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Can I travel on the date of my passport's expiration?

by Amy
(Dallas, TX)

Question: I will be traveling (domestic only) and have only my passport as valid photo identification at this time. (Going through name change, and all other documents are pending.) It turns out that my return flight falls on the expiration date on my passport. Can I legitimately travel on that date, meaning the passport is legit THROUGH the expiration date but no longer as of the following day? Again, it's only domestic travel, so purely for ID purposes. (i.e. if expiration is 9/1, is it valid on 9/1 and invalid as of 9/2? or is it deemed invalid on 9/1?)

Answer: United States passports are valid until midnight on the date of expiration. You can "legitimately" travel on the date your passport expires without any problems.

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Can I travel on the date of my passport's expiration?
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport is expiring 20 days after the flight. But I already book a flight at Kuwait Airlines and I'm going to my country to visit. Am I able to go or not?

Answer: Please contact the airline you are flying with for answers to your questions.

Canada border
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm traveling to Canada but via car and noticed my passport expired this month. Can I still get across the border? I also have a state-issued REAL ID as a driver's license.

Answer: A valid passport book, passport card or any other WHTI-compliant document may be used to travel between the United States and Canada by land or sea. An enhanced driver's license issued by your state of residence is one of these documents but a REAL ID is not.

While you may be able to enter Canada with just proof of U.S. citizenship, you will likely have issues getting back in the U.S. without any of the documents mentioned.

Can I travel domestically in US with Chinese passport expiring in 6 month?
by: Anonymous

Question: Hi. I am an international student in the US. I plan to travel to Las Vegas in August. But my Chinese passport would expire in December. Can I travel domestically with a foreign passport that is about to expire in 6 months?

Answer: As long as you can provide documentation of your legal status in the United States, there should not be any issues traveling domestically.

Can I travel on the expiration date of my passport?
by: Anonymous

Question: I am traveling domestically. I hold an Iraqi passport. My passport expires on April 26 and my return flight will be on the same date. Is it OK to travel domestically on the expiration date of an Iraqi passport. Thanks!

Answer: Are you traveling domestically within the United States? If you are, I would recommend that you have another valid ID ready in case gate officials require that you present one.

Traveling on the date your passport expires
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I travel on the day my passport expires.

Answer: It depends on the entry requirement of the country you are traveling to.

Safe travel
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I still travel domestic if my passport expires in 2 weeks? I just need it for photo validation in the airport. I hold a Philippine passport.

Answer: Yes, you can.

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