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The birthdate on my passport and license do not match

by Lucy
(Pompton Plains, NJ)

Question: My name is Lucy. I'm a foreigner who became an American. My passport says 1955 which is the correct date but my license and social security card say 1960, the wrong date. How do I start to correct it?

A few years back, I went renew my license and had to show the passport. I was sure they were going to correct it, but they gave me a license and never mentioned it; the same thing happened this year. As my retirement is approaching, I want to correct it. What do I do? Thank you.

Answer: Since your passport is correct, you do not need to do anything with it. If your birth date is incorrect on your driver's license and Social Security card, then you need to submit requests for corrections to these documents.

The SS office that serves your area is:

2ND Floor
2200 State Rt 10
Parsippany, NJ 07054

The MVC that serves Morris County is listed below.

101 Ridgedale Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

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Birth date not matching
by: Anonymous

Question: I tried to get a real ID but DMV says their system shows my birthday doesn’t match the passport but the birthday on my passport is identical to my driver license. I don’t have my birth certificate or citizenship naturalization document anymore since my Mom passed away many years ago. What do I do?

Answer: You may request for a copy of your naturalization certificate from the USCIS.

Incorrect birth date
by: Anonymous

Question: The birth date on my passport is incorrect (wrong month) and doesn’t match my license. I’m a US citizen. Can I still fly internationally?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, it is recommended that you have the error corrected. Corrections are processed as a free service.

Birthdate on birth certificate does not match legal documents
by: Anonymous

Question: I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the US since I was a toddler. My Puerto Rico birth certificate has a wrong birth date of March 20. I was born on March 14. My late parents never corrected the birth date on my birth certificate. I was not aware of this discrepancy until I obtained my PR birth certificate. We have used March 14 on all my legal documents, i.e., social security, school records, medical records, life insurance, driver's license, etc. I have called, left messages, and emailed the Department of Health Demographic Registry in Puerto Rico, but they have not responded to my inquiries. Could I obtain a US passport with birth dates that don't match on my PR birth certificate and my driver's license?

Answer: It may be possible but questions will certainly arise. Please contact passport services at 1-877-487-2778.

The birthdate on my passport and license do not match
by: Anonymous

Question: My name is Todd. I have a complicated situation. My passport and Citizenship stated I was born year "1953". My Texas driver license and Social Security stated "1955". I am applying for Social Security benefits, they asked for my birth certificate, of which I don't have. My parents lost all documents when we moved back from overseas. I am American adopted born in Vietnam. When we came back from overseas, my parents enrolled me in school, at the time they question my actual birth year due to my growth. Therefore, they change my birth year to "1955" I have used that year all my career life. Please advise next steps. Thank You!!

Answer: Hello, Todd. We removed your last name and contact information for security purposes. Your issue is best addressed by the Social Security authorities since it's their benefits you are looking to claim.

If you have any passport-specific questions, we'll be happy to answer them.

wrong date of birth
by: Anonymous

Question: I was naturalized in 1990 but my date of birth was incorrect. It is listed as 2/03/69 but the actual date is 2/13/69. My SS card and driver's license has on record 2/13/69. But my certificate of naturalization and passport has 2/03/69. I don't have any birth certificates or old green card to prove otherwise. What do I need to do?

Question: Contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services about correcting your Certificate of Naturalization. Once it is corrected, you can apply for a passport correction.

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