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Divorced but passport was orginally maiden name

by Shelley
(Mandeville, la USA)

Question: I received my passport before I was married, then once I got married, I sent it in for the stamp that shows my married name. I am now divorced and went back to my maiden name. I need to renew my passport.

Do I have to mail in my divorce decree? I cant find it. My driver's license, original passport, social security card all have my maiden name on it. (which is what I need it to say)

Thank you,

Answer: You must submit the official document that proves the legal name change. Even though your passport originally had your maiden name in it, it was apparently amended with your married name. That will be the name that is on record with the State Department.

If you were divorced in Iowa, you can obtain a certified copy of the divorce decree at the Clerk of District Court in the county where the divorce was granted. If the divorce was not granted in Iowa, click the link below for more information.

Vital Records Information

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Maiden name on expired passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I obtained a passport when I was 16, which expired in 2019. It has been 12 years since it was issued.

I’m going through the process of renewing by mail and wanted to make sure to include a divorce decree if necessary - I was married in 2017 and divorced in 2020. During the divorce, I went back to my maiden name. This name is identical to the one on my expired passport and so I wasn’t originally thinking I need to include my divorce decree.

I wanted to make sure it wasn’t needed since under the "other names used" section I wrote my old married name? Will this cause confusion/problems? Do I need to send in the divorce decree even with my legal name now matching the expired passport?

Answer: While you need to include your old married name in other names used, you do not need to submit proof of legal name change. This is because you are not changing the name on your passport. There is no need to submit your divorce decree with your renewal application.

Name on Passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I got a passport in 2014 prior to being married. I was married from 2017 until 2021 and I'm back to my maiden name. I have a vacation out of the country this December, is my passport valid again or would I need to renew?

Answer: Your passport should be valid until 2024 unless it was issued with less than 10 years validity. It was not invalidated when you married and changed your legal name.

You may use your passport for travel. Just make sure to book your tickets in the name printed in your passport.

by: Ayla

Question: I've been divorced for 14 years. My old passport has my ex-husband's last name. To renew my passport do I need a divorce decree?

Answer: Hi, Ayla. If you changed your name back to your maiden name, then yes, you need to submit your divorce decree as proof of legal name change. Please send the original document or a certified copy.

However, if your passport was issued more than 15 years ago, you can no longer renew it. You need to submit a new application. There will then be no need to send your divorce decree. Please prepare the following requirements:

1. Evidence of citizenship (birth certificate/naturalization certificate/citizenship certificate) - original plus photocopy
2. Form DS-11
3. Government-issued ID bearing your current legal name - original plus photocopy
4. One passport photo
5. Payment for fees

by: Anonymous

Question: Hello. I recently applied for a passport. My concern is I’m married but my last name is the same. I didn’t use my husband's last name or his bday. Will I get rejected?

Answer: As long as the name on the application is supported by your citizenship and identification documents, there should be no issues.

Applying for passport for 1st time
by: Angel Duncan

Question: I am applying for a passport, I was married and divorced over 20 years ago. I have had my maiden name since. What documents are needed? Besides birth cert, and driver license.

Answer: Hi! You need to apply in person for your first U.S passport. Please prepare the following requirements:

1. Form DS-11 (must be signed in front of a passport agent)
2. Original or certified copy of your birth certificate plus photocopy
3. Photocopy of driver's license (present the actual license when you apply)
4. One passport photo
5. Payment for fees

You need to apply at an acceptance facility. Appointments can be secured here:

Name change remarried
by: Anonymous

Question: My original and now expired passport has my maiden name. I was married and then divorced. I never updated my passport so it still has my maiden name. I have since remarried and changed my last name again. My document supporting this change shows the last name from my previous marriage since I never changed it after the divorce. Do I need to provide my the certificate from my first marriage, divorce decree from my first marriage and the marriage certificate from my 2nd marriage?

Answer: Yes -- to provide a link between the name in the old passport to the name you want in the new one.

No name change
by: Anonymous

Question: If I've kept my maiden name when I got married, then got divorced, and continue to still have the same name, why do I need to provide a copy of the divorce decree stating the "resumption" of my maiden name that was never changed?

Answer: Passport services reserves the right to require any and all documents to support your identity.

Name change 2 times
by: Donna B.

Question: Why do I need a divorce document from my first marriage? My maiden name never changed -- it's the same as my birth certificate that was 40 years ago. I don't have those documents anymore.

Answer: Hi, Donna. Passport services reserves the right to request for pertinent documents for a passport application. This is to prove your identity.

Returned to maiden name, married name in other names?
by: Anonymous

Question: I am renewing a passport. My original passport was in my maiden name and I never changed it to my married name though I did change my name on my driver's license to my married name. I am now divorced and have returned to my maiden name. Do I need to list my married name in the other names section?

Answer: Yes. Please enter all names you have legally used in the past.

Name change
by: Anonymous

Question: I received my passport in 2007, at the time I was not married. I got married and changed my maiden name to my married name. When I got divorced it was so bad that my ex husband never sent me my divorce papers. I am renewing my passport and sent my old passport with my maiden name. Would I still need my divorce papers for renewing my passport even though it was already in my maiden name?

Answer: You do not need your divorce papers.

Divorced but still use married name
by: Anonymous

Question: I have never had a passport but although I am divorced I still use my married name (mainly because I thought it was best for the kids at the time). What will this entail? Will I need any divorce document because I do not have it. I am afraid I only have my Birth certificate.

Answer: The passport will be issued in the name you enter in the application form as long as it is supported by either your birth certificate or the ID you present.

If you use your married name, passport services may require you to submit the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate. It is best if you are ready with the document.

Name change
by: Kathleen G

Question: After my divorce I went back to my maiden name. My children still carry their father's name. I would like to have my married and maiden name hyphenated. Do I have to go back to court?

Answer: You may apply for a passport name change by submitting a the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Unexpired passport with married name
by: Anonymous

Question: I am divorced and have my maiden name back. My passport has my married name, but is hyphenated with my maiden and married. It is not expired yet, can I still use it, if I have my divorce decree and driver's license with me.

Answer: You may travel using your current passport as long as you book your tickets in the name that appears on it. TSA's Secure Flight Program requires that names on passports and airline tickets match.

Please help.
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello, I am applying for passport for the first time. I received my citizenship certificate 2007; at the time, I was married. I kept my maiden name. Now I am divorced and applying for a passport. Do I need to provide my divorce papers when applying even though my name was never changed?

Thank you.

Answer: There will be no need to send your divorce documents to apply for your new passport.

Married/divorced and keeping married name
by: Anonymous

Question: I need to renew my expired passport. It was issued in my maiden name. I have since married and divorced but kept my husband's last name. So, I need to include my marriage certificate showing my name change to obtain a passport with my married name. Do I also need to include my divorce certificate even though I do not use my maiden name?

Answer: Please include both marriage certificate and divorce decree plus a letter of explanation with your passport renewal application form.

never change name on passport
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello,

I have a passport in my maiden name and never changed it when I got married. I am now divorced and went back to my maiden name. Does that mean my passport is still valid? It has not expired yet and everything matches my current name.

Answer: Your passport is valid until the date of expiration.

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