is completed and I apply for a passport for my daughter, do I have...

How do I find out how my name will appear on my passport?

Question: My full first name is Anthony, but I go by Tony. I'm trying to fill out my passport info for paperwork for a trip, but I can't remember if...

Middle Name in Passport

Answers to questions about the middle name in a passport.

How can I have my passport name match my other documents?

Question: Hello, Thank you for your time in answering my question. My husband and I are going on a surprise cruise in 4 weeks!!! I need to get a passport...

Passport Name Printing Error

What to do when the name in a passport is printed incorrectly.

How to get a passport if assumed name is different from the name on birth certificate?

Hello, I am interested in obtaining my first passport, but I have a possible problem. My first given name on the birth certificate is not the same as...

I'm a resident of Puerto Rico and my Florida birth record and SS Card indicate the same last name, can I obtain my passport in Puerto Rico?

Question: If my Florida birth record and SS card show my first and last name (father's surname) the same, and in Puerto Rico it is customary to use the...

Should there be a space after the "Mc" of my last name in my passport?

Question: Just received passport and last name is listed MC NEIL. It should be just one word. I want to make sure that this is not the way you do it...

How do I see the name that will be listed on my passport?

Question: My passport has been applied for but I need to get my airline tickets. Will the passport have my full middle name or just the initial?

Should you put a child's full name on the passport?

Question: We are getting ready to get our 15-year-old son a passport so he can do some mission work in Mexico and have in case we ever go on a cruise...

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