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Blank Pages in Your Passport Book for Visas | How Many Required and Getting More

No more blank visa pages in passport book.
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Running out of blank pages in your passport? At least one blank page and up to four blank pages are required by many countries before they will issue a travel visa. Let's look at the requirements to add pages to a passport.

There used to be a special form that American citizens could submit to have more blank pages added to a valid passport. Due to security concerns, this service was discontinued in 2016.

Now, the only way to get more blank pages is to apply for a new passport. It doesn't matter how much validity is remaining. Your travel document could still have nine years of validity but, if there are no blank pages for visa stamps, you will be required to get a new one.

Applicants whose passports were issued to them at age 16 or older, can submit passport renewal form DS-82 along with the previously-issued passport, recently taken passport photo and payment for fees.

Those who obtained their passport at age 15 or younger must apply in person at a passport application acceptance facility. This requires the submission of form DS-11, supporting document and payment for fees.

The fact that you need to add visa pages to your passport is a good indicator that you travel frequently. If this is true, we recommend you check the box to receive the larger, 52-page book rather than the standard, 28-page version.

You probably also have a lot of visa stamps, too. Don't worry, your old passport will be mailed back to you unless you submit a request for it to be destroyed. We recommend you don't do that. Even if it does not have sentimental value to you, it serves as evidence of United States citizenship and your identity. If you ever lose your new passport, it can be submitted to get a new one.

While it is no longer possible to get blank pages added to a passport, you can get a new passport with lots of pages for you to fill up with new visa stamps.

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