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Can I put 2 passport renewals in the same envelope?

by Tina
(Albuquerque, NM)

Question: I would like to put my husband's and my own passport in the same envelope. Do they need to be mailed separately?

Answer: No, you do not have to mail the two passport renewal applications separately. However, we do recommend you place each Form DS-82, passport, passport photo and payment for fees in a separate envelope. Then, place those envelopes in a larger envelope to be mailed to the address on the form.

Note, they will not stay together once they arrive at the processing center. Your new passports will be sent separately and, more than likely, will not arrive at the same time.

Finally, the old passports will be cancelled and returned to you. They are sent separately from the new passports and may arrive at a later date.

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UPS passport renewal
by: Anonymous

Question: The UPS person told me to put the two renewals for passport in the same envelope. I did not know to envelope them individually and then use one big one to send. Is this going to be messed up now?

Answer: Placing each renewal application in a separate envelope is a recommendation and not a rule. Note, however, that UPS does not deliver to PO boxes. This may delay delivery of your application form.

both in one
by: AnonymousGo Lions

Question: The lady at the post office put both, renewal apps and old passports in one single envelope. Payment for both is on one single money order in the same envelope.

Should I contact the agency directly?

Answer: If there is a problem, you will be contacted. The reason we recommend separate payments in separate envelopes is due to the fact that, if one application is delayed or denied, the other can still be processed.

post office
by: Go Lions

Question: The lady at the post office put both applications in one envelope and only put one money order with both payments on it in there. Did they mess it up?

Answer: Two applications that have been reviewed by an Acceptance Agent can be placed in one envelope. Multiple passport applications that are sent by mail for renewal should be placed in separate envelopes with their respective payments.

by: Anonymous

Question: I mailed my passport renewal application 6 weeks ago and have not received it back yet. Where can I call to follow-up the status of renewal?

Answer: Call 1-877-487-2778 between the hours of 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except Federal holidays).

2 passbook renewals
by: Go Vikings

Question: 2 passport renewals can be made in the same envelope. One check for payment of both or 2 separate checks?

Answer: We recommend you place each application, supporting documents and payment in a separate envelope. Then, you can place the two envelopes in a larger envelope to mail to the processing center.

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