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How do I get my passport number on line?

by Charles
(Washington DC)

Question: I need number for government form. I don't need actual passport just number. We lost the expired passport in a move.

Answer: The State Department encourages American citizens to report lost passports. This is a preventative measure against identity theft. For more information, visit our lost passport page.

Concerning the passport number, it is not possible to get the number online. You need to mail a notarized request for a copy of your passport record.

The Privacy Act allows you to obtain copies of records in your own name and the records of your minor children. To request these records, please submit a typed or clearly printed NOTARIZED request that provides:

1. Your full name at birth and any subsequent name changes and/or the full name of your minor child or children, if you are requesting their records;

2. Your date and place of birth and/or those of your minor child or children;

3. Your current mailing address;

4. Your current daytime telephone number;

5. Your current e-mail address, if available;

6. Your reason for the request;

7. The dates or estimated dates your passports were issued;

8. Your passport numbers or any other information that will help us locate your records; and

9. A copy of your valid photo identification

A search for your passport record is free with your notarized request.

All requests for passport records issued from 1925 to present should be mailed to:

Department of State
Passport Services
Research and Liaison Section
Room 500
1111 19th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20524-1705 (202) 955-0447

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Will my passport number change when I have it renewed?

by J.C.
(Lincoln Ca USA)

Question: My passport is about to expire. Will the passport number be different on my new passport?

Answer: Yes, your passport number will change when you renew it. Every passport that is issued receives a new number.

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Can I keep the same passport number on my new passport that I had on my previous one?

by Charlie
(Salisbury, MD USA)

Question: Many legal documents in Costa Rica require passport numbers. Every time I renew my U.S. passport, I have to pay a lawyer to redo my papers of property ownership. It would be so much easier for me if I could have my renewed passport have the same number as my out of date passport.

Answer: While I am sure that it would be more convenient to keep the same number, it is not possible. Every passport that is issued has a new number. The blank passports already arrive at the regional processing centers with the numbers in them. Is there any other document that you could use that would substitute your passport on the legal documents?

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