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2 middle names on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: Do I need to identify the second middle name in "other names"? I have never used it but it is on my birth certificate.

Answer: Yes, please list said name in the other names used section.

middle name
by: hello

Question: Can I use three middle names on my passport?

Answer: As long as you have sufficient identification to support the said names, then yes, you may have three middle names on your passport. Ultimately, the name to be printed on your passport will be decided by the processing agent.

Middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport only shows my middle initial. It was recently issued on 7/2020. I want my middle name initial spelled out, which passport form to use?

Answer: Since this is not a name change per se, you cannot use Form DS-5504. I would suggest that you contact passport services at 1-877-487-2778 for direction.

Including a 2nd middle name from my birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: On my birth certificate I have two middle names. However on my current (but expired) passport only one of these two names is listed. Can I add in the second middle name because it's already on my birth certificate? Will I need to provide proof of name change even though Technically no aspects of my name or changing?

Answer: The most uncomplicated way to add your middle name is to submit a new passport application.

Legal Hyphenated Middle Initials...
by: Mr. Helms

Question: Hello,

Our son just turned 18 and my wife and I are helping him obtain his state ID/DL, Social Security Card and US Passport.

When filling out all the required US Gov and State documents, what is considered the legal middle initial if the middle name is hyphenated?

For example;
Kevin Robert-Johnathon Helms
(exactly on his birth certificate)

Would it be?

1. Kevin R Helms
2. Kevin R-J Helms
3. Kevin RJ Helms
4. Kevin R.J. Helms
5. Kevin R.J Helms

The middle name Robert-Johnathon has no spaces between the t and J.

Thank You for your time at clarifying this on going nightmare we never realized until now.

Answer: Yours is indeed a unique situation. The hyphenated initials matching the hyphenated middle names should make sense but we're not name experts. I recommend calling the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 to clarify.

Hyphenated last names
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I hyphenate my last names on passport? Example Tom John-Doe.

Answer: As long as you can provide sufficient identification documents to support the hyphenated name, there should be no issue putting it on your passport.

Help with middle names
by: Anonymous

Question: My child has two middle names, one is 7 letters the other is 9 letter. Can they both be included in the passport alongside the surname and first name?

Answer: The application has only spaces for 21 characters for the last name, 17 for the first name, and 16 for the middle name. The application, which generates a file you must print, accepts 35 characters for each of first name, middle name and last name.

The surname should not be truncated on the passport, but the middle or first names might be if they are too long. The names may also be truncated in the machine-readable data lines at the bottom of the information page. This doesn't affect passport validity.

Dropping Middle Name
by: Anonymous

Question: I am renewing my passport with a last name change due to marriage. However, my current passport does include my middle name. When renewing can I just put my first and new last name on the passport application? Will they deny it?

Answer: You can enter your first name and new last name. The application should go through since you have proof of legal name change. Please submit the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Are middle names necessary on passport application?
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently got married and changed my name, where I acquired a middle name. For my passport application, is it fine to just write my first and last name as written on my marriage certificate even if it also shows a middle name on the marriage certificate? Or am I required to include my middle name? If I should include my middle name, then is it fine if I just write my middle initials or is that invalid? Thanks!

Answer: You may choose whichever name variation you want --with middle, no middle or just the initial. As long as it is supported by your name change document, it should be okay.

Leaving out middle names on passport application
by: Anonymous

Question: Bought international airline tickets for my two toddlers and did not include their middle names in booking. Actual passport appointment for them is not until later this month. Wondering if it’s possible and legal to just leave out middle names on passport applications so their passports show same names as purchased tickets?

Answer: Yes, it is legal.

Adding middle name to passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I add a middle name to my child’s passport application though her birth certificate does not carry a middle name?

Answer: You need to legally change the child's name in order to add the middle name on her passport.

Middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: I booked an international flight. On my ticket I put just my first and last name, not really thinking I needed to put my middle name since I never use it. On my passport it has my first, middle and last name. Will I have any trouble because my ticket does not have my middle name?

Answer: Some leniency may be provided since it only involves your middle name. Please contact the airline you are flying with to verify.

Two middle names
by: Anonymous

Question: I have two middle names. Both are presented on my birth certificate. Do i put both middle names in the white bar with a space between said middle names on the paper application?

Answer: You can include both middle names on the application form if they fit in the spaces provide and you want both on your passport. You can include both, one or neither.

middle names
by: Anonymous

Question: I am now married and I wanted to apply for my passport but I wanted to have it read on my passport first name, middle name, maiden last name as middle ,and last married name. Is it possible to put that in passport?
Or could I put first maiden last name and last married name? What supporting documentation I need? What if it doesnt ask in my marriage license how would it read as married...or does it just have to match my social security and dl.

Answer: Both options you mentioned are acceptable. Submit a completed application form, passport, passport photo and the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Submit Form DS-5504 if your passport was issued less than 12 months ago. Submit Form DS-82 if your passport was issued more than 12 months ago. There is no fee if you submit the former but a fee of $110 if you submit the latter.

by: Anonymous

Question: My daughter has 2 long middle names and her given name is a bit long as well First name -7 letters Middle Name - 11 2nd Middle name-7. THat is what is on her Birth Certificate which will be her form of identification for her passport. Will both middle names fit? Will there be difficulties because she has 2 middle names? What is the max amount of characters to be put on the GIVEN NAME MIDDLE NAME section of the passport book?

Answer: The Travel Document Issuance System (TDIS) and American Citizens Services (ACS) system only allow for a certain set number of characters on the line for given and middle names as well as the line for the surname. The Acceptance Agency where you apply will have to determine, with your input, what abbreviated version of the legal name is acceptable to you for inclusion in the passport data page.

Need more info on 2 middle names/initials
by: Anonymous

Question: I have the same situation as this person. The marriage certificate in the state I married simply asks the name of the groom and the name of the bride. It does not ask what name the bride or groom will use after the marriage. It simply states "John Joseph Doe" as the groom and "Jane Marie Smith" as the bride.

Because I was older when I married I found it necessary to keep my maiden name in the equation due to my lengthy history using that name. My drivers license says Jane Smith Doe. But my passport came back with Jane Marie Doe.

I had stated that I was known as Jane Marie Doe and aka Jane Smith Doe thinking it would have both names.

Will it be a problem that my drivers license and passport have the same first & last names but the middle name differs because one is my given middle name and the other is my maiden name?

Thank you.

Answer: What is important is that your passport be in your current legal name as evidenced by a legal document (marriage certificate or court order) or public records that show exclusive use of the name for a period of at least five years. If the name in your passport is one that you have used for that period of time, then there should be no problem.

Concerning your driver's license, it is not necessary to present it at border crossings. When traveling internationally, you do need to make sure that the names in your passport an on your airline ticket are exactly the same. Differences on these can cause problems.

Best regards,


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