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Traveling Minor

by Alek Guerrero
(Austin, TX, United States)

Question: If a father is taking his minor child out of the country, and the parents are still legally married, does the mother have to sign a consent form? If so, what is the title of the consent form or letter? How long does it take to get verified? What are the reasons of having to sign a consent or letter?

Answer: Yes, the mother should sign a consent form which the father should carry with him at all times while traveling abroad with minor children.

The travel consent takes only a few minutes to fill out. Then you must have it notarized. This can usually be done at a county clerk's office. It does not take long. Click the link below for an example form.

Minor Travel Consent Form

The purpose of the consent form is to prove to foreign authorities that the minor has permission to travel with you and is not the victim of international child abduction.

Comments for Traveling Minor

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Traveling with minor that is not related
by: Anonymous

Question: I am traveling to Mexico with a 15-year-old who is not related to me but is a family friend. The minor has a U.S Passport. In addition to the "minor travel consent form" signed by both parents, what else do I need to ensure we travel without issues?

Answer: The parental consent form and passport are the only requirement listed on the Department of State's website. You may contact the Embassy of Mexico to find out if you need any other documents.

Travelling to Argentina
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm traveling to Argentina with my daughter (she has a US passport) without her father. Does she need a consent form, both for traveling there as well as coming back to the US? Should it be notarized?

Answer: In order to exit Argentina, children born in the United States will require the U.S. birth certificate apostilled and translated into Spanish by a certified translator. In addition, notarized consent from the non-traveling parent must be provided. The notarized consent should have an apostille obtained from the Embassy of Argentina in the United States.

Traveling abroad with minor
by: Anonymous

Question: My son has a U.S. passport issued already and we’re planning to travel to Mexico this year. However, his father currently resides in Mexico. I’m having an issue with the consent form as I’m trying to see if my ex-husband can provide a letter of consent instead and have it notarized. Is that possible? What is required to have on the consent letter for my son to travel abroad with me? Also, can they notarize this document at the US Consulate?

Answer: U.S. citizen children do not need consent to travel to Mexico. CChildren of Mexican descent or children who have resident status in Mexico must have Formato de Salida de Menores in order to leave Mexico. There are no other forms you could use.

My minor son has a CRBA and US PP
by: JA-H

Question: My minor son has a (CRBA) consular report of US citizenship birth abroad in Vietnam and has a US passport. We have the same last name, and his CRBA says I'm his father. His mother/my wife is Vietnamese and doesn't have a US passport. Do I need her consent to exit Vietnam with my son on a plane to travel back home to America?

Answer: The answer depends on Vietnamese law. Some countries require express consent from both parents for a child who is a citizen of their country to depart. You may contact the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi or the U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City for assistance. The Vietnamese immigration office may also be able to provide answers.

Traveling with Minor and the other Parent lives abroad
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm planning to travel out of state soon and my son has a U.S. passport issued already. Do I still need a Minor Travel Consent Form from his father even though he lives abroad? We also planning to travel abroad but are not sure if the document is still required.

Answer: The answer depends on your destination's requirements. Canada, for example, requires travel consent from the non-traveling parent. But your son will not require consent if you're just traveling domestic.

Traveling with multiple minors
by: Anonymous

Question: My wife is taking my 3 kids on Spring Break out of the country. The form linked appears to be for a single child. Do I need 3 separate forms? Or can I have all 3 of my kids on one form?

Answer: I am not sure what form you are referring to. If you are referring to the consent form for a passport application, you need to complete one for each child.

Traveling internationally
by: Anonymous

Question: If my son has his father on the birth certificate, do I have to have a minor consent form to take him outside of the US alone?

Answer: The answer depends on your custody agreement. Also, some countries like Canada and Mexico require consent from the non-traveling parent as a precaution against International Parental Child Abduction. We strongly recommend contacting the embassy of the country you are traveling to to check if they have these requirements in place.

Consent form
by: Anonymous

Question: If I have the full custody of my child, do I still need a consent form to travel to another country?

Answer: The answer depends on the entry requirements of your destination. If you can show evidence of full physical and legal custody, you should be okay.

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