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U.S. Passport Photo FAQ

Passport photos that do not meet the requirements are one of the biggest reasons why applications are delayed. It is very important that applicants understand and follow the regulations for acceptable passport pictures. Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions will provide you with information about the number of photos required, dimensions, background color, pose, what can be worn and more. If you plan to take passport photos with a digital camera be sure to read the guide to digitalized passport photos.

While you can save a few dollars by taking the pictures yourself, you want to guarantee that they are not rejected. The pages listed below will provide you with a list of necessary equipment and some tips to help you make your own passport photos.

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How and Where to Take Passport Photos

Where Can I Get a Passport Photo Question: What locations provide passport services that follow the size and dimensions required by the State Department? Answer: There are a wide variety of places where American citizens can...

Can I take a passport picture with my digital camera? Question: I have a pretty good digital camera and would like to use it to take the photographs for my passport application. Is that permitted?

Dos and Don'ts of Passport Photos

What can get a passport photo rejected? Question: I heard that unacceptable pictures are one of the main reasons that applications are delayed and I want to avoid this. What are things that...

What things are you not allowed to wear when taking a passport photo? Question: Are there certain clothing items or accessories that cannot be worn when taking a picture for a passport? I want to make sure I don't....

Do you have to pull your long hair behind your ears for the passport photo? Question: I had my passport photo taken a few days ago and the person taking the picture instructed me to tuck my hair behind my ears. I was hesitant ...

Preparing Passport Photo to Send

How do I affix my photos to the application for a passport book renewal? Question: I am sending in my application on Monday January 25 via Federal Express at the end of the day and would like the answers to the questions above:...

Signing of new passport photos? Question: Thought I was all ready to have the post office branch mail my packet of information which includes following: filled out application form, check ...

Passport Photos and Changes in Appearance

Can I change my passport photo even though my passport is still valid? Question: When my passport was issued, I had short hair and weighed a few pounds more. The last time I crossed over the border from Canada, the customs ...

What changes in appearance require that I get a new passport? Question: If I get a piercing and dye my hair, will I be required to renew my passport? I want to avoid paying another fee if possible.

Do I need a new passport photo after losing over 40 pounds? Question: My passport was issued 2 yrs. ago, and since that time I've lost more than 40 pounds on a successful weight loss program. Do I need to have ...

Do I need new passport photo because my hair is dyed and longer? Question: My hair was white and very short on my passport photo. Now it is longer and dyed brown. Do I need a new photo? Answer: You may get some...

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