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I have dual citizenship and have different names on my passports

by Areli
(Mason, OH)

Question: I am a Mexican citizen living legally in the U.S. with a Green Card (I have a valid Mexican Passport). I am engaged to a U.S. Citizen, considering changing my name, and also considering applying for naturalization in the near future.

If I go through with the name change, I will not be changing my name in Mexico, so my names would not match. What issues will I face (esp. while traveling to and from Mexico/U.S.)? For example, the name on my airline tickets would not match one of the Passports (once I have dual citizenship and a U.S. Passport). Should I just not change my name, and is it even allowed for my names to be different? Thanks...

Answer: There is no guarantee that you would have problems using two passport with different names in them but it is quite likely that you will. Passports should be used which have your current legal name in them. The best solution is to request a name change in your Mexican passport after you get married. You can do this through the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate general. There are consulates in both Chicago and Detroit. Contact information is provided below.

Consulado General de México en Chicago
204 S. Ashland Ave
Chicago Illinois., 60607
(312) 855-1380

Consulado de Carrera de México en Detroit
The Penobscot Building
645 Griswold Avenue
17th. Floor, Suite 830 Detroit Mi., 48226
Atención al Público: 8:00 a 17:00hrs.
(313) 964-4515/4532/4534

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by: Anonymous

Question: I traveled to the U.S. for vacation and found out that I am pregnant and can’t go back home because I am very far along. The father of the child and I are citizens of another country and the child would most likely become a U.S. citizen. I would like to put the child’s last name as his father's but the father and I are not married and he can’t be present. Would it be an issue when trying to apply for a passport for my Newborn if his last name is different from mine and no father is listed?

Answer: It should not be a problem.

I have the same problem
by: Anonymous

Question: I have dual citizenship and I have different names in my passports. I have always traveled by car or bus and I’m planning on traveling for the first time by airplane to Mexico. But I’m a little nervous because when I was little, my dad applied for my citizenship and put my mother’s last name as my middle name. I would like to know if I will have any problem in the airport since one of my passport will not match the ticket.

Answer: As a U.S. citizen, you are required to depart and re-enter the United States using your U.S. passport. As long as the name on your tickets match that on your U.S. passport, there should be no issue.

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