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Visa HQ - Passport & Visa Services

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Visa HQ - Passports and Visa ExpeditersVisa HQ is located at the heart of the Embassy Row in Washington, DC. This expediter provides passport and visa services to United States citizens who travel abroad. Through partner organizations in the U.S., agents abroad and long-standing, well-developed connections with the Embassies of most countries, Visa HQ provides high-value, professional services aimed at taking maximum stress out of your international travel experience for minimal costs or effort on your part.

Visa HQ Services

  • New Passport
  • Renew Passport
  • Passport Replacement (Lost, Stolen or Damaged)
  • Passport for Children
  • Name Change
  • Second Passport

Visa HQ Processing Fees

  • 11 business days = $129 + government fees
  • 7 business days = $199 + government fees
  • 4 business days = $349 + government fees

Travel Visa Processing

Visa HQ expedites visa applications to many countries. Fees vary based on destination.

Other Services

  • Visa Processing for Corporate Accounts
  • Visa Processing for Travel Agencies
  • By Country Embassy Information

Payment Forms

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Google Checkout
  • GSA Smart Pay

Contact Information

  • Web Site: Visa HQ
  • Address: VisaHQ.com | Embassy Row | 2005 Massachusetts Avenue | Washington, DC 20036-1030
  • Phone: Toll-free: 1-800-345-6541 | DC Metro: 202-558-2216 | Fax: 202-318-0771
  • E-mail: infoATvisahq.com

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