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Free Minor Travel Consent Form

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A minor travel consent form is a legal document, signed by a child's parents and/or legal guardians, granting permission for the child to travel with another adult. Any time a child travels abroad without both parents and/or legal guardians, U.S. Customs and Border Protection requires the child to have this written permission.

This document is particularly important in international travel situations. It can be used to establish guardianship whether the child is traveling abroad with only one parent or with another trusted adult, such as a family member, friend, or educator.

In today's world, where concerns about child safety are paramount-especially when it comes to child abduction, custody disputes, and human trafficking-a minor travel consent form serves as a protective measure. It provides clear, legally binding, written permission that can be verified by immigration officials, airline staff, or travel companies, to make sure that the child's travel is both safe and authorized.

Without this form, travel may be delayed or denied. Domestic and international authorities need to be able confirm the child's guardianship and obtain the necessary permissions before allowing the child to travel onward.

How to Use the Minor Travel Consent Form

The form available below is a comprehensive template, designed to be easily copy/pasted and adapted in a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Given the critical nature of this document, we also provide a downloadable minor travel consent form in PDF format for your convenience.

It's important to note that while this sample form is a valuable starting point, it should be tailored to fit the specific details and circumstances of your child's travel.

Also be advised that this form does not replace a legal power of attorney document that could be used to make critical medical care decisions on behalf of a child.

This form is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that this form remains current with travel and child safety best practices, reflecting our commitment to providing reliable and authoritative travel resources.

Screenshot of the free minor travel consent form from U.S. Passport Service Guide

Download: Minor Travel Consent Form

The Legal Implications of Traveling Without a Minor Consent Form

While the minor travel consent form is not a universally required legal document, a child traveling without one can lead to serious complications in many countries. Different nations have their own regulations regarding child travel. Being uninformed or unprepared can quickly lead to distressing situations for both you and your child.

1. International Legal Considerations:

  • Country-Specific Requirements Vary: Each country has its own set of rules regarding minors traveling without their parents. For instance, some countries in Europe may require additional documentation, such as a birth certificate or a parental authorization letter, in addition to the travel consent form. You need to be sure your child and their traveling companion(s) comply with all of the requirements for each country they plan to travel to and through.
  • Risk of Travel Disruption: Without a consent form, minors traveling abroad may face delays or even denied entry at border control checkpoints. This can lead to missed transportation departures and costly changes to your travel itinerary.
  • Embassy and Consulate Involvement: In cases where a minor is detained due to lack of proper documentation, the local embassy or consulate of the child's home country may need to be involved. This can lead to complex legal situations that take significant amounts of tame and/or money to solve.

2. Domestic Legal Implications:

  • Airline and Transportation Policies: Within the United States, airlines and other transportation services have specific policies regarding unaccompanied minors (more on this later). Lack of a consent form, even for domestic travel, can result in the child being denied boarding.
  • Legal Custody Disputes: In cases of separated or divorced parents, traveling without a consent form can raise legal issues related to custody agreements. It's crucial to understand and adhere to the legal requirements stipulated in custody arrangements to avoid legal repercussions.

A minor travel consent form can help you avoid many of these situations. Before traveling, be sure to research the specific travel requirements of the destination country regarding minor travel. In addition to the resources provided on this site, this can also be done through a country's embassy website or by consulting with travel experts like registered passport expediting services.

In complex situations, such as shared custody or special travel circumstances, consulting with a legal expert can provide clarity and ensure compliance with both domestic and international laws.

Minor Travel Consent Form Notary Requirements

We strongly recommend that you have any child travel consent form notarized. This can prevent issues establishing the authority and credibility of your documentation.

It can be challenging to find and secure the services of a notary in person. Thankfully, it is possible to use an online notary service to notarize your minor travel consent form. This can save you serious time and stress.

We recommend using NotaryLive, a fully-secure, online notirization platform with an "Excellent" rating from TrustPilot. NotaryLive is fast, affordable, and fully compliant with state law, so you can be sure your notarized minor travel consent form is both legal and valid.

Unaccompanied Minors

It is possible for minors to travel alone. However, some countries will not allow unaccompanied minors to enter. In most cases, airlines will make these policies known at the time of booking. At the very least, parents should consult the U.S. State Department website and/or the embassy of the destination country for the most up-to-date policies.

Airlines have general rules about the ages and circumstances where children can fly alone, too. There are also usually additional fees that come with buying a ticket for a minor that will be traveling without an adult. As part of that extra cost, many airlines offer some additional supervisory and support services to be sure the traveling child is safe and comfortable while traveling on their own.

For more, check out our guide to unaccompanied minors traveling internationally. There, you will find details about the considerations, accommodations, and policies that apply to kids traveling internationally without an adult parent or guardian.

More Tips for Parents of Minors Traveling Abroad

Besides proper documentation, there are other ways to help a child have a safe international trip. Any time your child is traveling without you, give yourself peace of mind by taking these proactive steps.

Be Proactive In Shared Custody Situations

Parents who share custody of their children should each carry copies of the legal custody documents. You can also contact the embassy of the country or countries the minor child will be visiting to confirm travel entry requirements. This proactive step can help avoid issues at border crossings and during the child's stay abroad.

A simple notarized statement, such as the one below, should suffince in most cases.

"I, [PARENT NAME] acknowledge that [SPOUSE NAME] is traveling out of the country with my [SON/DAUGHTER] whom we share custody of. This authorization gives [SPOUSE NAME] my full permission to do so.

Signature: ______________________"

Use a GPS Tracker to Keep Track of Your Child While Abroad

GPS technology makes it possible to pinpoint a person's exact location, anywhere in the world. If your child is traveling without you, it makes sense to keep a GPS tracker on their person so that you know where they are. You can also use additional trackers to help keep tabs on your child's luggage or other valuables.

  • Apple AirTags are small, inexpensive GPS tags that can be purchased individually or in packs of 4. They use bluetooth connectivity and the vast number of Apple users across the globe to create a reliable GPS tracking network. Using your iPhone or Apple device, you can ping any AirTag that is linked to your AppleID and locate it quickly. Thanks to its small size, an AirTag can easily be tucked into luggage, sewn into a child's clothing, or stashed in a travel wallet.
  • JioBit is an all-in-one GPS tracking system specifically designed for tracking your child. While it is more expensive than Apple AirTags, JioBit is a durable and secure alternative-particularly useful for those who don't already have an Apple device.

Use a Parent-Controlled Debit Card

Traveling costs add up. Everything from food, transportation, lodging, and fun comes with a price. If your child is traveling without you, you want to be sure they have the money they need, but also that it is being protected.

There are a number of debit cards that allow parents to keep an eye on their child's spending as well as their remaining balance. Should your child and their card become separated, you have the ability to prevent unauthorized purchases and possibly even get a replacement sent to wherever your child is staying.


Traveling with minors requires careful planning and a strict adherence to both American and international laws. This guide and the minor travel consent form we have shared are designed to provide you with the necessary information and tools to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey for your child. Whether your child is traveling with a guardian, as part of a group, or alone, the right preparation can make all the difference.

Remember, the safety and well-being of your child are paramount. By staying informed about the latest travel regulations and using our resources, you can confidently prepare for your child's next trip. If you have any further questions or need personalized advice, our team of travel experts is always here to assist you. Safe travels!

About the Author: For over 20 years, the U.S. Passport Service Guide team has helped hundreds of thousands of travelers with their travel document questions and shared advice about how to make traveling abroad simpler, safer, and more enjoyable.

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