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What happens to my unexpired visas in my old passport?

by Nick
(Los Angeles, CA)

Question: I changed my name through the courts and have to get a new passport. But I have a 10-year visa to India that doesn't expire for a while and was rather expensive. Do I have to send my old passport in and if I do, will I get it back?

Can I travel to India with both passports and show the visa from the old passport at the airport? Or do I have to transfer my visa?

Also, will I receive my certified copy of name change back?

Answer: While most countries require you to apply for a new visa when your passport is canceled, India does not. The remaining validity of the India visa can be transferred to the new passport. So if you have a 10 year visa issued in 2008 and then transfer it in 2016, the visa issued in the new passport would be valid for one more year (or the exact remaining validity). The process is identical to applying for a new visa.

You must send in your current passport in order to apply for the name change. Your passport will be invalidated and returned to you. The document you send as evidence of the name change will also be returned to you.

You are encouraged to use a protective package such as a Tyvek envelope in order to send your documents. Also, a traceable delivery method is recommended.

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Unexpired China Visa
by: David

Question: My current passport will expire within six months of my arrival date in China. Within my current passport is a unexpired Chinese visa which doesn't expire for another seven years. What is most prudent course of action?

Answer: The Department of State recommends that you begin the renewal process at least 9 months before expiration. We recommend that you renew your passport before you leave for China.

You may then contact the Embassy of the People's Republic of China about getting your valid visa transferred to your new passport after renewal.

by: Anonymous

Question: Is Brazil one of those countries that let you use an old passport with an unexpired visa and a new passport?

Answer: Yes, you may travel to Brazil with a new passport as your valid travel document and the expired passport with the valid visa to allow you entry.

Transfer visa and new name?
by: Nick


Thanks for your response. Since my old name was in the original visa, they can transfer the visa into the new passport with the new name and it'll still be good?

- Nick



Glad to help.


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