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Traveling for a year to multiple countries with my U.S. passport.

by Beth Anne
(Salem NH. USA)

Question: How long can I stay in each country abroad if I plan to visit multiple locations with my US Passport? I would like to travel for a year over seas but want to know how long I can stay legally in each country.

Answer: Requirements vary for each country. You need to research each country you plan to visit for information about the following.

1. Validity of passport. Some countries require that there be at least 6 months of validity remaining in your passport before you will be allowed to enter. Others require 3 months validity beyond the duration of your stay. Still others only require your passport be valid for the duration of your stay.

2. Visas. Some countries require you obtain a visa. Of these, some require you obtain the visa prior to arriving while others issue visa upon your arrival.

3. Duration of stay. The majority of countries allow you stay for a period of 90 days for tourism. However, some countries allow you to stay longer while others allow fewer days.

4. Extension of stay. Countries vary as to whether or not they allow visitors to extend their stay.

5. Other requirements. While a passport and visa are the most common travel documents required, there are other items that may be requested such as onward ticket, proof of sufficient funds for the period of time you will remain in the country, evidence of medical insurance, immunization record, etc.

You can search the entry requirements for each country you plan to visit. If you do not find the information you seek, contact the consulate section of their respective embassies.

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