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Passport Services in New York City

There are many passport services in New York City including application acceptance facilities, a regional processing center and professional expediting services. Each one is described below with information about where and how to apply for a new passport.

New York Passport Offices

When you submit the application form DS-11 at a New York passport office, an authorized agent will review your documents, administer an oath, witness the signing of the application form and place everything in an envelope and seal it.

The vast majority of application acceptance facilities are located in United States post offices although some are found in county clerks' offices and public libraries. There are many locations to choose from. Be sure to call before visiting since some require an appointment or have limited operating hours.

Your new passport should be delivered to you within six weeks if you apply for routine service or within three weeks if you request expedited processing at a passport office. For faster service, you need to use one of the methods described below.

New York Passport Agency

The New York Passport Agency only serves customers who are traveling or submitting their passports for foreign visas within 14 days or 28 days, respectively. To apply at the processing center, you must schedule a visit by calling the automated appointment system.

During peak travel season, it can be time consuming to both set up an appointment as well as wait in line at the passport agency. You should plan to arrive early in order to pass through security before being directed to the agency. Arriving late could result in your appointment being canceled.

New York Passport Expediting Services

Applicants who are unable to schedule an appointment prior to their departure date may still be able to obtain their travel document by employing the assitance of a New York passport expediter. Since expediters can submit applications on a daily basis, they can obtain same day passports for clients. This is a viable solution if you cannot submit the application yourself or if you just do not want to spend the time doing it.

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