Important: Processing times recently changed for both routine and expedited passport applications.

How to Get a New Passport

Family of four with American passports.Applying for a new passport can be accomplished in 3 steps. Complete the application form. Gather supporting documents. Visit a passport application acceptance facility or a regional agency. If you need to renew a passport, the last step is not necessary because you can apply by mail. Unless, of course, you need to get a passport expedited in less than two weeks.

The application form that is used to get a new passport is Form DS-11. This same application form is used to apply for a first-time passport and the replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged passport. Since passports issued to minors cannot be renewed by mail, they need to apply for a new passport.

As you can see, obtaining a new passport is not a difficult process but it does require attention to detail. Submitting unacceptable documents or an application with errors can lead to delays. Be sure to read the instructions on the passport application carefully and check everything twice.

New Passport Processing

The processing of the Form DS-11: Application for a New Passport is done at a processing center. You can personally submit your application if you have less than two weeks before your departure date at a regional agency. Otherwise, go to a passport office where an agent will check to make sure all your documents are in order, administer an oath and witness the signing of the application.

The first thing you should do when your new passport arrives is verify that all the information is correct. Mistakes happen. If you note a problem, just send it back for corrections. There is no fee unless you need to expedite the process.

Expediting a New Passport

Visit the agency nearest you to get a new passport the same day. Expediting services registered with the Department of State can do this if you are unable to visit the agency yourself. If the choice is between paying the expediter a fee or not receiving your passport in time for your trip, go with the expediting service.

Expediting a new passport is not always about speed. Some travelers prefer this service because it is convenient. They don't have to wait in long lines or take time off from work to submit the application form. It's a question of personal preference. Your time may be worth more to you than the fees charged by an expediter.

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