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How do I expedite my children's passports?

by Judith

Question: I am so short of time to renew or get new passports for my children. I know it can be done but it seems every passport service agency that I've inquired are all asking for a plane ticket as one of the requirements but in our case were not flying.

We are driving to Canada next week so what do we need to do? Please I need a quick response. Thank you so much.

Answer: Children under 16 do not need to present a passport when traveling to Canada by land. If your children are age 15 or younger, you only need to present proof of each child's U.S. citizenship such as a birth certificate when exiting and re-entering the United States.

If your children are 16 or older or you just want to get passports for them, then we recommend you visit the nearest agency for get a fast, reliable passport courier service to assist with expediting the passport applications.

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What is the quickest way to get passports for infants?

Questions: I need passports for my newborn infants as I am traveling internationally in April. What is the quickest way to obtain them? I live in Kansas City, MO.

Answer: For each infant, you need to submit a completed but unsigned application Form DS-11, a passport photo, evidence of U.S. citizenship, evidence of relationship, parent's photo ID and photocopies of identification documents.

There is an application fee of $110, an execution fee of $35 and an expedited service fee of $60 per applicant. In addition you can add the fee for overnight delivery to get the passports delivered faster.

Here are your options for expediting the application process.

1. Passport Application Acceptance Facility in Kansas City

Expedited processing time usually takes up to 3 weeks but it can take longer under special circumstances.

The infants must appear with both parents or one parent who submits either notarized consent from the non-applying parent or evidence of sole legal custody.

To find a location where you can apply, visit the list of Missouri Passport Offices

2. Regional Passport Agency

It's possible to get a passport the same day when you apply for expedited service at a regional agency.

The children still have to appear with both parents or one parent who submits either notarized consent from the non-applying parent or evidence of sole legal custody.

Agencies near to Kansas City include Hot Springs (AR), Aurora (CO), Minneapolis (MN), and Chicago (IL).

3. Registered Expediting Service

You can get a passport as fast as the same day when applying through a registered passport courier but it usually takes at least 24 to 48 hours due to need to mail the application form and documents by express delivery.

If you choose to use an expediter, the infants are still required to appear at a local passport office in Kansas City with both parents to have the applications adjudicated.

Instead of mailing the forms and directly to the address on the application, you will send the sealed packets along with two authorization letters to the expediting service.

If you prefer this option, visit Expedited Passports for Infants

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How do I expedite my daughter's passport application?

by Janet
(Millis, MA 02054)

Question I applied for my daughter's passport on February 12. I received a letter on March 19th from the NH Passport Center telling me that the birth certificate I submitted was not acceptable. I did not realize I had to send in a long form.

I spoke to a very nice woman at the center who directed me to get the long form. She told me that if I could send it in right away we would get the passport within the time needed for my daughter's departure date of April 15th. I sent the needed birth certificate with the letter I had received on Monday, March 21st.

I just went online to check the status and find that we are in the 4-6 week cycle and that is just not going to work. My daughter has raised all the money for this service trip to Nicaragua. I need help getting her passport ASAP.

I should mention that the woman with whom I spoke said if I were to pay an additional, I could expedite the process but she did not think I needed to do that. PLEASE HELP ME. WHAT DO I DO NOW???

Answer: It is possible that your daughter's passport could arrive before her departure date without the need for further intervention. While routine service is estimated to take 4-6 weeks, it can take less time.

Once the application form and supporting documents have been submitted, the only way to get expedited service is to visit a regional passport agency.

If the passport has not arrived within one week of your daughter's departure date, you can visit the Boston Passport Agency to get the passport.

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How do I get same day passports for children if I live in South Carolina?

by Maurice
(South Carolina)

Question: I live in South Carolina. I am in the army stationed in Korea and I came home to get my wife and kids. I want to know if there is any way I could come to an office nearby, do all the paperwork and pick up the passport the same day for 2 kids. They are ages 3 and 2.

Answer: There are only two ways to get same day passports. One, you can personally visit the Washington DC Passport Agency which is the nearest one to your location and submit the applications there.

Normally, you need to schedule an appointment online or call 1-877-487-2778. If there is no time to schedule the appointment and wait, you can just show up.

In order to get the passports, the children must appear with both parents at the agency. For a complete list of the forms and documents you need to submit, visit Applying for Child's Passport

A second option is to get a reliable expedited passport courier service to submit the forms for you.

If you are unable to travel to the DC agency or unsure that you can get in without an appointment, getting an expediter to submit the applications may be the way to go.

Note, since you are applying for passports for minors, you and your wife will still have to personally appear before an official passport agent with your children . You can do this at a local application acceptance facility.

Once the form and documents have been reviewed, approved and signed, they will be placed in a sealed envelope for mailing. Be sure to inform the agent that you plan to send the package to an expeditor.

You will need to include two authorization letters, one inside the sealed envelope and another outside it.

Finally, you will need to mail the package to the courier by overnight express mail.

If you prefer this route, check out the list of South Carolina Passport Offices in your area.

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How Do I Expedite A Passport for an Infant?

by Rene
(Newark, Ohio, USA)

Question: My husband and I are moving (driving) to Alaska mid-April with our newborn who will be 1 month old. I had recently called and talked to someone about needing a passport for our son and I was told that all I would need is the original birth certificate.

Since my husband needs to be back in Alaska on a certain date due to his army station, we will need to get a passport for our son within a couple days. We will be traveling through Canada. What will I need to have and what will I need to do to get my son a passport to get to Alaska?

Answer: Your child does NOT need a passport either to enter Canada or to return to the United States via Alaska. All you are required to present is a certified birth certificate for your infant.

However, if you desire to obtain a passport for your child before departing for Alaska, you can apply for expedited service by clicking the link below.

Apply to Expedite Child's Passport

After completing the online application, you need to visit the nearest application acceptance facility and present form DS-11 and all supporting documents to an agent.

Once you have taken the oath and signed form DS-11, you need to send the sealed packet to the expediting service. Be sure to include an third party authorization letter inside the sealed packet and send another to the expediter outside the sealed envelope.

For a list of acceptance facilities in your area, visit our list of Ohio Passport Offices

Again, you can travel to Alaska with your infant with only a certified birth certificate. You can then apply for a passport for your child. If you prefer this option, visit our list of acceptance facilities in Alaska or schedule an appointment online.

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