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Do I need to fill out Form DS-82 to renew passport in person?

Question: I need to renew my passport but I cannot wait 4-6 weeks. I am going in person to a same day service. What do I need to bring?

Answer: The same requirements apply whether you send your application for renewal by mail or submit it in person at a regional passport agency.

To get a passport renewed, you must submit the following:

* completed application form DS-82
* most recently issued passport
* one passport photo (taken within last 6 months)
* evidence of legal name change (if applicable)

You will also need to present proof of imminent travel.

Note, you cannot renew a passport in person at a local application acceptance facility. This can only be done at a regional agency if you are scheduled to travel abroad within the next two weeks or need to obtain a travel visa within four weeks.

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Passport Renewal Form DS-82

Passport Renewal Expediting Service

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No response from Passport Service
by: Cindy G

Question: It’s been more than 6 weeks since I submitted Form DS-82 to change the name on my passport. How can I check the status or tell if Passport Services even received my application and supporting documents?

Answer: Hello, Cindy.

Check Your Application Status

by: Anonymous

Question: I am going to renew my U.S passport there in U.S Consular Agency In Cebu City. Just wanted to know what form to be used and the requirements so I can prepare everything I need. Thank you and your answer will be appreciated much.

Answer: Following are passport renewal requirements:

1. Form DS-82
2. Current passport
3. One new passport photo
4. Payment for fees

Please contact the consular office before going to find out if they have specific instructions for you.

Renewal of Philippine passport in the US
by: Anonymous

Question: Good morning. What do I need to fill in the passport renewal application form on my last name and husband's name in the application for renewal of passport? I divorced my husband in the Philippines and didn't file annulment yet. I got married here and now I am separated with my husband here that I got married to 5 years ago.

I don't know what I need to do to make my separation legal but we were separated for 4 years with my husband here . Is it considered legal separation already? since in the application form you have to check on of selection the choices on civil status. I am quite confused on what to do . Please I need an answer. Thank you.

Answer: We are not familiar with Philippine passport applications as we specialize in U.S. passport issuance. Please contact the Philippine Embassy for assistance.

Appointment of passport renewal?
by: Anonymous

Question: I want to renew my passport at the local post office. Will I need to schedule an appointment to do so in person?

Answer: U.S. passport renewals are done via mail if your passport meets the following requirements:

1. It was issued when you were 16 or older
2. It was issued within the last 15 years
3. It is undamaged
4. You can provide documents of legal name change (if applicable)

You only apply in person for a renewal if you need to travel in 2 weeks or less or 4 weeks if you need a visa to travel. This can only be done at a regional passport agency.

If your passport does not meet one or more of the requirements above, you need to apply for a new passport in person at an acceptance facility like a local post office. Some facilities require appointments while others welcome walk-ins.

Instructions via phone
by: Anonymous

Question: When you call the number to schedule an appointment at a regional center, the summary stated of what to bring with you does not include social security card.

Answer: It is not necessary to present your social security card when applying for a renewal. You do, however, have to provide your social security number of the application form.

name change
by: Anonymous

Question: If I'm mailing in the DS-82 with proof of name change (marriage certificate), will I get my marriage certificate back with my renewed passport?

Answer: Your marriage certificate will be mailed to you. It may be sent separately from your new passport and, therefore, may arrive on a different day.

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