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My passport was denied for child support but I pay for arrears.

by Jermaine
(Detroit, Michigan, U.S.)

Question: I have left a message on your passport line a week ago and no one has returned my call yet. I was told my call would be returned in days but it has now been a week. I am due to go out of town soon and it is past the point when I can get my money back.

I pay child support and included in my child support payments is also arrears payments. So I do not understand why I was denied. Need to know how I can get this handled quickly. Already called 877-487-2778 and I was told to call another number and leave a message. HELP!!!!

Answer: The number you listed above is the only number available for the National Passport Information Center. Try calling again and leaving another message.

When someone owes child support in the amount of $2500 or more, they are put on a list that makes them ineligible to obtain a passport. Once adequate arrangements are made for payment of the child support, they are taken off the list. However, it can take several weeks after arrangements are made before the persons name is removed.

You should contact the State Child Support Enforcement Agency in the state where you owe child support and make sure that they contacted the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to inform them that acceptable arrangements for payment had been made.

HHS takes your name off the list of those who are in arrears of child support. They send notice to the Department of State Passport Services which enables you to apply for a passport.

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Can I get off the passport denial list if my son's mother doesn't want back pay anymore?
by: Anonymous

Question: If the mother of my child calls the attorney general office of child support and she wants to cease the back pay of what I owe. Saying she does not want the back pay anymore and is content with the weekly child support that is taken out of my check. Is this possible that she could do that so I would not owe any back pay anymore so I can get off the list for owed child support so I can travel for work related purposes? Than would I be able to get my passport that's is being held by the state. I applied for a new passport and was not aware of the law stating that I could not travel since I owe more than 2500. My current back pay is 3400.

Answer: Passport Services does not determine who is placed on the passport denial list or removed from it. Everyone who owes $2500 or more in child support arrears is placed on the list. To discover if there are alternative methods of being removed from the list other than paying the full amount, you need to discuss the issue with an attorney and/or the state agency to which you owe child support. Once your name is removed from the list, the fact will be communicated to Passport Services and you can obtain a passport.

How do I verify existing Passport is valid?
by: Anonymous

Question: FL CSE says they requested that the Dep of State remove my name from the PDP list as my child support arrears are paid. How do I verify this has happened. I do not doubt them but want to verify my passport is valid before arriving at an airport gate. I have a passport in my hand, I'm not waiting for an application. I just want to be sure I'm off the list.

Answer: Unless you received a letter informing you that your passport had been revoked and it has not reached the date of expiration, it remains valid. Individuals who are placed on the passport denial list are unable to obtain a new passport. Placement on the list does not automatically revoke a valid passport.

Cannot get a passport for work related issues due to back child support in Oregon
by: Anonymous

Question: I owe 8300 dollars in back child support in which the arrears is being knocked down each month and I cannot get a passport for work or even look for jobs that require international travel. The child support case is in Oregon and I understand that if I pay off the arrears or paying it off I can obtain one. Why can't I get one?

Answer: Once the arrears reach $2500, you must pay the amount in full in order to be removed from the passport denial list. Please contact the Division of Child Support, Oregon Department of Justice to find out if there are any exceptions or an appeal process.

Documents back?
by: Anonymous

Question: I finished paying child support? When i originally applied for a passport it was denied due to child support and they kept my documents. I tried to request them but they denided it. I want to apply for a passport now that i am able, how can i request my original documents?

Answer: Please call 1-877-487-2778 to speak with a customer service representative.

Passport and arrears
by: Anonymous

Question: I have applied for a passport but was denied due to arrears. I live in MD and the payments go to GA. I have a court order that pays the support and an amount of the arrears every month from my check. What is Georgia's policy/law referencing arrears and renewing passports.

Answer: Please contact Georgia's Department of Child Support Services for this information.

passport renewal
by: Anonymous

Question: Which states require zero arrears balance before passport renewal? I do not see this specific question in this forum.

Answer: Please contact the Office of Child Support Enforcement for this information.

Employment denial of Passport
by: Anonymous

Question: If my employer gave me a written document stating that I need to obtain a passport due to my employment requirement to travel but due to my arrears and the amount that is owed I cannot receive one, can I take this up in a court of law in the State of California?

Answer: Federal policy delegates authority to states to determine their own policies related to satisfactory payment arrangements for passport release.

Some states allow obligors to contest a passport denial in cases of work-related travel requirements. California's emergency release policy does not include this option. However, we recommend you call to discuss this with a representative of the child support office.

To reach your local child support office, call the statewide toll free number at 1‑866‑901‑3212 for assistance.

passport and child arrears
by: Anonymous

Question: I have paid off my arrears since last year June. I was informed by the child support division that I can now apply for a passport. Why is my name still on the list?

Answer: Please call 1-877-487-2778 to speak with a customer service representative.

passport n paying on back money owed
by: Anonymous

Question: I owe back child support in Indiana. I owe back support only it's not ongoing. I'm making regular weekly payments. I have never had a passport but want to get one. Is it possible for me to get a passport? If so, how? Also, does a person's name automatically appear on the HHS list for passport denial or does the court have to place it there?

Answer: Once the total of your child support arrears reaches $2500 or more, the state child support agency places your name on the passport denial list. This list is sent to HHS who then sends it to the U.S. Department of State. In order to have your name removed from the list, you must pay the outstanding amount in full. Please contact the child support agency for more information.

Child Support Arrears
by: Anonymous

Question: In Illinois, if a passport is denied for arrears above $2500, can someone gat a passport once that amount falls below $2500 or does the arrears have to be paid in full?

Answer: The arrears must be paid in full before a passport will be issued.

Arrears less than 2500
by: Anonymous

Question: We are currently dealing with a passport denial due to arrears which in fact are being currently paid. The balance is less than 2500...actually the arrears is less than 500, so I don't understand the denial. The county prosecutor of the CS division is perplexed as well. We travel in less than 3 weeks. Any suggestions?

Answer: If the arrears surpassed $2500 at any time, you would have been placed on the passport denial list. After that happens, the only way to be removed is to pay the total amount of arrears.

The line of communication is the following. You contact the state agency to which you owe arrears. The state agency contact the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. HHS contacts Passport Services.

In order for Passport Services to process your application and issue you a passport, notice must be received by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services informing that the arrears have been paid.

We recommend you contact the state agency and request that someone contact HHS concerning this matter.

by: Brian

Question: So my question is if I owe more than $2500 in arrears, and I am paying more than my monthly child support obligation so that I can pay off the arrearages. I will not be able to obtain a passport until I reach a limit lower than $2500 or I can talk to the court where my case is at and they can send a notification to the passport office saying that payment arrangements are made and I can get my passsport? I am confused.

Answer: If you owe $2,500 or more in child support, you are not eligible to receive a U.S. passport. Some states require you pay the full amount before a passport will be issued. Contact the state agency to which you owe child support for more information.

reapplying once arrears is paid in full
by: Anonymous

Once you have been denied due to arreage, and the arrears has been paid off and the HHS has been notified, when reapplying for a passport how do you reapply? is it consider a new application?

Response The Passport Agency will hold your application for 90 days. If OCSE has released your case before the end of the 90-day hold period, the Passport Agency will mail the passport to you within two to five working days. If the release process exceeds 90 days, a new passport application must be submitted.

child suppt full pyment
by: Anonymous

My passport was denied due to the arrears owed, what should I do when I pay it in full?

Response Once the debt has been satisfied, the State(s) will request that OCSE remove your name from the passport denial program. This can take a few weeks. After the denial of passport has been withdrawn, contact the National Passport Information Center (NPIC) at 1-877-487-2778 or make an appointment at a regional passport agency.

Denial of Passport
by: Anonymous

Some states have a $0 arrears policy meaning they won't clear you until you have a $0 balance.

Response: Once a obligor reaches $2500 in arrears, s/he is entered into the Passport Denial Program. To be released from the program in order to obtain a passport, the obligor must pay the arrears in full.

hope for the best!!
by: Anonymous

please note that in accordance with section 7303 of public law 109-171, the deficit reduction act of 2005, the theshold for denial fo passport services was reduced from $5000 to $2500 on october 1, 2006.

i got this right from my letter saying i cant get a passport either the best bet is to call your local childsupport office and talk with a supervisor about payment options. im about to call and am hoping for the best but they arent very nice even when you are making the payments.

amount for being denied
by: Anonymous

The amount is actually 5000.00 dollars. Once you reach this amount you are denied a passport.

Response: According to the Department of State and the DC Office of the Attorney General, the amount of child support arrears for which a person can be denied a passport is, in fact, $2500. See here.

backchild support
by: Anonymous

SO does this mean if you are already paying back, back child support, u have to have in pd in full before you can get a passport?

Response A passport will not be issued if you owe $2500 or more. You must contact your local child support agency to make satisfactory arrangements to pay your past-due support obligation. If more than one State reported your name to the Passport Denial program, you must reach an agreement with all States involved in order for the passport to be released.

Once the debt has been satisfied or a satisfactory agreement has been reached, the State(s) will request that OCSE remove your name from the passport denial program. After the denial of passport has been withdrawn, contact the National Passport Information Center (NPIC) at 1-877-487-2778 or make an appointment at a regional passport agency.

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