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Can a 16 year old get a passport without a parent?

Question: My 16-year-old son has an expired passport. My husband and I are in Tonga at the moment so we sent him back to the US before the passport expired. We sent him to renew or get a new one and they told him he needs a parents' consent. I was under the impression that at 16 you did not need a parent. Anyways, what now? Thank you for your help.

Answer: Minors age 16 must establish parental consent when applying for a new passport. If consent is not implied on the application form, then it can be provided in written form or by the presence of a parent. You can have the statement of consent form notarized at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate general. There is a U.S. Virtual Presence Post in Tonga but visits from the consul are infrequent. The U.S. Embassy in Suva keep regular hours.

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by: Anonymous

Question: My brother is 16 and his dad lives in Mexico while our mom lives with us. Does he still need his father's permission to get his passport?

Answer: At 16, your brother may apply for his first adult passport with only your mother's consent if he already has his own government-issued ID. Your mother may go with him when the application is submitted or she may just provide a signed statement indicating that she is aware of the application. She may simply write a check to cover the passport fees and this can be considered implied consent.

Passports for Minors age 16 and 17

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17 years old
by: Anonymous

Question: I am living with my cousin in the U.S. but my parents are living in Mexico. How may I be able to get a passport? I currently don’t have a driver’s ID or any other ID, I only have my birth certificate.

Answer: If your cousin is of legal age, your parents may provide a statement authorizing him/her to apply for your passport on their behalf. Please contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 for more information.

Father not in country
by: Anonymous

Question: My stepdaughter's passport expired in May 2020 and she will turn 16 May 2021. Can she apply for a new with only one parent signature?

Answer: If she applies after she turns 16 and she already has her own government-issued ID by then, she may apply with only one parent's presence or statement of awareness.

by: Anonymous

Question: I'm trying to help my brothers renew their passports as it is time that they do so. However, both of our parents are not present in the U.S as my mother has passed away and my father was deported to Mexico. Will I be able to give consent on behalf of my parents as I am their older sibling (already the age of 21)? Just in general is there anything that can be done so my siblings can renew their passports?

Answer: Your father needs to provide you with a notarized statement authorizing you to apply for your siblings' passports on his behalf. You will also need to present your mother's death certificate as proof that your father now has sole legal custody of the minors. Please contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 for more information.

Only one parent
by: Anonymous

Question: My son is 15. I have no contact with his father and I don't even know where he lives. Can my son get his passport when he turns 16 with just my permission?

Answer: Yes. Your son may apply for his own passport with just one parent's consent if he already has his own government-issued ID.

by: Anonymous

Question: We are planning a trip to Europe next June. The question is, my son's passport card expires January and he turns 16 in April. Can I use an expired passport card to renew for his passport book and have a 10 year book. Or do I have to renew his card before it expires while he is still 15 and then again in 5 years?
So basically, can a 16 year old use an expired passport card to renew for a 10 year passport book.

Answer: A passport issued when one was age 15 and younger cannot be renewed. Your son needs to submit a new application in person in order to get a 10-year validity passport. Please prepare the following requirements:

1. Form DS-11 (must be signed in front of a passport agent)
2. Evidence of U.S. citizenship plus photocopy
3. Proof of identity plus photocopy
4. One passport photo
5. Payment for fees

Appointments can be made here: http://usps.com/scheduler

Trying to renew passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I’m a 17-year-old American citizen. Both of my parents live in Mexico. I live with my brother who is my legal guardian at the moment. Can I renew my passport without my parents consent?

Answer: You cannot renew a passport that was issued to you when you were under 16 years old. If you already have your own government-issued ID, you can apply without your parents' presence. However, you will still need a signed statement of consent from your legal guardian, a photocopy of his ID and proof of his legal guardianship. These must be submitted in person with the rest of the new passport requirements.

16-year-old, no contact with parents
by: Anonymous

Question: I am 16 years old and live with both my sister and brother but they are not my legal guardians. Can I get my passport without my parents' consent? They both live in Mexico and barely have any contact with either. What can I do?

Answer: At 16, you still need the consent of at least one parent. You need to wait until you are of legal age (18) to obtain a passport without your parents or legal guardian/s.

16 year old trying to renew passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I’m a 16 year old citizen. My parents are both from Mexico and undocumented and we live in Florida. My mom has her Mexican passport but my dad can’t get his Mexican passport because he is missing certain papers. My passport expired and I’m trying to renew it but they told my mom that my dad needs to have a passport in order for me to get my passport renewed. How can I renew my passport with my dad having a passport?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, you cannot renew a U.S. passport issued to a minor. Instead, you need to apply for a new passport. At 16, you can already apply without having both parents present of you already have your own driver's license.

What you will then need is a signed statement of consent from at least one parent plus a photocopy of that parent's ID. This should be submitted with the rest of the application requirements.

How do I take my passport out?
by: Anonymous

Question: I am a 16-year-old American Citizen and I live with my grandparents. My father is locked up and I don’t have any communication with my mom. How do I take out a passport?

Answer: At 16, you may apply for a passport without your parents present if you already have a government-issued ID like a driver's license. You will only need to secure a signed consent from your father plus a photocopy of his ID and submit it with the rest of the application requirements.

Passport for 17-year-old
by: Anonymous

Question: I am 17 years old, living with my grandma. My parents are in Mexico and cannot come to the U.S. I need my passport to go see them. Am I able to get it without them, since I do not live with them, nor have access to the U.S? I really need my passport to see them again.

Answer: If you already have a government-issued ID, you do not need to have your parents present when you apply. One of your parents can mail you a signed statement of consent that you can submit with your passport application.

Passport for 16-year-old
by: Anonymous

Question: I’m 16 years old. I live with my brother. How can i renew my passport without my parents?

Answer: Passports issued when one was a minor cannot be renewed. At 16, you may already apply for a new passport without the presence of both parents if you already have a government-issued ID of your own. However, you will still need consent from at least one parent in the form of a signed statement of consent and awareness plus a photocopy of that parent's ID. Consent may also be implied if a parent writes the check for your passport fees.

16-year-old's passport application
by: Anonymous

Question: I am 16 and my parents are divorced, right now I live with my mom in the U.S. and my father cannot come to sign but he wants me to get my passport. Can I go only with my mother and get my passport? What do I need to do it, if possible?

Answer: At 16, you can apply with only one parent present as long as you can present your own government-issued ID. You need to submit the same requirements to apply for a new adult passport.

Can I renew my passport without any of my parents?
by: Anonymous

Question: I am an American citizen but I have been living in my mom's country since I was very young. I came to America and my mom doesn't have any valid identification;my parents are divorced and my mom does have the form from where she gets the full authority over me. How could I apply for my passport? I am 16 and my passport is about to expire.

Answer: If you have your own ID, you can apply for your passport on your own. While a written consent accompanied by a copy of ID from at least one parents is recommended, the consent may also be implied. For example, the check for the fees may be written by your mother and this will serve as implied consent. We recommend calling 1-877-487-2778 to speak to a customer service representative.

16-year-old daughter
by: Anonymous

Question: How do I apply for a passport renewal for my daughter months before the passport expires in Los Angeles?

Answer: Your daughter must apply in person for a new passport at an application acceptance facility. At 16, she does not need to be accompanied by parents if she has her own photo ID.

New Passport Requirements

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