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India Business Visa FAQ

India's strong economic growth over the past few years have contributed to an increase in business travel to the country. While the growth rate has diminished in the last couple of years compared to the end of the last decade, it is holding strong and offers much promise for anyone wanting to expand their business. In order to conduct business in India, a business visa is required. Answers to frequently asked questions about getting a business visa to India are provided below.

Does a passport need to be valid for 6 months in order to get a business visa?

Yes. Not only does your passport have to have at least 6 months validity but it also needs to have at least two blank visa pages.

Are there any additional documents required for a business visa?

Yes. Besides the supporting documents required to get a tourist visa, applicants need to sumbit a Business Cover Letter and an Invitation Letter. Business Cover Letter should be addressed to the Embassy of the Republic of India and contain information about the traveler's relation to the company as well as travel dates, destinations and purpose.

Click here for an example of an Business Cover Letter

The Invitation Letter must be provided by the company in India that is inviting the person to visit and conduct business. The letter should include the applicants full name, title and company name. Travel dates, destinations and purpose must be stated. The type of visa requested must also be included in the letter.

Click here for an example of an Business Letter of Invitation

How many times can a person with multiple entry visas go to India?

There is no limit on how many times you would like to travel to India as long as you have the multiple entry visas. However, when you possess the tourist visa, you should observe a gap of at least 2 months from the date you last left India.

Is it possible that a person can hold two active Indian visas at the same time?

According to the Indian government, this circumstance is not allowed. A person must only posses one active Indian visa at a certain instance. One of the visas should be cancelled upon approval.

What will be done if a person has a valid business visa in an expired passport?

Basically, the Indian government requires you transfer the visa from the old passport with a new one. Proper crossmatching of information on both passports must be done. And several requirements are needed for its activation.

Can a person travel to India for tourism with a visa that is not intended for the said trip?

It is greatly recommended for a person to utilize one's visa according to its purpose. Each type of visa is made with its intended reason and it should be used properly. If ever a person pursues traveling with an inappropriate visa, immigration officers based in the airport will deny his/ her entry to the country for his visa and purpose of travel do not match.

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