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When Should I Apply for a Passport Renewal?

by William
(Dallas, Tx, USA)

Question: My passport does not expire for a few more years but I want to plan ahead. I have heard different information given concerning the time to apply for a renewal. What is best?

Answer: Application for a passport renewal should be done approximately nine months prior to the passport's expiration date. There are three reasons for renewing your passport so early.

One, the earlier you apply, the less likely you are to need expedited services. Expediting a passport can be quite expensive. You can avoid these additional costs by starting the process early.

Two, it can take up to three months to process the passport renewal application. Usually, the process is completed in no more than 6-8 weeks but it can take longer, especially during peak travel periods or when new passport requirements are being instituted.

Three, many countries require visa applicants to submit valid passports that have at least six months validity remaining from the time of entry into the country. Applying early for the renewal would insure that your passport met this requirement.

For full details on how to complete this process, click the link below.

Apply for U.S. Passport Renewal

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Can I renew my passport now?

Question: My passport expires in 2014. My features have changed a little and sometimes when i travel other countries border patrol are asking how come i don't have as much hair as i do on my passport picture and stuff like that. I think it's nuts because it's obvious it's still me. However to prevent this I would like to know if it's too early to renew my passport. Thanks.

Answer: Yes, you can renew your passport now. You will be required to pay the passport renewal fee. You will also lose the remaining validity in your passport. Your new passport will only have 10 years validity beginning with the date of issuance.

If you prefer to do does in order to avoid complication, include a letter stating why you are applying for the renewal so early. Click the link below for a complete list of requirements.

How to Apply for a Passport Renewal

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Can I renew my passport early?

by Shibu

Question: My US passport expires only on January 2017, but can i renew it now, as of March 2011? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so and what happens to all the valid visas that I have on my current passport when i get a new one?

Answer: You can renew your passport whenever you want if you have good reason to do so. You should include a letter explaining the motive for the request along with the renewal application if it is submitted more than 9 months prior to the expiration date.

There are three main disadvantages to applying for a passport renewal so early. One is the cost. You will be required to pay the renewal fee of $110. Two, you will lose the remaining validity in your current passport. Three, you will probably be required to apply for new visas to replace the ones that are currently in your passport.

There are a couple of exceptions. Brazil allows visitors to present a Brazilian visa in an expired or invalidated passport along with a valid passport. India only requires you to apply to transfer the visa to the new passport. There is a fee for this service but it is less than the fee for a new visa to India. Other countries require you to apply for a completely new visa.

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Is it possible to renew my passport years before the expiration date?

by Julie
(Bertram, Texas USA)

Question: I have officially amended my passport to my new married name, which shows on page 24 of my passport. However, since my passport was amended and not renewed with my new name, any time it is "scanned" my old name appears which causes confusion.

I'd like to renew my passport so my new married name shows when "scanned", i.e. cruise lines scan the passport. Is it possible to renew my passport years before its expiration?

Answer: It is possible to renew your passport early. Note, you will lose the remaining validity in the passport.

Besides the normal requirements for renewing a Unites States passport, you should include a letter explaining why you are making the request so early. Along with the letter, send your current passport, two passport photos and payment for the renewal fee. For complete details, click the link below.

Applying for a Passport Renewal

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Should I renew my passport now or when I return?

by Roland
(Gainesville, Fl 32605)

Question: I will be traveling with the University of Florida on a joint tourism mission with the nation of Turkey. I will depart on March 4 or March 5 and return on March 12 of this year 2011. My passport expires on August 12, 2011.

I worry that my passport might be delayed getting back to me if I renew now. So would it be advisable to simply renew when I return? The passport still looks like me (somewhat younger)

Thank You and hope for a quick reply

Answer: The consular services of the Turkish embassy requires your passport to have at least 3 months of validity beyond the expiration date of your visa to Turkey. If you already have a visa, then this may not be a problem. If you still need to obtain your visa, then it probably will be.

American citizens can obtain a single-entry visa that is valid for 3 months or a multiple-entry visa that is valid for 1 year from the Turkish embassy in the United States. Note, this process can take up to six weeks unless you expedite the service.

Expedite Turkey Visa

Multiple-entry visas to Turkey valid for 3 months can be obtained at the Turkish border gates by American citizens.

Either way, your passport will not meet the requirement of 3 months validity beyond the expiration date of the visa whether you get it from the embassy or when you arrive in Turkey. To avoid any problems, you are encouraged to renew your passport prior to your trip. Routine service takes 4-6 weeks. Expedited service takes 2-3 weeks.

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Do I need to renew my passport now?

by KP
(LA, CA)

My passport expires on 20 March 2010. I am traveling out of the country on Dec 5-12, 2009. Do I need to renew it before I travel?



You do not need to renew your passport now unless...

Passports are valid until the date of expiration. You could actually take your trip in December even if your passport expired a day after you returned unless... plan to enter a country that requires a visa.

The foreign entry requirements for many countries include a passport that has at least six months validity beyond the date of entry. Therefore, the answer to your question can only be answered by answering the following questions.

What countries do you plan to visit?

Is a visa an entry requirement for U.S. citizens who want to visit?

If a visa is required, how much validity does the country require your passport have in order to get the visa?

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How far in advance do I need to renew a passport in order to travel?

by Connie
(Princeton, NJ - U.S.A.)

Question: My passport expires on May 3rd of this year, so obviously I have to renew it before I travel to England at the end of May. However, I may also be traveling to Costa Rica in April and I was just informed of a 'minimum validity' of 20 days before being able to do that. In other words, I would have to renew it before I went to Costa Rica in April.

My concern is whether or not the same holds true for England and if perhaps I may just be better of renewing right now while I am not traveling anywhere.

Thank you

Answer: England does not require a specific number of months validity. U.S. citizens seeking entry as tourists or visitors are simply required to present a valid passport.

Routine passport processing is currently taking approximately 4-6 weeks from the time you submit your application. If you apply right away, you should not have any trouble getting your travel document before your trip to Costa Rica.

The requirements for a passport renewal by mail include completed form DS-82, your current passport and two recent passport photos. If your name was legally changed since your most recent passport was issued, you also need to include the document that proves the change.

All the above should be sent to the address on the form with the fee of $110. You are encouraged to use protective packaging such as a Tyvek envelope and a traceable means of delivery.

If you were a minor when your current passport was issued, then you cannot apply by mail. Rather, you must appear in person at an acceptance facility to apply for a new passport. There are numerous passport offices in New Jersey, including one in Princeton.

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