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Passport for Travel to Mexico FAQ

Since the institution of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, many travelers have questions about passports when planning to travel to Mexico.

In general, a passport or other WHTI-approved document is required for travel beyond the border zone of Mexico and for re-entry into the United States. Such documents include an enhanced driver's license, SENTRI card, FAST card and the Global Entry Card.

It normally takes about 6 to 8 weeks to get a passport application form processed but you can request expedited service to get it in 2 to 3 weeks. If you need a passport for a last minute trip to Mexico, it is possible to get one as fast as the same day.

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The answer to the questions below will provide you with more specific information about passports for travel to Mexico.

List of FAQ about Passports for Travel to Mexico

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Can I travel to Mexico with a passport that expires in one month?  Question: My husband, son and I have a 7-day all-inclusive trip planned for Mexico this coming Saturday. We were not aware of the 6 month ...

Does a 5-year-old child need a passport to visit Mexico?  Question: We have a birth certificate and a social security card; mother with passport card will be with the 5-year-old. Does the child really need passport to ...

Is it possible to get a passport for someone from Mexico?  Question: Hello, My husbands grandmother lives in Mexico and would like to come and visit her family over in the United States. We were wondering if ...

Do I need a passport to travel to Mexico if I am a permanent resident?  Question: I need to go to Mexico. My dad is very sick. Do I need a passport? I am a permanent resident and I need to take an airplane.

Answer: Yes,...

What is the process to renew my 17-year-old son's passport in Mexico?  Question: I only have his old passport and social security card as a proof of citizenship. He has lived in Mexico with me since he was two years old ...

Will there be a problem if I travel to Mexico in one week and Nicaragua in July-August since my passport expires in October?  Question: No real time to renew passport before first trip next week and will be close for trip to Nicaragua. Can I wait until after I get back ...

Husband got into Mexico before realizing his passport has expired.  Question: He is already IN Mexico. What does he need to get back in the U.S.? He has his work permit. He arrived Monday and will be returning Friday....

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