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Passport renewal for adult with previous passport issued as a minor

by Debra
(New York, NY USA)

My daughter's now expired passport was issued in 2006 when she was 14. She is now 19 and requires a new passport. Your website says that passport renewal by mail is not available if the previous passport was issued when the citizen was a minor. Does this rule apply even though she is 19 years old now?

Also, there are no options on the Passport Scheduling Phone line that seem to fit needing to "renew a passport in person because it is not allowed to be renewal by mail AND No, we are not traveling within 2 weeks."

Question: 1. Can a 19-year old renew her passport by mail if her previous one was issued when she was 14?

Answer: No, she must appear in person at an application acceptance facility or a regional agency if she needs her passport quickly.

Question: 2. If the 19-year old must appear in person to renew, must she also be accompanied by a parent (one parent with a notarized letter indicating it is acceptable to the second parent that she is renewing her passport)?

Answer: No, she does not need to be accompanied by a parent. Only minors ages 17 or younger must appear with parents.

Question: 3. If the 19-year old must appear in person, which Passport phone line option should be selected to get the appointment (she is not traveling within 2 weeks)?

Answer: If your daughter is not traveling within 2 weeks, she does not need to apply at the regional passport agency and, therefore, does not need to schedule an appointment through the toll-free number.

She can submit the application Form DS-11 and all supporting documents at a nearby passport office. Each office has its own telephone number. Click the links below for more information.

New Passport Requirements

New York Passport Offices

Routine processing is estimated to take up to 5 weeks. Your daughter can request expedited service in order to obtain her passport in up to 3 weeks. There is an extra fee for this service and she will need to include a copy of her itinerary.

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Passport issued as a minor over 15 years ago
by: Anonymous

Question: I had a passport when I was 15 and has since expired and is nowhere to be found. Now 34, I need a passport and the form asks if I've ever been issued a passport before. I have but I was a minor and have no further information about it. Do I check no or yes?

Answer: Passport application forms need to be filled in only with information that is true and correct. Please indicate that you have been issued a passport in the past and put NA or 'Not Applicable' on the space provided for the passport number. Also, it would be good to include a signed statement explaining why you do not have the information.

19-year-old needed birth certificate to renew
by: Anonymous

Question: Our 19-year-old daughter attempted to renew her expired but undamaged passport issued in 2010 when she was 12 at the Savannah Post Office, but was denied as they said she needed her birth certificate. Our local (Colorado) post office said she only needed the passport. Which is true? Thanks.

Answer: A passport issued when a citizen was a minor cannot be used as evidence of citizenship. Your daughter needs to submit her birth certificate as proof.

Can I renew my daughters passport that expired last year?
by: Anonymous

Question: My daughter's passport has expired. She is out of the country and she can't travel here because her passport is already expired. She can't go to the Philippine Consulate in Japan due to lack of money and she is a minor. Can I renew her passport here in the Philippines even if she's not here? I'm her mother based here in the Philippines. Thanks.

Answer: Please contact the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo for advice on how you can assist your daughter in getting a passport or travel document to travel back to the Philippines.

by: Anonymous

Question: If I already had a passport when I was under 18 and I am wanting to renew it now, do I have to have all requirements again or do I just present my old passport?

Answer: You must apply in person for a new passport at an application acceptance facility and submit all required documents. If your passport was issued in 2007 or later, it can be submitted as evidence of U.S. citizenship. If it was issued prior to 2007, you must submit your original or a certified copy of your birth certificate. You will find a complete list of requirements here.

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