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How to Request File Search When Applying for a New United States Passport

Request for File Search and Verification of US CitizenshipAmerican citizens who have lost their primary evidence of U.S. citizenship but have previously been issued a passport or Report of Birth Abroad can request a file search when submitting the application for a new passport.

If you have had a previously-issued U.S. passport book or card and a record of that document is located during the file search, the record can serve as evidence of U.S. citizenship for application purposes. There is no guarantee that a record will be located. If you make the request and Passport Services does not find any record of a previously-issued passport or Report of Birth Abroad, your new passport application process will not be completed. The $150 fee for a file search is non-refundable.

Applicants whose situation is not urgent are asked to obtain primary evidence of U.S. citizenship before submitting the application for a new passport.

How to Request a File Search Form

Information requested on the file search form is provided below with a link to download a digital copy immediately following.

United States Department of State
Passport Services


          Last Name:                                                             

          First and Middle Name(s):                                                             

          Date and Place of Birth:                                                             

Select the Document for Which You are Submitting This Request

      Passport Book           Passport Card           Consular Report of Birth Abroad

          Name as Listed in Document:                                                             

          Date of Issue:                               

          Passports Only:

          Date of Expiration:                               

          Passport Number:                               


I hereby request Passport Services to initiate a file search to verify that I have been issued a U.S. Passport or that a Consular Report of Birth Abroad was filed for me. I agree to pay the applicable fee for this service. I understand that this service is performed solely for issuance of a passport under urgent circumstances and I will not receive a copy of my previous passport or Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Signature:                                                              Date:                     

Download Request for a File Search and Verification of U.S. Citizenship form

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