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How do I notify you that I have found my passport?

by Robert
(El Paso,Tx USA)

Question: I recently reported my passport lost but I found it today. I misplaced it when I took it to the Social Security Office for proof of ID. What do I need to do to let you know that it indeed is in my possession? Thank you.

Answer: Passports reported lost or stolen by telephone or by submitting Form DS-64 are invalidated and can no longer be used for travel.

If you reported the lost passport to the State Department, then will have to apply for a new passport. This requires you complete Form DS-11 and submit it, along with other required documents, at a passport acceptance facility.

Click the link below for complete instructions.

How to Apply for a New Passport

Click the following link to find the nearest location to submit the application.

Texas Passport Offices

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Lost passport now found
by: Anonymous

Question: I thought my passport had been stolen or lost so the next day I was told to report it to the Dutch police. I did so but did nothing else. I did not fill out any forms or apply for a new one. I found my passport two weeks later so would it still be valid since I only reported it to the Dutch police and nothing else?

Answer: It should still be valid.

by: Anonymous

Question: I called in my lost passport. I was told to fill out the DS 64 form however I found my passport before I filled out the DS 64 form. Does that mean that my passport is valid until I fill out the DS-64 form?

I tried to fill out the DS-64 form but when I answer by checking the box that I have my passport in my possession and I type in my passport identification number I can't complete the DS-64. A message comes up and tells me passport is not lost and to start over.

Answer: Once reported lost over the phone, the passport is already invalidated. You need to submit Form DS-64 with the requirements when you apply for a new passport.

Lost/found/passport renewal
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently reported my passport lost, but have since located it. The passport had expired and is need of renewal. Since I found my old passport would I be able to renew by mail rather than in person.

Answer: Yes, you can use it to renew your passport.

Called but did not submit the form
by: Anonymous

Question: Today I called the number to report my passport lost and they told me i needed to fill out a form to finalize the process. I ended up finding my passport and never sent in the form. Is my passport still valid?

Answer: Once reported lost, a passport is already invalidated. Form DS-64 is only required when you apply for a replacement which completes the process.

Lost/stolen passport found
by: Anonymous

Question: I thought my passport was stolen and completed a police report. The day I went to the post office to apply for a new passport, I found the original passport. I am traveling domestically in a week and was going to use the passport as ID. May I use the original passport as ID since I doubt the state government has received the stolen report and new application?

Answer: Once a passport is reported lost/stolen, it is automatically invalidated. You may not be able to use it as ID. Please confirm with the airline you are traveling with.

Submitted DS-64, but didnt print, sign and mail it.
by: Anonymous

Question: I lost my passport. Submitted the DS-64 form online, but did not print sign and mail it. I just recently found my passport. Because I didn't print. sign and mail the form, is my passport still active?

Answer: Yes, it most likely is. To be safe, I suggest you have it check by an airport official.

Reporting Lost Passport as Found
by: Anonymous

Question: I filled out a lost passport form on the website and as part of the process I believe it said that if I did find the passport I would have to report that it was no longer missing. However, I haven't found any place to do that officially. How do I do so?

Answer: There is no need to report the passport as found. If you already submitted the lost passport form by mail, your passport is already invalidated.

Mailed in Lost Passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi, I just recently lost my passport and I was wondering, if someone found it and mailed it into the proper address in Virginia, would I be notified that it was found? And would I get that passport back if I didn't cancel it yet? Also, how long would it take for me to be notified that my passport was found once it arrived in the Virginia office? Thank you!

Answer: Please call customer service at 1-877-487-2778 regarding your concern.

by: Anonymous

Question: I thought that I never received a passport and submitted what I thought was my current passport... I told them this on the phone but didn’t submit any papers... I found my passport that was active and wanted to know if it was still active being that I never submitted any paperwork. If not do I mail in my "active" passport with copy of letter? What do I do? Or can I still use what was supposed to be active?

Answer: You need to call customer service at 1-877-487-2778.

Danish citizen lost and found passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Being a Danish citizen I reported my passport stolen - but it was found again. I have informed Danish police that I have found passport. Can I use the passport to enter the U.S?

Answer: You need to contact the Danish authorities to find out if your passport is still valid for travel.

Found my non-US passport
by: Anonymous

Question: UPS initially misplaced my India passport after which I reported as lost by filling out the DS-64. Later they found it and called me. Since this is a non-US passport, can I still use it for travel to and from the U.S?

Answer: Yes, it is still valid. Form DS-64 is only for U.S. passports.

Lost passport confirmation email
by: Anonymous

Question: I reported a lost passport (online) do I receive an email confirmation or any sort of confirmation?

Answer: Form DS-64 can be completed online but you still need to print, sign and mail it. The address is on the form.

Passport reported lost, then found, then processed
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently reported my passport renewal lost after 30 days with no USPS updates via an online DS-64. It was accepted and I got a confirmation number the same day. I week or so later, my renewal was delivered to the processing center and apparently was not flagged, as I received my new passport in the mail.

What should I do now? My new passport is a different number and is not reported stolen. Will my old passport be returned? Do I need to surrender my new passport?

Answer: The passport you received should be valid. Please call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 for clarification.

I found my passport which I recently reported as lost.
by: Anonymous

Question: Thank you for your rapid response! Much appreciated. In your message you stated that I can in fact use my old passport as identification when applying for a new passport. But will that still work if I had recently reported my old passport as lost? Wouldn't it be considered invalid for identification use? I look forward to your response, and thank you very, very much for your help!


Answer: It can still be used for identification but it is not valid as a travel document.

I found my passport which I recently reported as lost.
by: Anonymous

Question: I found my passport which I recently reported as lost. Can I use this passport as identification to apply for a new passport? I am traveling out of the country and a month and I am afraid I am going to miss the deadline. When trying to apply for a new passport my birth certificate was rejected because it is a bit faded. I was told to order a new birth certificate but it will take weeks. If and when I received the birth certificate I can then apply for my new passport. But by the time I receive that it will be too late for my planned travels. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards.

Answer: Yes, you may use your old passport as evidence of U.S. citizenship in place of your birth certificate.

USPS lost my passport for three months
by: Anonymous

Question: I took your advice and spoke to a supervisor yesterday regarding the Coppell USPS Distribution Center having lost my passport renewal for three months. Apparently my account was not flagged as today I received an email from the Passport office with a second processing number, (the first application has been there for 5 weeks) and my $110.00 check was cashed. I have no passport, everything is processing and I have paid twice. Along with this I am now unable to check my status as I have disappeared from your records. What happens now? How do I get reimbursement and my passport? My phone call yesterday apparently didn't keep my problem from escalating. I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you, again.

Answer: We are sorry to learn about the mix up caused by USPS and passport services. We recommend that you register a formal complaint with the National Passport Information Center. Most applicants have found better resolutions to their issues after leaving feedback with the NPIC.

USPS lost my passport for three months
by: Anonymous

Question: Please let me know what happens now. The USPS Distribution Center in Coppell TX lost my passport, mailed to Irving TX for renewal. I reported it lost and applied for a new one. The new one has been processing for 4 weeks. Now I see that the Coppell USPS office finally delivered the lost passport, 3 months late. Is this going to be returned to me? Will the check I enclosed be processed? Thank you for assisting me. I am hoping to finally receive my new passport ASAP.

Answer: Please contact the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 for assistance. You need to ask to speak to a supervisor for faster resolution to your issue.

Misplaced passport found
by: Maurice Arcache

Question: I found my passport in my cabinet after one day of being lost.

Answer: Once a passport is reported lost, it is already invalidated and can no longer be used for travel. You need to apply for a new passport in order to travel internationally.

Passport reported stolen and later found, work visa in it
by: Luis

Question: I lost my passport and it was found while in Germany. It was found but I had an emergency passport issued since the embassy didn't know when they will receive it from the mail and I had to travel back home. The embassy sent it to my home later.

Now applying for my new regular passport. The Embassy told me they could give me the passport with the visa back. Can I have my passport back?

Answer: If the agency said they can send you the passport, they most likely will.

Passport not lost OR stolen!
by: EG

Question: I checked into my flight last week (January 19th) and for the first time after numerous flights within Europe and back and forth to the U.S. was I informed by a German police officer that it stated that my passport was reported "lost or stolen" in October 28, 2014 (5 days after receiving a brand new one due to marriage). I found this so strange, as I have NEVER lost it and always kept it in a safe place. I assure that I have never called nor have filed a form...can anyone advise? I ask because he said the UK would give me problems about it, yet, I did enter the UK - and this time (like many times before since "2014" did it not flag). Is this a fluke or something that was misunderstood since I changed my name on my passport?

Answer: It could have been just a misunderstanding. Please call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 for further assistance.

Work Visa in my original passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I had lost my passport, received a new one, and then found my original again. I have a work visa attached to and stamped into my original passport, that I have now located in my apartment. Is there anyway to revert back to the original passport issued so that I may continue to use my work visa?

Answer: Once a passport is reported lost, it is already invalidated and can no longer be used for travel. You cannot revert back to the old passport but it is possible to transfer the valid work visa or travel with both passports.

Please contact embassy or consulate the country for which you have a visa to see if they can transfer the visa to your new passport or if you can travel with a valid visa in an invalid passport plus a valid passport.

Lost Passport, Reported, Found, New Application
by: Anonymous

Question: I lost my passport, reported it lost, and later found the passport. I understand that I must file for a new passport. During the application, it asks if I have the passport, which I do, but it was reported lost. How I respond to that determines how I file for the new passport and also changes the fee. What should I do?

Answer: Once a passport is reported lost, regardless of whether or not it is found thereafter, it is already invalidated. It can no longer be renewed. You, therefore, need to apply for a new passport.

In order to do this, you need to complete Form DS-11 and submit it in person with the following:

1. Evidence of U.S. citizenship
2. Proof of identity and photocopy
3. One passport photo
4. Payment for fees ($110 application fee + $25 execution fee)

Routine service takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete. If you want to speed up the process, you need to add $60 and get your new passport in 2 to 3 weeks.

Found my passport
by: Ruth

Question: My passport No. P USA 55102xxxx was found and returned to me. I had put in a lost passport form in August and need to have you know I now have it back.

Answer: It's good to know your passport was returned to you. However, since you already reported it lost, that passport is already invalid. You can no longer use it for travel.

Found my lost passports a day after submitted form DS64
by: Hong

Question: I located my lost passports a day after submitted form DS-64 to US embassy. Can I call to tell them I found my passports? Can I still travel with the passports?

Answer: When you submit form DS-64, the passport is immediately cancelled and can no longer be used if found. You need to apply for new passports in order to travel. If you have an imminent flight, the embassy can issue you an emergency, limited-validity passport that can later be replaced with a full-validity passport.

What do I do with my invalidated found passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I have already received my new passport after reporting the old one lost. I have just found my old one. What do I do with the old passport that has been invalidated? Do I need to mail it to the government? Should I destroy it?

Answer: We recommend you keep it. Although it has been invalidated, it can still be used as evidence of U.S. citizenship if, per chance, you lose your new passport.

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