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Passport for Travel to Canada FAQ

Many questions have been raised about vpassports for travel to Canada since the new requirements went into effect.

In general, a passport is required to enter Canada and return to the United States but there are some exceptions. In some cases, it is possible to present evidence of U.S. citizenship and a photo ID or some other WHTI-approved document such as a FAST card.

Read through the answers to the visitor-submitted questions below and find the information you need to better prepare for your trip to Canada.

List of FAQ about Passports for Travel to Canada

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Can my 16 and 17-year-old drive to and from Canada without passports?  Question: Can my 16 and 17- year-old drive to and from Canada without passports if accompanied by a parent and sister with passports. They each have birth certificates...

Does a 14-year-old need a passport to go to Canada?  Question: My daughter will be traveling to Canada with her friend and family. Will they need a passport to travel across the border? I was told that ...

If you are a US Citizen in Canada without a passport, can you return to the US with a birth cerificate?  Question: I have an expired United States passport and want to travel to Canada. Is there any way to do this without a valid passport?

Does my 16-year-old son need a passport book or a passport card to travel to Canada?  Question: My now 16-year-old son was born in Germany and needed a passport to return to the US. Since then all our passports got lost or missing. I am pretty sure ...

Can I visit Canada if I have an old drug felony?  Question: I have a valid passport but I have a 13-year-old drug felony. Will Canada let me enter their country? Answer: The authority to allow or ...

What documentation do I need to take my 14-year-old grandson on a visit to Canada?  Question: I plan to visit Toronto next month and would like to take my 14-year-old grandson with me. We plan to be in Canada 4 days. Does he need a passport...

Does my 12-year-old son need a passport to re-enter the US from Canada?  Question: We would like to go on vacation to Canada for memorial weekend. If my son needs a passport, what is the quickest way to obtain a passport?

Does a child under l6 need a passport to enter Canada and return to the US?  Question: We are going to Canada for my sister's wedding. My daughter is 3 and is in the wedding. Does she need a passport? Answer: There are two things to consider.

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