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Can I have two non-hyphenated last names in my passport?

by Karen
(Los Angeles)

Question: I'm getting married in a few months, and we each plan on adding the other's last name to our current names. So my name will be MyFirst, MyMiddle, MyLast HisLast - two last names, not hyphenated, not run together. Is this going to be difficult to deal with when I apply for the updated passport? Or is it not-unheard-of and won't be a problem?

Answer: As long as you can submit an original or certified copy of the marriage certificate documenting the use of two last names without the hyphen, then you can have them both on your passport.

Note, you are encouraged to include a letter with the application form explaining the use of two non-hyphenated last names in order to prevent any possible error.

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I have 2 last name but on my US passport they only put one
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello! I recently got my US passport but I see that they only put one last name instead on putting my 2 last name. Is that okay?

Answer: Because of Real ID, it is ideal to have all your identification documents match, including your passport. You can apply for a correction free of charge.

I have two last names, hyphen between them
by: Anonymous

Question: I have both my mother's last name hyphenated with my birth father's last name (Name-Name). The only documents I have with both last names are my social and birth certificate. I applied for my passport and without a thought, I didn't add my second last name. Will I have any problems? (My school records, license, credit etc. I am known by my mothers last name.)

Answer: Questions might arise but as long as the name is supported by the documents you sent in, things should be straightened out. If there are any issues with your application, you will be contacted by passport services with instructions on how to rectify it.

Hyphen on marriage certificate
by: EG

Question: I was unaware I could just have two last names without a hyphen when I applied for my marriage certificate, so that’s what I put for my "new last name". But after some reading I would like go without a hyphen. Will this be a problem?

Answer: It should not be.

Hyphenated last name but just using one
by: Anonymous

Question: I got married and I kept my last name and hyphenated my spouse last name. I do not want to change my legal documents. Is this okay when I travel outside the county?

Answer: It should be okay as long as the names on your ticket and passport match.

Two last names (not hyphenated) only want one on passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I have 2 last names, and was wondering if I can just use the last one of the 2 on my passport?

Answer: You can as long as that name is supported by the ID that you present with the application.

Do I have to use both last names?
by: Anonymous

Question: My current state license has my hyphenated married last name (my maiden last-his last). I am currently going through a divorce and will legally be back to just my maiden name soon. I am applying for a passport before the divorce is legal. Am I able to use just my maiden name to apply for the passport? (Since it is also on my license?) and just leave the hyphenated name off?

Answer: The passport will be issued in the name you enter in the application form as long as it is supported by either your citizenship evidence or proof of identity.

Child's passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Might sound stupid but If my child has 2 last names (both my last name and her father's last) printed on her passport, would there be any issue with travel if my passport only has one of the same last names or as long as it matches one of the last names, everything will be okay?

Answer: It should not be a problem as long as the names on the passport and tickets match.

Not Added Married Last Name
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi!

When I got married I simply added my married last name to my license and social security cards, and left my maiden on both as well. My passport only has my maiden name on it. Can I still use it since both my social security card and license show my maiden name as well as my married name?

Answer: You may continue to use your passport bearing your maiden name until it expires. Just make sure to book tickets in that same name that appears on it avoid issues when traveling.

I have both last names in all my documents
by: Anonymous

Question: I have both last names in my drivers license, social security and birth certificate but in my passport I only have my first last name. Is that going to be an issue in the future for traveling or subscribing to programs or institutions that request two ID proofs?

And, should I use both last names always or only my first?

Answer: It should not be an issue. You may use any name as long as you have identification to show for it.

Passport Last Name Usage
by: Morgan

Question: If I have two last names, but I decide to just choose the last one in my passport, would that be OK?

Answer: U.S. citizens are required to use their current legal names on their U.S. passports. Unless you can provide documentation that proves sole use of that one last name instead of two, you need to include both last names in your passport application.

by: Kristi S

Question: Hi,

I have a current passport and I hyphenated my last name with my former married name and my maiden name. My Georgia driver's license was changed to my maiden name; will I be able to still use my current passport? I'm looking to travel out of the country in about three weeks.

Answer: You may travel with your current passport as long as you book your tickets in the same name as what is printed in it.

different names on name change document and social security card bc of character limits
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello, I changed my name after marriage to a double (non-hypenated) last name. However, my initial plan was to move my last name to a extra middle name (which is reflected on my marriage license), but because of character limits at the social security administration, my legal name change on my social security office made it so that I have two last names (which is also what I use on my license). Do I need to go in person to change the name on my passport since it is not what is reflected on my name change document? What would I need to bring? Thank you.

Answer: If you cannot submit proof of the name change, you must apply in person. According to the Department of State, you will not need to provide proof of the name change if your name has changed due to a marriage and you have already been issued an ID in your new name. You must include the details of the marriage in the applicable section on Form DS-11. You will also need evidence of U.S. citizenship, proof of identity, a recent passport photo and payment for fees. For a complete list of requirements, click here.

Passport name change - question about the FORM
by: Ioulia

Question: Dumb question - when it says "Passport was issued less than a year ago" or "More than one year ago", does that count renewals?

Meaning....I've had a passport since I was a kid. My most recent passport was renewed in Mar 2014. So, is that less than a year? Or are we talking about my very first passport (in which case it's over a year).

Answer: The requirement refers to your most recent passport. If it was issued in Mar 2014, then you can submit Form DS-5504 by mail with your current passport, your name change document (original or certified copy), and a color passport photo.You will not have to pay any passport or processing fees, unless you request Expedited Service.

Name on passport
by: ioulia

Question: I have a question along the same lines. I am going to be legally changing my first name and making my current first name as a middle name. I am also THINKING about adding my mother's maiden name as a "secondary" middle name. (like a lot of Latinas have). So again, it won't be hyphenated. My name will be:
MyFirstName My1stMiddleName My2ndMiddleName MyLastName.

Is this going to create a problem? I need to know before I actually put in the name change. I've already checked with the PA DOT In regards to how it will appear on my drivers license. But I need to know how it's going to appear on my passport.

Answer: It is possible to include first name, two middle names and last name on a passport as long as the number of characters in your full name does not exceed the number of spaces available in the passport. If that happens, the Acceptance Agent at the location where you apply will work with you to determine the best way to include your name in the passport.

For more information, visit How to Change the Name in a Passport.

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