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Can I continue to use my passport in my maiden name?

by K

Question: I got married last year in the US and legally changed my name. My husband and I are currently living in Guatemala and my residency visa is in my current passport with my maiden name.

I also have visas to travel to other countries, and they are also in my maiden name. Can I hold on to my maiden name passport until it expires, or must I change it now? How will that affect my visas? I know that once I change my name in the passport, they return the old one, but that it is then voided, so I am not sure how I can enter other countries. Thank you!

Answer: Best practice and the one that has least potential for problems is to travel with a passport that has your current legal name in it.

Once your new passport is issued in your current name, the old passport will be invalidated and returned to you. There are a few countries that allow you to enter with your valid passport and the visa in the invalidated passport. Most others require you apply for either a transfer of the visa the new passport or a completely new visa. You need to check with the embassy or consulate general of each nation for which you have valid visas.

Guatemala likely has regulations requiring the update of your residence visa due to name change. Contact the immigration agency that oversees the issuance of residency visas there.

You can apply for a passport name change at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City.

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Changed Last name, Maiden now Middle
by: Anonymous

Question: I got married a few years ago changing my maiden name to a second middle name taking my husband's last name. On my driver's license it has 4 names and my passport has my 3 maiden names. Will I be able to travel without updating the last name on my passport?

Answer: You may travel with your current passport without issue as long as you book tickets in the name that appears in it.

by: Anonymous

Question: I got a new passport with my maiden name prior to our honeymoon trip. Now my driver's license is updated to my married name - but my social security card is still my maiden name. Can I go on a Caribbean cruise and still use my passport with my maiden name?

Answer: Yes, you can. Just make sure to make reservations in the name that appears in your passport to avoid issues.

Maiden name
by: Anonymous

Question: I’m legally married but never changed my last name, all legal documents are under my maiden name. Can I apply for a passport with my maiden name?

Answer: Yes, you can. The passport will be issued in the name you enter in the application as long as it is supported by your proof of identity and/or evidence of U.S. citizenship.

Applying for a passport under maiden name
by: Anonymous

Question: I’ve been legally married for a few years now, I have all my legal documents under my married name (I never changed it). Can I apply for my passport under my maiden name? I’ve never used my husbands last name.

Answer: If you mean you have all your legal documents under your maiden name, you may apply for your passport in that name. As long as the name you placed in your application is supported by your proof of identity (driver's license), there shouldn't be any problems.

name change
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently changed my passport back to my maiden name but am still married. My visa has my married and maiden name will this pose a problem with immigration?

Answer: The answer depends on the immigration rules of the country you are traveling to. Please contact the embassy of your destination country for information.

Name difference
by: Anonymous

Question: I am not exactly sure if I can use my passport to travel? It still has my maiden name, but my name has legally been changed to my married name. Not sure if I buy a ticket under my married name or my maiden name as my passport?

Answer: If your current passport is still valid and meets the entry requirements of your destination, you may continue to use it. Just make sure you book tickets in your maiden name to ensure you have no issues with TSA.

Do I have to change my name?
by: Anonymous

Question: I need to renew my passport. I got married (am getting divorced and changing name back). I legally changed my name but did not change it on my passport. I want to renew it with my maiden name on it as it is now. My question is can I just keep the same name on my passport if I never applied for a name change on it before and will be reverting back to my maiden name soon? Or do I have to wait for my divorce and legally change my name back and provide proof of said name change?

Answer: You can renew your passport now. There will be no need to wait for your divorce to be finalized since the name on your passport hasn't been changed to your married name.

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