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International Travel Information

There is a lot involved in international travel. The article and information below will provide you with tips and suggestions for making the most of your trip abroad.

International Airfare
Learn how to find and book the best deals on airfare for international flights.

International Destinations
Information about popular destinations that U.S. citizens like to visit.

International Prepaid Phone Cards
Frequently asked questions about international prepaid phone cards. Discover what they are, how they work and where to find them at an affordable rate.

International Tours
What to do when you get there. Pratically every type of sightseeing tour you can imagine.

International Travel Insurance
Acquiring international travel insurance before departing for a foreign country is a wise thing to do. It only takes one medical emergency to rack up a bill of tens of thousands of dollars, especially if evacuation is required. Get a a four-step plan for you to choose the travel insurance that is best for your needs.

International Travel Magazines
List of popular international travel magazines. Includes descriptions and pricing.

International Travel Resources
The international travel services and resources listed below are provided for U.S. citizens who travel abroad. The websites listed will help you plan a safe and secure trip to your international destination.

International Travel Tips
International travel tips are a quick, easy way to get the inside scoop on specific travel destinations, learn to save money on travel services, discover good health and security practices, find timely travel deals and more. Access tips from seasoned travelers and add your own.

International Visa Service
International Visa Service provides fast expediting of travel visas to destinations around the world. IVS has more than 25 years of experience processing all kinds of travel documents.

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