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How to answer Question 20 on form DS-82?

by Victor
(New York, NY)

Question: My wife an I are considering taking a cruise later this summer or early this fall. We are considering places throughout Europe but do not know exactly where or which seas and ports (i.e. Adriatic, Aegean, Baltic, Mediterranean, North?).

Both me and my wife have passports that we got on our trip to Italy around 9 years ago so we just want to renew and we both qualify for the DS-82 form. However, since we do not know the exact location at this time we do not know how to fill out question 20 on that form. How specific does it have to be?

Answer: You can just write N/A or "unknown" on question 20 of Form DS-82. You can also just leave it blank. Passport services understands that many American citizens renew their passports without having specific travel plans.

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#20 question
by: Kathie

Question: My form filled D82 asks me to write "none" in #20 if I have no travel plans. However, I thought I was not to manually write on this pre-filled form, just sign, date, and send. Shall I leave it blank? Thank you.

Answer: Yes, you may leave it blank.

by: Anonymous

Question: Can I just fill out DS82.pdf from my computer and print instead of using black ink only?

Answer: You may. Please do not forget to affix your signature on the form before mailing it.

I dont know
by: Anonymous

Question: Can you tell me about the box in the upper RT hand corner of the DS-82 Appl w/ the D, O, S & NRF, please? I’m not finding any answers elsewhere on the matter.

Answer: You do not have to do anything with those boxes. Those will be filled in by the passport agent who will process your application.

Question 20
by: Anonymous

Thank you for mentioning that the travel date and location could be left blank it lessened my anxiety after mailing the forms.

by: Anonymous

Question: What do I write in block # 15 "Occupation" on form DS-82 if I’m currently unemployed? Thank you.

Answer: You may write NA.

How to answer travel plans when already abroad
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello! I'm currently in Australia on a working holiday visa, and I have been here since Nov 2019 and plan to stay at least Nov 2021. Under travel plans, it won't let me set a date for my travel earlier than today. Should I set my date of travel from today to Nov 2021 even though I am already here or just leave it blank?

Answer: You may leave it blank.

Mailing Address
by: Anonymous

Question: DS-82 form, I leave #18 Permanently Address Blank because it’s the same as my #8 Mailing Address, is this Okay? I mailed my renewal already.

Answer: Yes, it is okay.

Form DS82
by: Anonymous

Question: I am living in India temporarily and will be in the U.S. soon. However, I have no permanent address there since I was living in a rented apartment. What should I write as permanent address.

Answer: You can use the address that you will be using in the foreseeable future.

Change of name and renewing expired passport
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport expired last year and have not renewed it. I got married on Aug 8 last year. I’m renewing and changing my name on the passport using my marriage certificate as supporting document. Do I need two forms to complete - change of name and renewal form? Also, what do I write as the date and place of legally changing my name, the date of marriage and place of marriage or the registered date and place of registration? Thanks!

Answer: Form DS-82 should cover both renewal and name change. Please prepare the following and mail them to the address on the form:

1. Form DS-82
2. Current passport
3. Original or certified copy of marriage certificate
4. One new passport photo
5. Payment for fees

Please enter the date and place your marriage was solemnized (wedding).

You may visit the following web pages for more information:

Passport Renewals
Passport Name Change

What if I want to expedite it?
by: Anonymous

Question: I wanted to expedite mine because of a possible upcoming trip within the next month. However if I'm correct, it states you have to answer if you are expediting.

Answer: Expedited service takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete via mail. If you apply ASAP, your passport should arrive in time for your trip.

If you want the passport sooner, you may apply at a regional passport agency. In order to be entertained, you need to present proof of immediate international travel (in 2 weeks or 4 weeks if you also need a visa) in addition to the renewal requirements. Regional agencies process applications in 1 to 8 business days.

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

It is our first passport renewal and I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Thank you!!

Travel plans
by: Anonymouss

Question: Your answers are saying that you can leave the area blank where it says travel plans however mine won't let me out unless I feel that in do you have an answer for that.

Answer: Please enter 'Not Applicable' in the field.

Very useful
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the information. Like others, I wasn't sure if it was OK to leave it blank.

Time saver
by: NJ resident

Saved me some valued time. Thank you.

Now I know
by: Minnesotan

Thank you for answering; I was afraid to leave it blank.

Very helpful
by: Steve

Just the info I needed. Thanks.

by: Anonymous

Your website is very helpful.

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