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First name on my birth certificate differs from driver's license.

Question: My first name on my birth certificate is Frankie. My first name on all of my other documents (driver's license, credit cards etc.) is Frank.

I recently applied for a passport and completed the form with my name as FRANK, however I was asked to provide my birth certificate and copy of my driver's license.

I am looking to make a reservation to travel in 3 weeks and am waiting for my passport to arrive however I am not sure how my first name will appear on my passport. I would like to make this reservation as soon as possible before the cost of airfare increases, but do not want to make it with the incorrect spelling of my name.

Can you advise which name will appear on the passport?

Answers: While derivatives of a name are usually accepted for passports, the agent that processes your application will have the final decision concerning the name that is included in your travel document. Therefore, there is no way to affirm which name will be included until the process is completed.

Note, if you entered the name Frankie on the application and that is what is on your birth certificate, then that is the name that will most likely be included in your passport.

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Deborah vs Debra
by: Anonymous

Question:My name on my BC is Deborah and Debra is on all other IDS. Is that a problem for a cruise? Can the same name be spelled differently as in Deborah and Debra?

Answer: Since both names are common derivatives of each other, it might not be an issue. Please contact the cruise line to confirm.

First & Middle name on BC different
by: Anonymous

Question: When gathering my BC to get my passport, the name Susan Darian is on my BC. It's different from my DL, SSN, school records & all legal documents as Suzanne Doreen for 58 years. Can I still apply for my passport? or do I have to legally change my BC?

Answer: Susan Darian and Suzanne Doreen are derivatives of the same names so you may not need a legal name change. Also, all your IDs are also in the Suzanne Doreen so you may apply for your passport in that name.

Misspelled first name on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: On my birth certificate the first name is spelled Darrel. On all other docs like driver's license, ss card, marriage etc. have Darrell. Will this be a problem getting a passport?

Answer: It's not going to be an issue.

Missing letter in name on birth certificate
by: LaKendra

Question: On my birth certificate they spelled it Lakenda leaving the r out and not capitalizing the K. They also left out the h in my dad's name should say Johnny, not Jonny (terrible typist). This was 51 years ago. Everything else I have shows LaKendra will this stop me from getting a passport?

Answer: No, it shoud not as long as your ID/s have the correct spelling.

Wrong Spelling
by: Anonymous

Question: On my birth certificate, my name is spelled Sheila. On my marriage certificate and other IDs it’s spelled Shelia. Will that cause a problem? My old Passport is spelled the latter way.

Answer: It will only be a problem if you travel and your tickets are booked in a different spelling from your passport name.

Never changed legally.
by: Anonymous

Question: 40 years ago, I decided to change my name for personal reasons. I did not go the court to do it legally. I received a new social security card and driver's license without any problems with those agencies. I turned in my old driver's license and social security card. I contacted the colleges and they immediately changed the name on my transcripts. All my credit cards, and mortgage information is in the name I changed 40 years ago. Keep in mind that I did not go to court and change my name legally.

Before I decided to change my name, I consulted with an attorney and told him I want to change my name for personal reasons. He said, "as long as you do not do it for fraudulent purposes it is okay to do so." Can I obtain a passport under my current name?

Answer: Yes, you can. Just present your IDs bearing your current name.

Name change
by: Anonymous

Question: My birth certificate shows Ronald James Lowenstein. Over 50 years ago I consulted with an attorney to change my name to Ron James due to family issues. The attorney said as long as the name change is not used for fraudulent purposes, it is okay.

I went to the DMV, turned in my driver's license, and was issued a new one for Ron James. I did the same thing for social security and was issued a new card with a different number. No legal name change was necessary for the changes. The college that I attended was notified and they too changed my transcripts.

How do I obtain a passport with the name change that was made over 50 years ago?

Answer: The process is pretty straightforward since your IDs are showing the name you want to be printed on your passport.

Please submit the following in person at an acceptance facility:

1. Form DS-11
2. Original or certified copy of your U.S. birth certificate
3. Photocopy of driver's license (present the actual ID)
4. One new passport photo
5. Payment for fees

Schedule an Appointment

Don't use 1st name
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport has both my 1st & middle name. All my legal documents (DL, SS, CC's, mortgage, etc.} only use my 1st name initial, then my middle name (A. Barbara Smith). I need to renew my passport & obtain a Real ID DL. What forms do I need?

Answer: You need to contact the DMV regarding Real ID.

As for your passport, you need to submit the following in person:

1. Form DS-11
2. Evidence of U.S. citizenship
3. Government-issued ID bearing the name you want to be printed on your passport
4. One new passport photo
5. Payment for fees
-Application: $130
-Execution: $35 (paid separately)
-Expedited service (optional): $60
-1 to 2 days delivery (optional, recommended): $18.32

You cannot renew your current passport to get the name changed since you did not go through a legal name change.

Driver's license does not match birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: My birth certificate has Jr but my driver's license does not. Will my passcard be approved?

Answer: Yes, it will be issued in either name.

by: Anonymous

Question: My name on my BC is Patricia Ann, however, my license says Patricia M, will this affect me when I apply for a passport or real ID?

Answer: It will not be an issue when you apply for a passport but it may be an issue with applying for a Real ID.

Name issues with passport
by: Anonymous

My birth certificate has two middle names and two last names all of my legal documentation like my license, SS card, and public records all show one middle name one last name. What do I need as proof of my name that I go by to get my passport?

Question: If you go by only one middle name and one last name, you may elect to have it printed on your passport. Your driver's license bearing that name will be sufficient proof that you go by that name and it is your legal name.

by: Anonymous

Question: My Birth certificate first name says Carlito but my driver's license and social security card say Carlos. Will I be able to get a passport?

Answer: Since the names are common derivatives of each other, it should not be a problem when you apply for a passport.

Will I be allowed to use only father last name in my FL driver's license
by: Anonymous

Question: In my birth certificate and in my passport I have two names and two last names (example: Juan Pablo Perez Hormazabal) which is typical of my Latin roots. I was born in the US but my parents are both from Latin countries and that's how people use it. But in the USA, it is kind of confusing. My question is if I will be allowed to use only my father last name and my two names in my Florida driver's license (Juan Pablo Perez). Thank you guys for your help. J.P

Answer: Please contact the DMV for answers to your question regarding driver's licenses.

First name a variation of BC name
by: Ginger

Question: My BC has the first name "Virginia" but I have only ever gone by "Ginger". All of my legal documents (DL, SSN, Tax ID, Marriage license, utilities, bank account, etc.) are under "Ginger". Will I need to fill out form DS-60 or will they accept the name 'Ginger' with the supporting documents.

Answer: Since Ginger is a common derivative of Virginia and your IDs bear such name, there should be no need to complete DS-60.

birth certificate first name different from first name used on dl ssn, etc
by: Anonymous

Question: On my birth certificate, it is Elizabeth but used Betty all my life on all documents. Is this acceptable?

Answer: It may be since Betty is a common derivative of Elizabeth. Please contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 for more information.

Name discrepancy
by: Anonymous

Question: My name on my birth certificate is Tracy, my driver's license and SSN is Tracie. Will I still be able to go on a cruise?

Answer: Yes, you should still be able to go on a cruise. Please contact the cruise line for confirmation.

My first name
by: Anonymous

Question: The first name on my birth certificate says Jose. My driver's license says Joe. Will I have any issues when boarding?

Answer: As long as your tickets match the name on the ID you present, you should be able to board a domestic flight without issue.

If you are traveling internationally, you need your tickets and passport book to match.

by: Anonymous

Question: I have Jr. on my passport but not on my driver's license. Would this be an issue for renewing my passport?

Answer: It will not since you will no longer need to present your license when you renew your passport.

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