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Can I get a passport if I owe child support?

by Anthony
(New York)

Question: I owe about $5000 on child support but I need to travel to go visit my father in the Dominican Republic. I haven't seen him in like 3 years. What can I do?

Answer: The only way you can obtain a passport and travel to the Dominican Republic is if you contact the appropriate State child support enforcement agency to make payment arrangements before applying for a passport. Anyone that owes more than $2500 is ineligible to receive a U.S. passport.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Contact the State child support enforcement agency and make arrangements for the payment of the child support you owe.

2. Once this has been done, ask the agency to contact the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and inform them concerning the arrangement.

3. Next, verify that HHS has contacted Passport Services to request the removal of your name from the electronic list HHS gives to Passport Services. It can take 2-3 weeks for your name to be removed from the list.

4. Once your name is removed from the list, apply for a new passport. Regular passport processing takes 4-6 weeks. Expedited service takes 2-3 weeks. To get your passport in less than two weeks, you can submit the application at a regional passport agency.

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Can a judge revoke passport for child support
by: Anonymous

Question: Can an NY family court judge for child support violation revoke or submit a request to revoke a valid passport that is not expired and does not need to be renewed? Will that prevent international travel?

Answer: Revocation of a passport will certainly affect international travel. In the event that your passport will be revoked, you will be notified via mail.

Owe $9000 in child support, have valid passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I owe about $9000 in child support, currently not paying. I already have a valid passport that expires in about 8 years. I am planning a trip to the DR and staying for 3 months. Will I be able to use my current passport to leave the U.S?

Answer: You may be allowed to leave the country unless there is a standing order preventing you from travel.

Can I get a passport?
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm paying my back child support. Can I get a passport?

Answer: Please contact the State Child Support Enforcement Agency to find out if you are on the passport denial list.

by: Anonymous

Question: My boyfriend and I are going away and he needs a passport. He owes child support, his back child support was waived but he currently owes current $3000. Could he also gets his son every other weekend? Could he get a passport?

Answer: He needs to contact the child support enforcement office handling his case for information and assistance.

Child support
by: Anonymous

Question: The attorney general officials offered me 2 choices -- pay past due amount of 12 thousand or my ex-wife drops the amount from child support. I need answer if my ex wife drop the amount from child support which is $12,000, can I get my passport?

Answer: Please contact the child support enforcement agency handling your case for questions regarding your child support.

I owe less than 2000 in child support.
by: Anonymous

Question: I only owe the medical support not arrears, can I get a passport to go on vacation?

Answer: You should be able to apply for a passport. Only individuals who owe more than $2500 in child support are placed in the passport denial list.

Need to travel
by: Anonymous

Question: My child was adopted from me at birth. They say I owe 30000 in child support. How can that be if she was adopted from me? How can I get a passport? Please help.

Answer: Passport Services cannot issue a passport to an applicant whose name is included on the passport denial list. Please contact the Office of Child Support Enforcement about this issue. We also recommend you consult an attorney.

Interest on child support
by: Anonymous

Question: I owe like 5 thousand in interest. All back is paid. I just owe interest. Can I still get a passport?

Answer: Please contact the child support agency to which you make payments to find out if your name has been placed on the passport denial list.

Child support
by: Anonymous

Question: I already have a US passport. I owe child support but not more than 2500 dollars. I pay regularly as scheduled. With that being said, will my passport still be valid to travel out the country.

Answer: Your passport is valid until the date of expiration.

Can you get a passport if you are paying on child support arrears?
by: Anonymous

Question: I want to travel to DR in august for my brother wedding. I do have child support arrears however I'm in compliance with my child support order, paying both my current payments as well as my arrears. Will I be able to obtain a passport?

Answer: If you owe $2500 or more in arrears, you will not be issued a passport.

passport for job opportunity
by: kyle

Question: I was on time with my child support payments until I was arrested for a charge that took 4 and a half years to litigate, then an additional year of fighting an illegal sentencing issue until it was resolved. After my release, I had to get the payments modified because I was not financially stable to make the previous payments because it was too much. I believe I'm in arrears of about 19,000 dollars. I'm paying a portion towards arrears and the child support itself. I have an opportunity to have a job that will be paying well but I will need a passport to do some traveling out of the country. How can I have this situation rectified so I can take advantage of this job opportunity?

Answer: You will have to pay the arrears before you will be issued a passport.

need help
by: aziz

Question: I owe about $19000 on child support but I need to travel to go visit my father. He's very sick. I haven't see him in like 2 years. What can I do?

Answer: Contact the Office of Child Support Enforcement about this issue.

Back child support
by: Anonymous

My husband owes back child support from when he was in college. He owes more than 2500. Now he has a full time job and pays regularly to both the back pay and regular support. His brother is getting married on a cruise to the Bahamas and he needs a passport so can be his best man. Can he still obtain one since he pays regularly out of every paycheck?

Click the link for information on How to Get a Passport When You Owe Child Support

by: champagne

Thanks for that info. I'm trying to move to London in September of 2011 and I have back child support of 6571.00 and I would have felt like a fool applying for one and getting turned down. Now, does the same law apply to those who live in Alaska?


Yes, this is a federal law that applies to all fifty states.

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