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Should there be a space after the Mc of my last name in my passport?

by Carol

Question: Just received my passport and last name is listed MC NEIL. It should be just one word. I want to make sure that this is not the way you do it with McNeil last name. We plan on sending it in for correction. There is also a < between MC

We paid extra for expedited service and need the passport by the 1st week of March. Is there any way to get better service without paying $60??

Answer: Since the data pages of U.S. passports are printed in block capital letters, surnames which possess a prefix will usually include a space to differentiate between the prefix and the remainder of the name.

When renewing your passport, if you would prefer that the prefix not be separated from the rest of the name, you may include a note specifying this request.

You can travel with the passport as is or you can request a passport correction in order to change the name. You can also wait until your passport needs to be renewed and make the request then.

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space after Mc
by: Carol

DMV said my documentation didn’t match my passport. The space after Mc was the only difference and had never been a problem before. Renewed my passport and asked for ‘no space’ and my request was honored. Thank you!

It is an issue with some airlines
by: Lois

I took my first international flight and United Airlines would not allow me to check in online for my return flight. After much back and forth with reservations, I was told it was due to space in my last name on my passport not matching the reservation, which did not include the space. I ended up having to arrive early to check in at the airport and not being able to sit with my spouse on my return flight. Long story short; get the correction.

Same thing happened to my daughter
by: Anonymous

Question: Just curious...can you travel with this space or does it need to be corrected? My daughter's first name is McGee and they put MC GEE on her passport. It wasn't on the app or her birth cert that way. Will it be an issue?

Answer: It should not be an issue but if you want to make absolutely sure, you can apply for a correction free of charge.

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