Important: Processing times recently changed for both routine and expedited passport applications.

Emergency Passport Service

Emergency passport service is available both domestically and abroad for American citizens who need to get their travel document quickly, including those who need to get a passport the same day. Applications for emergency passport service are submitted at the nearest U.S. Embassy or consulate general when traveling abroad and at a regional passport agency or through a registered expediting service when applying in the United States.

Emergency Passport Service While Abroad

United States passport and foreign currency

 In the case of a lost or stolen passport while abroad, the fact should be reported to the local police before application is made for the limited-validity passport. Take a copy of the police report to the embassy or consulate. The cost of a limited-validity emergency passport is the same as a full-validity passport. Travelers who are issued an emergency passport are encouraged to apply to replace the limited-validity passport once they return to the United States. There is no fee if the application if submitted before the emergency passport expires.

When replacing the limited-validity passport, American citizens who live outside the United States can submit their applications for a full-validity passport to the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country where they reside. American citizens who live in the United States can submit their applications to the address on the application form.

You may have to submit the following documents in addition to the listed requirements for your specific renewal. To discover the exact requirements, check the endorsement on the last page of the emergency passport.

If your passport was issued under 22 CFR 51.41, you also need to submit proof of citizenship. If your passport was issued under 22 CFR 51.28, you need to submit proof of identity.

Emergency Passport Service in the United States

Individuals who face an emergency travel situation that requires they obtain a passport in 2 weeks or less (4 weeks or less if visa required) can schedule an appointment to submit the application at a regional passport agency. In order to get the passport expedited quickly, most processing centers also require evidence of imminent travel. The phone number to call is 1-877-487-2778. It can sometimes take several attempts to get through.

Applicants should arrive a few minutes early with their passport application, supporting documents and appointment verification. While most regional agencies process applications in up to 5 business days, they can process passports the same day if necessary.

If your situation does not allow you to personally visit a regional agency, you can employ the services of a registered expediter such as Rush My Passport which has over a decade of experience and an A+ rating with the BBB.

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