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Can I put 2 passport renewals in the same envelope?

by Tina
(Albuquerque, NM)

Question: I would like to put my husband's and my own passport in the same envelope. Do they need to be mailed separately?

Answer: No, you do not have to mail the two passport renewal applications separately. However, we do recommend you place each Form DS-82, passport, passport photo and payment for fees in a separate envelope. Then, place those envelopes in a larger envelope to be mailed to the address on the form.

Note, they will not stay together once they arrive at the processing center. Your new passports will be sent separately and, more than likely, will not arrive at the same time.

Finally, the old passports will be cancelled and returned to you. They are sent separately from the new passports and may arrive at a later date.

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Sisters documents
by: Anonymous

Question: My sister and I are sending off for our first passports, can we put the applications in separate envelopes and then into a big envelope with our mum's documents in? Or will we each need a copy of her documents?

Answer: You each need a certified copy of your mother's citizenship document. You may then place each application set in separate envelopes then send them together in a larger one.

Should I staple the pages of DS-82
by: Anonymous

Question: Should I staple the 2 pages of my DS-82 form together?

Answer: We recommend using a paper clip instead.

Expedited fee
by: Anonymous

Question: My wife and I need to have our passport renewals expedited. Is that one fee of $60 dollars or do we pay a fee for both of the renewal papers?

Answer: You each need to pay $60.

Passport book and passport card
by: Anonymous

Question: I have a US passport that is about to expire next year. I'm thinking of getting a "passport card" when I renew my "passport book". My question is, is it okay to apply for a passport card even though I only have a passport book? I only opted for a passport book instead of both when I apply for the first time apply for a US passport.

Answer: It is okay. You may apply for both book and card when you renew.

by: C King

Question: For passport renewals; if nothing is changing, all we mail in is the DS-82 w/ new pic (stapled), old passport and payment. Correct?

Answer: Yes, you are correct.

Passport renewal
by: GerriAnonymous

Question: No name correction. Do I only mail application, old passport and check? No legal documents needed?

Answer: You will also need to submit a passport photo taken in the last 6 months.

Do you mail the check with app.
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm renewing my passport so I want to know if I need to include the check in the mailing envelope too or should I put the check in a different envelope and mail it together?

Answer: There is no need to place the check in a separate envelope. Please write the applicant's name and date of birth at the back of the check and mail it with the rest of the renewal requirements.

Do I need to add info to the application envelope?
by: Anonymous

Question: I have my renewal form, check, and old passport in the same envelope. I understand that this separate envelope will be placed inside the actual mailing envelope. My question is - do I need to write anything on the outside of my internal envelope (i.e. for Passport Renewal, or name info)?

Answer: There is no need.

Enclosed passport renewal check
by: Elis

Question: I didn’t type my name and date of birth on the front of my check to pay the renew fee; instead of that, I typed my passport number on the front of check. However, it’s my check, thus, my name is automatic printed my name in left Conner of check. Is it ok for that? Or What I should do to fix my problem on my payment for passport renewal? Thank you.

Answer: Should there be a problem, you will be contacted by passport services. You may check the progress of your application here: http://uspsg.net/status/

3 passports renewal in one envelope
by: Anonymous

Question: I placed 3 passport renewal applications in one envelope. It seems like 1 renewal was processed due to 1 check was cleared. Will they still process the remaining 2?

Answer: The other two should be processed. Please call customer service at 1-877-487-2778 to followup.

Prepaid postage
by: Anonymous

Question: I went to the passport office to renew our passports. My husband and I were given a large envelope with printed out postage label and told to mail in the forms. We completed the forms and dropped them off into an official U.S. postal mailbox. I forgot to check to see if the envelop had prepaid postage or was exempt. Is the envelope they give you prepaid postage, exempt? What will happen to the envelope?

Answer: Prepaid postage is not required for the new passports to be returned to you, if that's what you are concerned about.

Fee confusion
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm confused about renewal and expedite fees. Can I write one check or do the fees have to be paid with separate checks?

Answer: You may write one check to cover both application and expedite fees.

Money order together or separately
by: Anonymous

Question: I am getting a passport for me and my son. I need to pay through money order. Do I pay both fees in one money order or two separate ones?

Answer: Please make separate money orders for each application.

by: Anonymous

Question: Hello, I am looking to send out passports for my fiance and myself. My fiance has checks, I don't. We can write out two checks but is it okay for his name to be on both checks? Can I add my name in memo section?

Answer: Your fiance may write the check for your passport fees. Just make sure to write your name and birth date on the back of the check to indicate that it is for your application.

by: Anonymous

Question: How many photos are needed to renew? Most places give you 2 2x2 photos.

Answer: Only one photo is required.

Passport and passcard fees
by: Anonymous

Question: I went to the post office to send in a renewal for one passport for one person and a renewal passport card for another person but the post office person only charge me $110 for the passport and $30 for a passcard for the other person. Is that correct fees paid? I thought it is $60 for the passport card if the person is not renewing and getting a passport. I just want to make sure I pay correctly since the two people are flying in 1.5 months and need to make sure they get their passport and passport card by then. I double check with the post office but he said that is the correct fees. Please advise.

Answer: Renewal fees are as follow:

Passport book: $110
Passport card: $30

Mailed together and one check
by: Anonymous

Question: My husband and I mailed a renewal in one envelope and with one check. The check is cashed and I can see that mine is in process one week after mailing it but his is not on 'This site has received/processed'. We are going away in nine weeks. Should I be worried? Who can I contact?

Answer: It takes several days for an application to appear in the tracking page. If you wish to speak to someone, you may call customer service at 1-877-487-2778.

Accidentally Stapeled passport form
by: Anonymous

Question: I accidentally stapled my passport countersignature form for my passport renewal to the rest of the papers you have to print off with it.

I ripped the paper away from the staple so there is a slight hole at the top left of the page. It doesn’t interfere with the barcode but the hole interferes with the angled lines that are on all the corners of the paper.

Will this delay or reject my application? Do I have to go and print again? As I don’t have a printer at home so I have to go to the Internet cafe and pay again.

Answer: It should not cause a major issue. If it does, you will be contacted by passport services with instructions on how to resolve it.

Do I need to send two copies of our marriage certificate?
by: Anonymous

Question: My husband and I both changed our names when we got married. When we apply to renew our passports (both expire within the next few years) do we need to send two copies of our marriage certificate or will one suffice?

Answer: You need to send two (original or certified), one for each application.

Passport renewal pages
by: Anonymous

Question: I accidentally separated the pages of my passport renewal form that I got at the post office. Is that OK and should I staple the pages together before mailing.

Answer: Please staple them together.

Two name changes mailed together
by: Anonymous

Question: My spouse and I both changed our middle name when we married. Given that "Note they will not stay together once they arrive at the processing center.", do we need two separate copies of the marriage certificate when we submit our applications for renewal?

Answer: Yes, you each need certified copies of your name change document to submit with your application.

3 passports
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I mail 3 passports together (mine and 2 sisters) in one envelope? I see the comments only mention being able to mail 2 applications together but none mentioned more than 2. Thanks.

Answer: Yes, you can.

Two US passports
by: Anonymous

Question: I have two US passports: a 10-year passport that's run out of endorsed pages and a 2-year passport that I applied for when traveling to Israel that has now expired. I'd like to apply for a new US passport. Can I fill out just one DS-82 but submit both of my passports?

Answer: If you want to get both a new 10-year passport and another second passport, you must submit two application forms and pay two fees. Both applications can be mailed in the same envelope.

Folded DS-82
by: Anonymous

Question: If I folded my DS-82, will that delay or reject my passport application?

Answer: It will not.

Senior Citizens
by: Anonymous

Question: Is there a cut off limit to a lower priced renewal for senior citizens?

Answer: The same fees apply to adults and senior citizens.

Passport book by mail for a 15-year-old
by: Grace

Question: My daughter has her passport card and I want to get her the passport book. She got the card when she was 15 and I read that we cant do it by mail if she is 15 or less. Her birthday is 3/16/97. We got the passport card on 9/19/12. Can we do it by mail or we can't?

Answer: Passports (book or card) issued to minors or when one was still a minor cannot be renewed by mail. Your daughter needs to apply for a new passport in person at a nearby acceptance facility.

Since she is already an adult, she does not have to apply with both parents anymore.

Mailing two passports
by: Anonymous

Question: I went to the Post Office to mail my daughter's and my passport renewal. My daughter is married and not living with me. We sent two separate checks . I was told by the Postal Clerk that I couldn't mail them together unless it was husband and wife renewals. Is this correct? If not, I'll let them know so that others don't get double charged.

Answer: You may mail two applications together. Just make sure you place each application in separate envelopes then place both in a larger envelope.

Application question
by: Nadia

Question: Can my husband and I use the same application to renew our visa?

Answer: It is not possible to use a passport application to renew a visa. The passport application forms are for passport services only. If you have a visa that needs to be renewed, please contact the embassy or consulate general of the country that issued your visa.

If you are referring to using one application for two people, that is not possible. Each applicant must complete and sumbit his or her own visa application.

what size envelope
by: Anonymous

Question: I am mailing my and my husbands together. When you say put each in a separate envelope, is that, folded and put each in a business sized envelope, and then both, into a large, brown one?

Answer: We are now recommending that family members place their applications and supporting documents in the same envelope. However, you should include a separate payment for each application form.

When mailing your passport application, please use an envelope large enough to fit the application without folding and a trackable delivery method.

UPS passport renewal
by: Anonymous

Question: The UPS person told me to put the two renewals for passport in the same envelope. I did not know to envelope them individually and then use one big one to send. Is this going to be messed up now?

Answer: Placing each renewal application in a separate envelope is a recommendation and not a rule. Note, however, that UPS does not deliver to PO boxes. This may delay delivery of your application form.

both in one
by: AnonymousGo Lions

Question: The lady at the post office put both, renewal apps and old passports in one single envelope. Payment for both is on one single money order in the same envelope.

Should I contact the agency directly?

Answer: If there is a problem, you will be contacted. The reason we recommend separate payments in separate envelopes is due to the fact that, if one application is delayed or denied, the other can still be processed.

post office
by: Go Lions

Question: The lady at the post office put both applications in one envelope and only put one money order with both payments on it in there. Did they mess it up?

Answer: Two applications that have been reviewed by an Acceptance Agent can be placed in one envelope. Multiple passport applications that are sent by mail for renewal should be placed in separate envelopes with their respective payments.

by: Anonymous

Question: I mailed my passport renewal application 6 weeks ago and have not received it back yet. Where can I call to follow-up the status of renewal?

Answer: Call 1-877-487-2778 between the hours of 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except Federal holidays).

2 passbook renewals
by: Go Vikings

Question: 2 passport renewals can be made in the same envelope. One check for payment of both or 2 separate checks?

Answer: We recommend you place each application, supporting documents and payment in a separate envelope. Then, you can place the two envelopes in a larger envelope to mail to the processing center.

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