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India Visa Guide

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All United States citizens wanting to enter India need a valid Indian visa affixed in a valid U.S. passport. The Indian Embassy has outsourced the processing of visa applications.

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Each visa is limited to the purpose for which it is issued. The most frequently requested Indian visas are the tourist visa and the business visa. Other types are available as well including those for transit, missionary work, journalism, conference attendance, medical treatment, and study.

It is important to apply for the correct type of visa prior to arriving in India. Changing your immigration category can be challenging if not impossible once you enter India.

The specific requirements for each of these visas can change frequently. To avoid wasted time and delays, it is recommended to enlist the help of a registered visa expediting service to ensure speedy and accurate application processing.

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India Visa Requirements

India visa requirements include, but are not limited to:
  • A U.S. passport with 2 blank visa pages and a minimum of 6 months validity remaining beyond the application date
  • 1 recent, color, passport-size (about 2x2 inch) photo on glossy photo paper that shows a full frontal view of the applicants face against a white background
  • proof of travel to India (a computer-generated itinerary is acceptable)
  • proof of residency (legible color copy of driver's license of state issued ID or copy of major utility bill if you have moved recently)
  • completed India travel visa application form
  • India visa fee payment

NOTE: India tourist or business visas are valid from the date they are issued.

India Tourist Visa

Indian Tourist Visas are for U.S. citizens planning to visit India solely as tourists. They are valid for a maximum stay of 60 days. In many instances, an electronic travel authorization can be obtained instead, but they must be secured before arrival in India.

Tourist travel to India can be suspended at any time and for any reason (as it has been several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic), so it is critical to be sure consult the Indian government's e-visa homepage for the latest requirements and availability.

India Business Visa

Acquiring an Indian Business Visa is similar to applying for a tourist visa, but with a few additional requirements:

  • You must submit a business cover letter from a U.S. company indicating purpose of travel to India, duration of stay, and a commitment to abide by moral and financial responsibilities while in the country.
  • You must submit a letter from the sponsoring organization in India on company letterhead indicating the nature of your business, probable duration of stay, state the validity of visa applied for (1-year, 5-year or 10-year), places and organizations to be visited, and also a guarantee to meet any financial expenses during your stay
  • In some cases, a personal appearance at the Indian Consulate may be required

Multiple-entry Indian business visas are available and typically are issued with a default duration of 5 years.

Much like tourist visas, India business visas can be suspended at any time and for any reason, so it is critical to be sure consult the Indian government's e-visa homepage for the latest requirements and availability.

Be sure to check out our India Business Visa FAQ for answers to the most common Indian business visa questions we have received from our readers.

India Visa Application Form

The India visa application form can be completed online and then printed. Since the Indian Embassy outsources the handling of visa applications, you must apply through an authorized visa courier service.

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Please note, the name used on the application must match the name on your passport exactly. Similarly, the address you put on the form must match the address on your driver's license. Applications for minors must be signed by both parents. Copies of parent's passports must be sent as part of a minor's application.

NOTE: The birth certificate or school diploma requirement for India visa applications is no longer in effect.

Indian Consulate Jurisdiction

India ENFORCES jurisdiction. That means you must fill in the application form for the appropriate jurisdiction, and the time frame that the visa application will be processed will depend on the jurisdiction that you live in.
  • New York Jurisdiction: - Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.
  • Chicago Jurisdiction: - Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin
  • Houston Jurisdiction: - Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Nebraska
  • San Francisco Jurisdiction: - Alaska, Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming
  • Washington DC Jurisdiction: - Bermuda, Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia
  • Atlanta Jurisdiction: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virgin Islands

India Travel Visa Form

India Visa Services

The Indian Embassy does not receive visa applications directly. This service is outsourced to professional travel document expediters. U.S. Passport Service Guide has a directory of more than 40 expediting services. From our many years of experience, there is one company that stands out. Travel Visa Pro has provided fast and efficient visa expediting for more than 10 years. When you are in a hurry, you can count on TVP.

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