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Problem with Signature in Passport

Question: When I was signing my passport my pen ran out of ink and also I did not write my middle name. I wrote over the original signature with a different pen and filled in my middle name.

I called and was told I could just draw a single line through the original signature and rewrite my signature above. Will this be a problem when I travel if I do it this way or would it be wise to request another passport to avoid a problem on an upcoming trip? Thank you for your help in this matter.

Awaiting your reply.

Answer: Striking a line through the incorrect signature in your passport and signing above is the correct procedure in this case. There should be no problem when you travel.

You can apply to replace your passport if you desire but you will have to pay the appropriate fees.

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Problem with signature
by: AnonymousRinu

Question: I have signed everywhere with my full name Rinu Mathew including pan card, voter ID, certificates but I have signed only first part of name in my passport. Should I apply for a new one?

Answer: You do not have to apply for a new passport.

Please help us
by: Anonymous

Question: My father accidentally wrote his signature on my mother's passport. We drew a line on the wrong signature and my mother write her signature beside the wrong signature instead of signing it on the top. Is there any problem with that?? What do we need to do??

Answer: It is not a problem.

Can’t replicate signature
by: Anonymous

Question: My son could not replicate the signature from his learners permit for the passport. Although he tried there is an obvious difference. Will his passport application be rejected? What will they ask us to do if it doesn’t go through?

Answer: It should not be a big issue.

Signed passport in wrong spot
by: Anonymous

Question: I received my passport yesterday and followed the paper that came with it and said to sign the passport. I accidentally signed the back of the front hard cover when you first open it with my named printed and signed until found the correct signature spot. Is this going to be an issue? I called and was told they wouldn’t know unless it went through customs. Would like a satisfying answer. Thanks!

Answer: It may or may not cause an issue when you travel, it depends on the official inspecting your passport at the airport, sea port or border. We recommend that you go to the closest airport and consult an official, if possible.

Signed passport wrong spot
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently received my passport and read the separate paper that says sign passport. Without thinking and reading until the signature spot I signed behind the hard back cover with name printed and signed. Is this going to be an issue?

Answer: It should not be an issue.

by: Anonymous

Question: I have two last names on my birth certificate. My driver's license has only my first last name because they said both did not fit. The application has only one last name, I accidentally signed both last names on the application but the post office clerk crossed out the second one because she said it has to match my ID will my passport be approved?

Answer: Yes, it should still be approved. Passport services will notify you via mail if something is amiss in your application. You can check the status here.

Signed slightly below the line
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi. I just got my passport and I signed it correctly above the line but by mistake a little line of pen went below the line. Is it okay or do i have to change my passport? Thank you.

Answer: It is okay.

Passport error
by: Anonymous

Question: My brother who is 13 years old accidentally signed a wrong signature in his passport and enclosing it with open and close parentheses then writing his new signature beside it. Do we need to get a new passport?

Answer: No, you do not.

Used a ball point pen
by: Anonymous

Question: We received our passports last June/July and put them away. Now filling out forms to go away in October and took out passport only to realize not signed,so husband signed in ballpoint ink and I also told him to sign as it is in passport. He suspected it should be his every day signature and it was suppose to be.

Is his passport okay in ballpoint ink and passport signature?

Answer: Yes, your husband's passport should be okay for travel.

Application signature
by: Anonymous

Question: I received my new passport and then got a phone call from someone saying there was a problem with my signature on my application. He said I needed to fill out a form called DS80 and send it to 207 International Drive. Attention H 16. I cant find a 1080 form but see there is a 1082. I leave in 14 days and do not want to risk sending my passport back. I think I may have signed the application differently from the way I printed it but he was not specific. I have received nothing in the mail about this. I am so worried and when I called the number they said someone would call me back within 10 days! That's not much time so I am freaking out a bit. What should I do?

Answer: Please do nothing. If your passport was sent to you, there was obviously no issue with your application.

Passport signature
by: Anonymous

Question: If your signature is different on your IDs signature, is that okay?

Answer: It should be okay. However, it is ideal for your signature to to uniform in all documents, including IDs and your passport.

I misspelled
by: Anonymous

Question: I have my passport but when I went to sign my middle name I messed up so I drew a line through it and put my middle name on top. Do I need to draw a line through all of it and sign it again?

Answer: No, you do not.

Bad signing
by: Anonymous

Question: I leave for Mexico in a few days and I got my passport and signed it. It did not go through so I traced it to make darker, plus my middle name is scrunched. Now I am panicking because I am not sure if this is OK. Will I get into trouble?

Answer: There is no need to worry. You should be fine.

signature problem
by: Neha R

Question: Is there any problem if I signed only with my first name instead of my full name?

Answer: It is not a problem.

Problem with signature
by: Sanjeeva R

Question: Is there any problem if the signature is different from the name?

Answer: It shouldn't be. If you affixed the wrong signature, you may strike it out and sign correctly above it.

by: Anonymous

Question: I accidentally signed my name in my son's passport. I wasn't paying attention to whom I was signing. What do I do? And we are leaving to go out of state in one week.

Answer: You may simply place a straight line through the wrong signature and let him affix his signature on top of yours.

Wrong signature
by: Anonymous

Question: I accidentally signed my maiden name. I was told it's OK to just add my married name. Is this correct?

Answer: You may draw a straight line across the wrong signature and affix the correct signature right above it.

Mistakenly signed passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I was supposed to sign my first middle and married name. I mistakenly signed my entire name with my married name.

Answer: It's not a problem. But if you want to change the signature on your passport, you may simply write a straight line across the first signature then affix the right signature on top of it.

by: Anonymous

Question: Signature isn't on the line it's slightly above it and worried in case it's not acceptable.

Answer: It should not be a problem.

by: Anonymous

Question: I put my signature on my passport twice and then crossed them out and wrote my name again above it. Should I get a new one?

Answer: There's no need to get a new passport.

I accidentally signed below the line
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello,

I accidentally signed below the line on my passport. Is this still valid?

Please reply as soon as possible- I'm really worried because I have to travel soon.

Thank you.

Answer: It should not be a problem.

Incorrect signature
by: Dan

Question: My wife and I just realized we signed each other's passports and we are leaving in 4 days. We just noticed when we were getting things together. Thanks.

Answer: You may simply cancel out the incorrect signature with a single line across and affix the correct signature right above it.

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