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My child has autism and needs a passport

by Linda
(Freehold NJ USA)

Question: I tried to get a passport for my child who is 14 years old at the local post office. I tried to explain to the women working there that my son can't sit for long periods of time and is there any way I can get a passport for him without him having to go to the post office line. She said first come first serve, but the line gets long and he cant sit for that long.

Both my husband and myself told the women we would wait for him, fill out the papers and then bring him in for the picture, (we also told her we can provide a picture to save time) and she just could not understand the issues parents have with a child who has autism.

I need to take my child for medical treatment and need a passport to fly with him. We are also flying on a private plane because of his issues and to make his trip a better experience. Please let me know how I can get a passport for him. Is there anyway I can pay a postal worker to come to my home to see him and fill out the paper work there. I would be willing to compensate him/her for their traveling expense and for their time. I love my son and
he needs this treatment please help him.

Answer: The U.S. Department of State authorizes agents to accept passport applications. The agents must follow the guidelines determined by the State Department.

Whether an agent chooses to go above and beyond what is normally expected in such situations is a personal choice of the agent. As far as I know, the State Department cannot require that an agent do what you are requesting.

My suggestion is that you call the passport office in Freehold and try to talk with someone who has authority to make decisions. Explain the situation and see what they can do. If you cannot find someone in Freehold that would be willing to accommodate your request, try contacting acceptance facilities in neighboring towns.

It is unfortunate that the person with whom you spoke did not demonstrate more empathy and understanding. Keep trying and I believe that you will find someone will to help.

Monmouth County Clerk's Office
1 The Market Yard
Freehold NJ 07728
(732) 431-7324

Click the link below to search for passport application acceptance facilities in other cities.

New Jersey Passport Offices

Note, the State Department Consular Services is very strict about passport photos. Problems with passport photos is one of the principal reasons that applications are delayed or denied. Make sure the photos are according to the requirements.

Passport Photo Requirements

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