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Can I use a birth registration notice in place of a certified birth certificate to get passport?

by Matthew
(Delta, PA USA)

Question: I have a Birth Registration Notice. It gives my name, that I am a twin, my birth date and the place where I was born.

It has an embossed print on it. Will this suffice as my birth certificate? I also have a certificate of baptism.

Answer: Persons born in the United States will normally submit a certified birth certificate from the city, town, county or state wherein the birth occurred. To be acceptable, the certificate must show:

1. The applicant's full name
2. The applicant's date of birth
3. The applicant's place of birth in the U.S.
4. A filing date recorded within one year of birth
5. A raised, embossed, or multi-color seal from the issuing office
6. The signature of the registrar or official custodian of birth records

NOTE: A U.S. Citizen may submit a previous U.S. Passport issued to them or in which they were included as evidence of U.S. Citizenship.

NOTE: Minors under 16 must submit a certified birth certificate listing parent(s). This type of birth certificate is also helpful for minors age 16-17.

California Abstracts of birth are not acceptable as evidence of citizenship.

"Hospital birth records" and "baptismal certificates" are not considered primary evidence of birth in the US. These documents may be used as secondary citizenship evidence for an applicant with no birth records on file.

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Father not on birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: My father is not listed on my certified birth certificate. My mothers previous married name is listed as my last name. I have a copy of a birth certificate with the state seal stamped that lists my maiden name as my fathers. My marriage license lists my maiden name as my fathers. Is that sufficient evidence to get my passport? Or do I need some other document showing my name change?

Answer: Please call 1-877-487-2778 to speak with a customer service representative about this issue.

getting a passport
by: sue

Question: Can I use my Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dept of Health notification of birth registration to get my passport?

Answer: You must submit a certified U.S. birth certificate that meets all of the following requirements:

* Issued by the City, County, or State of birth
* Lists bearer's full name, date of birth, and place of birth
* Lists parent(s) full names
* Has date filed with registrar's office (must be within one year of birth)
* Has registrar's signature
* Has embossed, impressed, or multicolored seal of registrar

To order a certified copy, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.

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