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What needs to be done with a passport when someone dies?

Question: When someone dies, is there anything that needs to be done with their passport?

Answer: Yes, there is something you can do with passport of a deceased person. Here are your options:

Disposition of Passport for Deceased Person/Family Member

The first option is to keep the passport in your possession. You can keep it as a memento if you choose.

Another option is to send it in to be canceled and then returned to you.

If you choose to have it canceled and returned, you need to mail the passport to the CLASP unit along with a copy of the Certificate of Death. For the canceled passport to be returned to you, include a letter stating that request.

Mail the passport, Certificate of Death, and letter requesting canceled/returned passport (if applicable) to:

Attention CLASP
1111 19th St NW, Suite 500,
Washington, DC 20036

Finally, you can send the passport to the CLASP unit so that it may be canceled and destroyed.

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Out of date passport
by: Pauline

Question: My deceased mother's passport expired in 2003, does it still need to be returned?

Answer: Hi, Pauline. There is no need to return your mother's passport.

Passport with death certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: If I mail the passport with a copy of the death certificate, how can I be sure you receive it?

Answer: You may use a traceable delivery method to ensure that CLASP receives it.

Death certificate required?
by: Peggy M.

Question: If I do not want the passport returned as a memento. Do I still need to send a copy of the death certificate when mailing the passport to you? If so, does it need to be a certified copy or will a photocopy of the certificate be sufficient?

Answer: A photocopy of the death certificate should suffice.

by: Anonymous

Question: So I can give mom's passport to someone who needs one?

Answer: No, you cannot. A passport issued to one person cannot be used by another.

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