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Will the number change when I renew my passport with my married name?

by Sarah
(Bel Air, MD)

Question: I am recently married and have changed my name with social security. My passport expires in August, so I need to renew it now, and with my new name.

I am planning a trip to Europe for the spring- can i use my current passport number with my maiden name even though by April I will have a new passport?

Answer: Your new passport will have a new number in it. Since the passport will have both a new number and your new name in it, you should wait until your passport renewal application is processed before purchasing the tickets for your trip.

The Secure Flight Program of the TSA requires ticket information and passport data to match exactly. Click the link below for complete instructions.

Apply for Passport Renewal

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Multiple name changes
by: Anonymous

Question: I was married (and divorced) several times. My soon to expire passport has my present last name. Do I have to submit all the old marriage and divorce paperwork or just list my previous names on form DS-82?

Answer: There will be no need to submit your paperwork for your renewal application. You may just list your names in the application form.

Names on drivers license and passport do not match
by: Judy

Question: In Alabama you must have your maiden name as part of your name. So my airline tickets are issued in the name, however, my passport does not contain my maiden name. When I renew my passport, can I just change my name to include my maiden name on my renewal passport application?

Answer: You may use any name on your passport as long as you can legally prove use of that name. Your birth certificate and marriage certificate should suffice as documentation. Please call 1-877-487-2778 to speak to a customer service representative and confirm.

Lost new passport, but have unexpired passport still
by: Anonymous

Question: I renewed my passport that has not expired yet. No info has changed for the new one but I lost my new passport right after getting it. Can I still use my one that hasn't expired yet? My trip is tomorrow.

Answer: No, you cannot. When you apply for a renewal, the previously-issued passport is invalidated and cannot be used for international travel. You will have to report the lost passport and apply for a new one. You can get a passport in a few hours at a regional agency. The previously-issued passport can be presented as both evidence of U.S. citizenship. You will also need a completed form DS-11 (unsigned), form DS-64, a valid ID, photocopy of your ID, a recent passport photo, proof of travel and payment for fees. Since you do not have an appointment, you need to arrive early, preferably before the agency opens. Visit the following web pages for more information.

New Passport Requirements

Passport Application Forms

Regional Passport Agency List

Passport renewal application
by: Anonymous

Question: My problem is that I got married here in Las Vegas last December 2015 and filed for an update of status. We don't have the confirmation about the update of status yet and i need to renew my passport because it's going to expire on July 2016. Will I still use my maiden name in the passport or will use the last name of my husband instead even if we don't have the confirmation of the status update?

Answer: You must submit evidence of a legal name change in order to change the name in your passport.

Question about passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I just booked a trip with my husband for a date 9 months from now. I changed my name since getting married 2 years ago, but not on my passport. I booked the trip in my married name with my old passport number and am wondering if I should have done it differently. Will have issues traveling?

Answer: We recommend that passport bearers who have had their names legally changed apply for a passport name change as soon as possible in order to avoid any problems during international trips. Since you have already booked your trip, we suggest you contact the airlines to see if they will allow you to board using your current passport and, possibly, your marriage certificate. If the airlines requires you to get the name changed in your passport, ask if you will be able to update the passport number since your new passport will have a different number.

Going on a trip.
by: Rick

Question: When I renew my passport will the new one have the same number as my old one? Nothing has changed except the expiration date.

Answer: You will be issued a new passport with a different number.

Name change by marriage, but 10 years latr
by: Anonymous

Question: I kept my maiden name for 10 years and now have changed my name on my license and social security card and am now renewing my passport. Where the application asks for the date/place of the name change, should I my marriage certificate information or when I changed the license?

Answer: The date of name change should be the date on your marriage certificate.

Address change
by: Anonymous

Question: I am separated from my husband! It's a mutual agreement not legal! But we have different addresses. My question is how long in advance do I get my passport renewed? How much will it be to renew my passport? What documents do I need to renew my passport?

Answer: We recommend you apply for a passport renewal approximately 9 months before your current passport's date of expiration. You can, however, apply for a renewal by mail up to 5 years after the passport expires if you were age 16 or older when it was issued.

The renewal fee for a passport book is $110. You can also get a passport card for an additional $30. Routine processing takes 4-6 weeks. You can add $60 to the payment for expedited service and $14.85 for overnight delivery of your new passport.

Mail a completed form DS-82, previously-issued passport, a recent passport photo and payment for fees to the address on the form.

one month before honeymoon
by: Anonymous

Question: I will get married in May 2016 and go on my honeymoon in June 2016. Do I need to get a new passport since my current passport doesn't expire until 2023.

Answer: You can continue to use your passport until the date of expiration. However, you should book flights in the same name that is in the passport.

Passport after Marriage
by: Anonymous

Question: I got married less than a year ago, I have changed my social and driver license but have not changed my passport yet. My travel agent booked my trip in the same name as my passport. Will I be okay when I get to security?

Answer: You should not have any problems. We recommend you have a copy of your marriage certificate with you.

passport renew
by: Erica

Question: I am recently did a name change legally. My passport not going to expire until beginning next year. Should I wait until I renew my passport next year with my new name, or renew now to change my name?

Answer: You can change the name in your passport now or wait until your apply for a renewal next year. If you wait, you should book travel services in the same name that is in the passport.

Name change
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport will not expire for a few more years but my name has changed. I am sending in the fees and application for name change. Will I keep the same number and expiration date or will the number and expiration change?

Answer: Both the passport number and expiration date will change.

name change
by: Anonymous

Question: I need to renew my passport. In 2005, I went through a divorce and had my name changed back to my maiden name. I applied to have my name changed on my passport. They kept the passport the same, but wrote an amendment on the very last page stating my new (correct) name. Now every time I travel, there are issues because the name on my ticket does not match the first page of my passport. I have to explain to the person to flip to the last page of the passport, etc. When I renew the passport, will they put my correct legal (maiden) name on the first page? Do I need to resend the divorce papers.

Answer: When you apply for a renewal, you will get a completely new passport with your legal name on the identifcation page. You do not need to resend the divorce decree.

Passport Number
by: Ryan McKee

Question: I am renewing my passport but my name is not changing. Will I have a different passport number? Thanks!

Answer: Yes, your passport will have a different number. Whether you change your name or not, the renewed passport will have a new number.

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