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Can I have two middle names on my passport?

Question: I have a couple of very complicated questions/situations. First off, I legally changed my FULL birth name many years ago. I obtained a passport in my then legally changed name. I moved at one point and lost the passport. Actually, I believe it was stolen. However I never contacted passport services and just forgot about it.

Now, it gets even more complicated. I recently went back to my birth name,(not just maiden name but full birth name) but ADDED my legally changed first name as a middle name (since that is what I have been known by for years), therefore giving me two middle names.

I want my passport to reflect my FULL legal name with both middle names. The problem is DMV wont put full name on driver's license or even first name and two middle initials. They said if they add another name it will be part of the last name as their system doesn't allow for two initials or spaces for extra names which I find ridiculous because a lot of people especially from different countries, ie; Mexico, Spain, have very long names. My social security card will have full legal name, and I have court documents.

So my question is, what documents do I need since my original passport was in a different name then what was on my birth certificate and now I went back to birth name with an added name but my license won't show name correctly without it being part of last name.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it wont even be in correct order on the license. Bottom line is I just want my passport to show the complete full legal name and in the proper order as it shows on my court documents and social security card.

Answer: You must apply for a passport in your current legal name. This requires you submit documentation to prove that the name you are requesting is, in fact, your legal name.

Documents that are accepted include a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption decree or court order. If you do not have one of these, you can submit public records that prove exclusive use of the name for a period of at least 5 years.

Adding the legally changed name to your birth name does not make it legal. If you want to obtain a passport in that name, you must apply for a court ordered name change. Once you have this document, you can request the full name in your passport. Contact the county court office about applying for a name change.

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Drop middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: Can you drop your legal middle name in your new passport application without having to legally change your name?

Answer: You can leave off the middle name at time of renewal even if it was in the prior passport. We always recommend you include a letter just to make the State Dept aware of the change even though the application is sufficient. Name change document not required.

Adding middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: What do I need to add my middle name to my passport? I didn't add my middle name before and, due to circumstances, I decided to add it.

Answer: If your passport was issued within the last 12 months, mail it with a completed Form DS-5504, a copy of your ID and your birth certificate to the address on the form. If your passport was issued more than 12 months ago, you must apply for a passport renewal and pay the appropriate fees.

2 middle names
by: ioulia

Question: I have a question along the same lines. I am going to be legally changing my first name to what they call me in Greece. I will then make my current first name as a middle name. I am also THINKING about adding my mother's maiden name as a "secondary" middle name. (like a lot of Latinas have). This is not a hyphenated last name or even a non-hyphenated last name. If I do this, then my name will be as follows:
MyFirstName My1stMiddleName My2ndMiddleName MyLastName.

Is this going to create a problem? I need to know before I actually put in the name change. I've already checked with the PA DOT In regards to how it will appear on my drivers license. It took weeks to find out, but they allow the driver to decide how we want it on our DL when there is a long name. So I can put:

MyFirstName My1stMiddleINITIAL My2stMiddleINITIAL MyLastName.

OR I can choose for my DL to say:

MyFirstName My1stMiddleNAME My2stMiddleINITIAL MyLastName.

I know they can't put it all on there as it won't fit, so when I submit my request to change my DL (along with legal documentation that it was changed), I have to put a note on there saying how I want it to read on my DL.

That being said - how does it work for the passport? If my legal documentation shows all 4 names (not my DL, but let's say my court order), will the passport have all 4 names?

Again, I haven't made the change yet - I'm trying to decide if I want a 2nd middle name period. If it's not going to show on anything, then perhaps it's not even worth it and I'll just stick to the first name change.

Hope this isn't too confusing!

Answer: As with a driver's license, the passport has a limit of characters that can be entered for a name. You can include all four names if they fit. If not, the Acceptance Agent will work with you to decide what the best form is to use in your passport.

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