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Father not involved in my life
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm 29 and live in a closed record state. I have my father's name but no way of getting his birthday. Will I still be able to apply for a passport?

Answer: Yes. If the data is not on your birth certificate (it usually is), just write NA on the application.

Father not on passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I've just learned that my father is not listed on my BC, only my mother. My last name was my mother's maiden name. My parents married a few years after and then my name has been my father's last name from childhood to adulthood. My father has passed due to illness. Can I still apply for a passport?

Answer: Yes, you may still apply for a passport. As long as can present sufficient identification documents showing the name you currently use, the passport will be issued in that name.

My son is a minor
by: Anonymous

Question: Going to apply for my son's passport but my middle name is wrong on his birth certificate. Can I still get his passport?

Answer: If it's just a spelling error, it should be okay. If the middle name is entirely different and does not match the ID you present with the application, it could cause some issues. Please contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 for more information.

Birth Certificate Issue
by: Anonymous

Question: My mother’s DOB year is written wrong on my birth certificate. When I fill out my application do I put the correct birth year or can I leave it blank? Will this cause any issues?

Answer: It is best that you enter the data as it appears on your birth certificate to avoid inconsistencies.

No father on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: I am an adult with no father listed on my birth certificate, but I filled out his info on the app bc I know it. Do I need to fill out a new application without his name/DOB/birthplace? All info I see on this is for minors.

Answer: Passport services may require you to submit a new form since there is a discrepancy in the data you have provided. Please keep an eye out for a letter from the Department of State. You may also contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 regarding the issue.

No idea where parents are born at.
by: Jim Dunn

Question: I am trying to fill out the form to get a passport, but I don't know where my parents were born at. My brothers, sisters, and other family members aren't sure either. One family member just said to fill in NA for that information. Is that correct? How do I complete the form without that information so my application won't be rejected?

Answer: Passport forms must be filled in only with information that is true and correct. If you are unsure of the data, you may simply write NA. Since the missing data is not regarding your personal details, it will not affect your application.

Social numbers
by: Anonymous

Question: I am trying to get my father his passport. He is 73. I do not have my grandmother's social. She was born in 1913 don't think SSN were issued at that time. Does it matter?

Answer: It may be an issue. Please contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 for advice on what to do in this case.

Little information of my father
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello, I’m 34 and will be applying for a passport for the first time. I have very little information about my dad. Such as his middle name, the city he was born, and birthdate. Does this affect or flag my application? What can I answer to those questions, N/A?

Thank you!

Answer: You may write NA for questions that you do not have the data for.

Both of my parents' names are misspelled on my birth certificate.
by: Anonymous

Question: I am 33 and I just applied for my first passport. I have one concern: on my birth certificate, both of my parents' names are spelled wrong. Like my mom's maiden name was spelled wrong by a letter, and my dad's first name was spelled wrong as well. I am wondering if that will affect my application. Will they reject it?

Answer: Your application will not be rejected.

Birth Certificate Error
by: Anonymous

Question: My husband and I want to get our son his passport but on my son's birth certificate, the hospital messed up my husband's birth date by a month. Can we still get our son a passport? Everything else on the document is correct.

Answer: It should be okay. You may still get your son a passport even with the error.

Mother has passed away
by: Anonymous

Question: Looking to get my passport, but my mother has passed away, and have no idea what town she was born in except it is in New York. Do I have to write down her birthplace?

Answer: You may just enter New York on the application form.

Father changed his name when adopted
by: Anonymous

Question: I need to apply for my minor children's passports. They had previous passports that are now expired. I am divorced and have sole legal custody. My ex-husband was adopted at the age of 6 and was issued an amended birth certificate at the time of adoption. The passport application asks for the name of the parent at their birth. Do I put his name at birth or what would show on his amended birth certificate, our divorce decree, my children's birth certificates (i.e. his legal name)?

To complicate matters they have prior passports, now expired, and I didn't know about the amended birth certificate previously and have no idea what I would have listed as my ex-s name at birth on their last application. I don't know if prior applications are compared to new applications.

Answer: You should enter the father's name as it appears in the children's birth certificates.

Maiden Name Incorrect on Child’s BC
by: Anonymous

Question: My married name is also listed as my maiden name on my child’s BC. Since the application asks for the mother’s name at birth, will this cause an issue applying for a passport? My married name on the BC is correct.

Answer: It should not be an issue as long as you can present proper identification at the time the application is submitted.

Child passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi. I have a daughter. When she was born, I left the father part empty on her BC and she has my grandfather’s last name. Since she technically has no legal father can I still obtain a passport for her?

Answer: Yes. The birth certificate is your proof of sole legal custody.

Both parents name spelled wrong by one letter on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: Need to apply for a passport of a minor and both parents' names on birth certificate have one letter spelled wrong on middle and last name. Will it matter when applying for her passport?

Answer: Yes, it may be an issue. Both parents will present identification in behalf of the child so it is important that the names on the IDs match those on the proof of parental relationship (birth certificate). We recommend having the errors corrected before doing anything else.

Unknown fathers birthdate
by: Anonymous

Question: What do I put on the application form if I don't know my father's birthdate and have no way to find it?

Answer: You may leave it blank or write NA.

Absent father
by: Anonymous

Question: Absent father who is on the birth certificate and will not return to the State to sign. Can I still get a passport for my children without him?

Answer: No, you cannot. The father is well within his rights to refuse providing consent since you still share legal custody of the children despite his absence.

Either parent on birth cert
by: Anonymous

Question: I am trying to get a passport, however, neither parent is listed on my birth cert. I am 50 years old, and my mother is deceased.
I was raised by my father, and my mother was never in the picture. At the time of birth, there were issues as far as the parent names. This was the 70's. Do I need to have my parents on there? Can I just add my mother and provide a death cert?

Answer: You need to submit the state-issued birth certificate that lists your parents' names. Please contact the city/state vital records office for a copy of said document.

Adding father to existing passport?
by: Anonymous

Question: I applied for my son's passport alone since I was the only one listed on the birth certificate. My son is now two and his father has now decided to claim parental rights, do I need to submit for a new passport since the birth certificate has changed? My son's father wants to travel with him, can he still do that if the passport doesn't currently list him as the father?

Answer: There is no need to apply for a new passport for your child. If you will not be traveling with them, we recommend providing the father with a notarized consent to travel with the child in case he is asked to present one.

by: Anonymous

Question: Can they see my parents' info like (Name and Place of birth) of what I fill on the DS-11 form when i applied?

Can they see it when they scan my passport?

Or it just shows up the same personal information about me as it appears on the biographical data page.

Answer: Parental information is part of the identifying data of each passport holder.

Thank you.

Height, hair color and eyes color
by: Anonymous

Question: Why the DS-11 form asks for your height, hair color, and eyes color? And what is it for? Just curious. Thanks.

Answer: These details are part of the biometric information that will be embedded in your passport.

Different Last name
by: Anonymous-

Question: We need to get our children's passports to travel but my husband changed his last name a few years ago. His birth certificate was done incorrectly and was never corrected.

Can we get out kids' passports even though on the kid's birth certificates, it has their father's last name different than what he has now on everything like driver's license, ss# or birth certificate? Basically, on the kids birth certificate, the father's last name will not match with the father's current IDs.

Answer: It may raise some questions, yes. Please send a copy of the father's name change document along with the photocopy of his ID to address the mismatch.

Marriage Status
by: Anonymous

Question: Asking for a friend:

Dad has full custody while she has visitation. Dad is asking for Mom's info for a passport application, but Mom doesn't want to list that she's married/give information about her new spouse to the Dad. She and her new husband are uncomfortable with that. (Mom and Dad have a bad relationship between them [a lot of manipulation/lies]).

Does she have to list she's married?

Answer: Yes. The application has to be entered only with information that is true and correct.

DS-11 form
by: Anonymous

Question: What is the parental information on the DS-11 form for the U.S. passport application for?

Does it appear on your passport book number when they scan it?

Answer: The parental information is used to establish your identity. It is not part of the biometric data embedded in your passport.

Misspelled name of parents in the wrong part in DS-11 form
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently applied for my American passport with the DS-11 form 3 days ago. I have put my mother's name in the wrong place. Where it asked for my mother's first name and middle name I have put her first name and her two last names by mistake. Where it asked for her last name I put my father's last name because she is married. But they still saw my birth certificate and I provided them with my old passport and went to pay.

Would there be no problem with that mistake, rejecting me? Because my personal data is fine and it was just the mistake that I mentioned before. I'm so nervous and worried about that because I think that part where it asks for your parents' names. The mistake I did will appear in the passport when they scan it . Or is it just to verify that that is the person who is applying?

I wait for an answer, thanks.

Answer: Errors in parental details usually do not cause any issues with an adult's passport application. If it becomes an issue, passport services will not reject your application right away. They will contact you with instructions on how to resolve the issue.

Bc doesn’t match my old expired passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I am 22 and applying for a new passport. I have an old one when I was younger with a 2012 expiration date. My parents just now told me my dad didn’t put the right country/state/city for his birthplace on my BC.

Can I still apply and get accepted if my bc doesn’t match my father’s actual city of birth? He is a citizen now and was back then but just didn’t put where he was from originally.

Answer: The error your previous application will not affect the new one.

No father on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: My mom's name is the only name on my birth certificate. It says father unknown. Do I write unknown on father's name or leave it blank?

Answer: You may leave it blank.

Fathers Name Spelled Incorrectly
by: Anonymous

Question: My husband's last name is spelled wrong on my daughter's birth certificate. Does this affect getting her passport??

(We told the hospital before leaving and apparently they didn't correct it. The state's records office is backed up by 4 months. We would not get a passport in time.)

Answer: The error should not affect the child's passport application.

by: Anonymous

Question: I accidentally put my mother’s married name on the birth certificate. Will this deny my application my father’s name is correct and I have had a passport before.

Answer: It should not be an issue.

by: Anonymous

Question: I am applying for my adult passport. I noticed that on my BC it states a name my father went by when people could not pronounce his real name. It's literally similar just off 2 letters. It also has the wrong birthplace for him on my BC. Should I just put what it states on my BC versus what it really is on his bc?

Answer: Please enter the information as it appears on your birth certificate.

Unknown Fathers Birthplace
by: Anonymous

Question: I know my father was born in Nebraska but I do not know his birth city. Can I just put Nebraska on the application? We are no longer in contact.

Answer: Yes, you may enter the State.

Unknown father on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm applying for a passport for the first time and I just found out my dad I've known all my life who raised me isn't my biological father. And the name on the birth certificate is another person I've never heard of until today. Will just his name be sufficient if that's all the information I have?

Answer: Yes. Just write NA for fields that you do not have the answer to.

Unknown parental information
by: Anonymous

Question: I am assisting my grandma with her passport application but bc of dementia, she cannot recall her parents' DOB or how to spell their names (Asian names). If I get as close as the sound of their names but not 100% correct. Will that affect her application?

Answer: It might. The information you are looking for is usually available in the applicant's birth certificate.

My child's father is unknown
by: Anonymous

Question: My child's father was never determined. I am now planning a trip out of the country. How can I get her a passport or explain my situation?

Answer: If you are the only parent listed in the child's birth certificate, the process is pretty straightforward. You only need the birth certificate as proof of sole legal custody of the child.

Please prepare the following and submit with the child present at a local passport office:

1. Form DS-11
2. Child's original or certified birth certificate listing you as the only parent
3. Photocopy of your ID (present actual ID during submission)
4. Child's passport photo
5: Payment for fees

Schedule an Appointment

Routine service currently takes 8 to 11 weeks while expedited service takes 5 to 7 weeks. Please plan and apply accordingly. We recommend that you wait until you receive the actual passport before making any final travel arrangements.

Father's birth place
by: Anonymous

Question: My father's birth city is incorrect on my renewal application. Will that cause a problem with my renewal? If so how would I go about correcting it?

Answer: It should not cause any issues.

Amended Birth Certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: My child's father is not listed on his birth certificate so I will be applying for a minor's passport. Once I receive the passport, what is the process to update it if the birth certificate is amended to include the father? Also, is there a fee?

Answer: There will be no need to update the passport if the birth certificate is amended. You will just have to go through a slightly different process when you apply for a new passport for the child when it expires in five years.

Parents name on childs birth certificate in US
by: Anonymous

Question: My children's father corrected /changed his last name once he got US citizenship. His name doesn't match the names on the children's birth certificates.

Can I use the current/new name when applying for the kids' passports? The kids' names match his current name and he has an affidavit of the name change.

Answer: Yes, you may use the new name when you apply for your children's passports. Please make sure to bring the necessary paperwork to prove the link between names.

Parents place of birth
by: Anonymous

Question: I didn’t know the city or state my father was born so I just put the country (United States). Is that okay? Or could that get my passport denied?

Answer: It should be okay.

Father not listed on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: My 13-year-old child was born before I married and the father is not listed on my child's birth certificate. However, we married some months later and my child's father lives with us. Do I list his information on the child's passport application or not?

Answer: If you have not amended the birth certificate to include the father, it is best that you leave him out of the passport application as well.

Can I list the father as unknown still?
by: Anonymous

Question: I am applying for my child's passport and the dad is not listed on the birth certificate that I have. It was rumored that he was added by the state after support was established.

Would I be able to submit with the birth certificate I have or do I need to get the new one and apply with it? Again, the one I have does NOT have him listed and I don't know for sure that he was added as I've had the birth certificate since birth.

Answer: You need to make sure that the birth certificate you are submitting is a valid document. This means you need to request the latest copy since there is a possibility that the father has established is parental rights. In which case his consent will be required for the child's passport application.

Fathers name
by: Samantha

Question: Do I need both parents on my birth certificate for a passport? I only have my mother because my father wasn’t present when I was born and not on my birth certificate but my mother is.

Answer: You do not need both parents' name on your birth certificate in order to obtain a passport. The document just needs to be the long-form state-issued birth certificate. Please submit the original or a certified copy.

father left out of the picture
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I get a passport for my 5-year-old son if the father left and I haven't seen him since my son was 8 months old and I haven't heard from him since.

Answer: If the father's name is on the child's birth certificate, you technically still share legal custody with him. His presence or consent is required for the child's passport application.

You can try and get around this by submitting Form DS-5525 with the application requirements but applications like this may or may not be approved. It will be great if you can provide evidence that you cannot contact the father despite your efforts.

Abducted missing parent
by: Anonymous

Question: The father of my two younger kids got abducted by the cartel in Mexico and never returned. He has been missing since!! What form do I fill out? I got a letter from the passport office that they need the father's signature after I thought I filled out the proper form.

Answer: You may submit Form DS-5525 and provide documentation regarding the father's case. This can be a police report regarding the abduction, newspaper clippings and any other document to prove the authenticity of your story.

Children’s passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello, I applied for a passport for both my sons. Their father is not on the birth certificate. The clerk at USPS made their dad sign the application. When I go to the website to check the status of the application, it still says that it is under process. Will the application get denied because the father signed the application even though he’s not on the birth certificate?

Answer: It should not be a reason for denial. Routine processing may take up to 18 weeks, 12 weeks if you paid for expedited service. If it has not been more than 12 or 18 weeks since you submitted the applications, it is normal for the status to appear as in process.

Parents name on passport
by: Lisa

Question: I am 55 years old. I had to get a replacement birth certificate in Oct 2000. It does not have either of my parents' names on it. Can I still get a passport?

Answer: Hi, Lisa. For a birth certificate to be accepted as evidence of citizenship for a U.S. passport application, the following must requirements must be met:

-Issued by the City, County, or State of birth
-Lists bearer's full name, date of birth, and place of birth
-Lists parent(s) full names
-Has date filed with registrar's office (must be within one year of birth)
-Has the registrar's signature
-Has embossed, impressed, or multicolored seal of registrar

Since the document you have does not meet at least one of the requirements, you cannot use it to apply for a passport.

Father not on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: My daughter's father is not on the birth certificate and information on him is unknown. Can I be denied the passport because that info is missing? Do I fill out DS-5525?

Answer: The missing details about the child's father is not going to be an issue. There is no need to complete and submit Form DS-5525.

I don’t know the father on my birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: I am applying for a passport and the father who is on my birth certificate is not my real father and I don’t know his birthdate. How should I fill out the information for my father for my passport?

Answer: You may leave the space blank or write NA if you do not have the information.

Father is not on the birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello,

I am 27 years old. I am applying for a passport for the first time. I met my biological father at the age of 18. Even though his name is not on my birth certificate, I did put his name on the application. Will my application be denied or rejected?

Answer: Your father's name is not likely to result in the denial of your application. If it becomes an issue, passport services will contact you.

by: Anonymous

Question: I am 19 and I recently just applied for my passport. I put unknown for my father because I did not know his birth information not realizing it was on my birth certificate. What should I do?

Answer: It may or may not cause an issue with your application. If it does, passport services will contact you with instructions on how to correct the error.

Add father name to passport
by: Anonymous

Question: My child's father is not on the birth certificate. Where I live they don’t add the father's name unless you are married and it has to be sent back in to be added. Can I add the father's name on the passport even though he’s not on the birth certificate?

Answer: The father's name will not be printed anywhere on the passport so it is best that you do not include it in the application form. The details on the form and birth certificate should match to avoid questions.

Dad left me as a kid, cant get his birth info
by: Bianca

Question: My parents were married and together when they had me, but my dad left when I was one year old and never came back. His name is on my birth certificate but I don't know how to contact him for his birth date and place of birth. Am I still able to obtain a passport despite not having this information? What can i do?

Answer: Missing paternal information will not disqualify you from getting a passport. Just provide any information you have and those you do not have answers for blank.

Blank on Father’s name box
by: Anonymous

Question: The father of my son abandoned us after birth. His name is on the birth certificate but I have certificate of abandonment. My son does not know of him and his name. Can we apply for US passport without putting his name on the application?

Answer: The certificate of abandonment may be sufficient to support Form DS-5525 but since the name is on the birth certificate, you may still need to enter the father's name on the application. Please contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 for more information.

Adult passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm planning to apply for my adult passport. But the father's name written on my birth certificate is just a last name, and he's not even my real father. Can I just put my real father's name in my passport application?

Answer: Please enter the father's name as it appears on your birth certificate to avoid issues.

Passport application adult
by: Jay

Question: When I list my parents' names, what happens if I don’t know who my dad is and he’s not on my birth certificate? Is it required? Will it be acceptable with just my mom's name?

Answer: You may list just your mother's name.

Passport for my son
by: Erica

Question: Okay so when my son was born they put my son's father on the hospital certificate but he ended up leaving and never came back . I now need to go to Mexico for a family emergency and I can’t go without my son. His father never signed anything though. Do I still need his consent? We never went to the court house for him to sign anything like they asked us to before he left.

Answer: If the father's name is in the official (long form) birth certificate, his consent is required to apply for your child's passport.

Can I apply my citizenship under my great grandmother/
by: Roy Taliulu

Question: I want to move to the State because my cousins asked me to move there but I didn't apply my citizenship. But please i need help and I really want to know what is the right form so I can apply for it if I can.

Thank you so much.

Answer: Please direct all questions regarding U.S. citizenship to the USCIS.

by: thandiAnonymous

Question: Can I still get a passport for my daughter? Her father is unknown. I haven't seem him since that night.

Answer: If the father's name is not on the birth certificate, you can apply for her passport without his consent.

Need passports for my kids , dad is reported in mexico
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm trying to get passports for my kids so we can visit their father in Mexico because he's was reported. So, can you tell me what type of forms I need please?

Answer: You will find a complete list of requirements here.

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